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Chicken Scream Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a High Score

Chicken Scream takes platform games into a whole new level by adding a unique twist to controlling your character. The goal of this game for iOS and Android is to get the chicken character across the stage by overcoming obstacles. The catch is that there are no buttons to push to get the chicken to move. You will need to speak and scream in order to get the chicken across the stage. It may sound simple at first but things can get complicated as the game gets more exciting. You will need the help of our Chicken Scream tips and tricks to ensure your chicken gets to safety!

1. Practicing Your Voice

As mentioned above, you will need to speak or scream to instruct your chicken. Speaking will make the chicken move while screaming or yelling will make it jump. Practice controlling your voice or you might accidentally make your chicken jump to its death when you excitedly raise your voice. Test out your speaking and screaming voices to make sure the game detects it properly. Another thing to keep in mind is that your screaming voice doesn’t necessarily have to be a scream. Raising your voice a little can be enough to activate the jump.

2. Take Your Time

You don’t need to rush through the stages in order to play the game. There is no time limit so if you feel like resting your voice, you may do so. The game offers a unique way to control your character but since you don’t normally play using your voice, you might end up straining if you play for long periods at a time. Learn when to take a break and keep yourself hydrated or you will find yourself with a sore throat after a long game.

3. Correcting Your Jumps

Since your voice can be a bit difficult to control, you may sometimes find yourself jumping a bit short. You can still try to save your chicken from falling by screaming again to try to get your chicken to do a double jump. It is not a foolproof way to correct a short jump but it is worth trying if you’re going to fall anyway. Just make sure to still moderate your voice when you scream to avoid damaging your vocal chords.

4. Play Indoors

An additional challenge you will probably encounter when playing the game is dealing with background noise. Since the game relies heavily on what your device’s microphone picks up, you might end up accidentally picking up other sounds which can make your chicken move unintentionally. Minimize this risk by playing indoors and staying in a relatively noise-free area in your house. Try playing for a few seconds in an easy stage to see how much background noise gets picked up in your current location and adjust accordingly. Another reason to play indoors is to avoid disturbing the people around you as well. Playing the game in a public place can get you a few awkward stares from strangers.

It’s time to get that chicken across! Use our Chicken Scream tips and tricks to help scream your way to the end of the stage!