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Cats Empire – Clash of Cats Tips, Cheats & Guide to Become the Lord of Alley Cats

Cute little cats and kittens are arguably the most adorable pets and everyone loves them but have you ever thought about the stray cats on the streets? Yes, contrary to what you might think, their lives are much more interesting than your pet kitten playing with a ball of yarn. Cats Empire – Clash of Cats brings the lives of these street thugs to the screen of your smartphone so you can experience the street life through the eyes of a stray cat. The game has been developed and released by Spil Games and receives regular updates and new features. Cats Empire – Clash of Cats is available to download and play for free on iOS devices through the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices through the Google Play Store. The game receives regular feedback and suggestions from players of all ages and Spil Games takes great care to introduce frequent new features and even characters into Cats Empire – Clash of Cats in accordance with these user reviews. The most recent such update occurred on 17 January 2017 which shows the level of dedication that the developers have regarding Cats Empire – Clash of Cats.

Cats Empire – Clash of Cats is a strategy game at its core but the developers have hidden all the complexities of the game mechanics under a veil of super funny cats and their tactics to survive in the alleys. You start alone as a new cat on the block and the main objective of the game is for you to build up your own cat army and takeover the control of the alleys from the current cat lords. To aid you in the completion of this main objective, you have charms and other features which will begin to unfold as you progress to the higher levels of the game. Cats Empire – Clash of Cats is a multiplayer strategy action game which means that you will have to keep your smartphone connected to the internet in order to avoid missing out on any new action on the block.

Unlike many other games on the App Store with similar attractive characters, Cats Empire – Clash of Cats is far from a simple kid’s game. Random based chance events that occur throughout the game make your job much harder and the chance that you will succeed in your mission starts decreasing rapidly as you progress to the higher levels of the game. The witty remarks from your instructor cat are also quite discouraging but they do motivate you to improve your game until you are glued to the screen of your smartphone for hours on end. Cats Empire – Clash of Cats has a sharp learning curve especially for players who are new to this genre of games. You need not worry however because this guide contains optimized tips and tricks to help you improve your skills as an alley cat and hopefully become the Lord of the Cats one day.

1. Learn To Loot and Scoot

The main essence of Cats Empire – Clash of Cats revolves around the concept of taking from the powerful and using this to destroy them. When you start the game, you are instructed on how to steal fish from the other alley cats. Fish is the most powerful form of currency for cats as it is every cat’s favorite food and is the most essential requirement for survival. In addition, fish is needed to pounce on rival cats and using them to get charms. Charms are a very rare type of coin that you can get whenever you pounce on a rival cat and you can use charms for various upgrades and perks for your tribe.

In Cats Empire – Clash of Cats, pouncing on a cat is not as literal as it sounds. You will have to stealthily steal the fish from the midst of your rival cats and then dangle that same fish in front of the cats in order to make them lose concentration of their surroundings giving you the perfect opportunity to strike on them. However, you must keep in mind that the best way to ensure a continued survival for yourself and your tribe of cats is to learn how to loot and scoot. This is a gameplay strategy based solely on objective completion and collecting as many fish as you possibly can without spending on any needless side objectives. It might seem a little boring at first to only steal and get away without enjoying pouncing on any lf your rival cats but you will be able to grow your tribe very fast using this strategy so much so that once you have become established, taking control of new alleys and blocks will be a source of much greater enjoyment for you.

Do not blindly try to steal from the enemy because even of you think you have a perfect opportunity, you might end up on the wrong end and cursing your luck. This is because Cats Empire – Clash of Cats has a very confusing random event generator which will work in your favor most of the times as indicated by the difficulty meter for any task but you might fail a certain task sometimes even though it may be marked as “easy” difficulty on the scale. Therefore, you need to be careful of this and these random failures will increase in frequency as you progress to higher levels and the defenses of your rivals start getting more fearsome. Cats Empire – Clash of Cats is a game that tests your patience and decision making ability to the utmost level and if you are able to make careful and calculated decisions while keeping in mind the strength of your enemy cats, you will always be able to use all of your figurative “nine” lives to your advantage even though the game only grants you three chances.

2. Use Your Charms Wisely

As you must have noticed by now obtaining charms is the most difficult task on any level but one that is very rewarding. Charms are used for a wide range of upgrades and unlocking new features for your tribe of cats as well as increasing the individual skills of your cats. These upgrades are beneficial to you and your tribe both from a gameplay ease point of view as well as establishing yourself as Lord of the alley cats much sooner. The very first upgrade that you will be able to unlock using a set amount of charms is the breeder machine in your lab. With the use of this machine you will be able to expand your cat family by breeding new cats because hiring cats into your tribe just does not hold the promise of in house loyalty. Similarly, you will be able to perform consecutive upgrades to this machine as well as the generator to help you gain an accelerated rate for your family expansion. This is very important to your cause because more cats under your command has many benefits which range from being able to snatch a bigger loot to less healing times when one of your crew is injured.

It is advised to spend your charms on the breeder and generator machine establishment and to increase their level up to level 2 but do not waste your charms after this on successive upgrades of these two machines. This is because the cost of charms to upgrade the breeder and generator machines to level 3 and above is too high for the apparent benefit they provide. Granted the higher levels will shorten the breeding times for the new cat members of your family but you can just as well wait the time period out or put the breeding process to complete while you are sleeping. It is just not a worthwhile upgrade to spend so many of your hard earned charms on. Instead the best way to utilize your extra charms would be to spend them on improving the senses and skills of your individual cats. Be mindful to never go for the Jack of all trades and master of none policy here. This is because you will end up spending quite a lot of charms for a cat army that will be average at best at looting and getting out without being injured. Instead, you should always focus on making specialized units for each job. For example, your highest level cat which will most probably be your first cat should be kept for pouncing on rival cats and not used in raids for fish. To this end you should enrich the highest level cat with fighting weapons and perks that will help him defeat the rival cats faster. If you send your highest level cat for looting fish, you might end up with a beaten up cat which could have taken on the enemy cats and won if he were the attacker.

Cats Empire – Clash of Cats allows you to switch freely between the members of your cat squad while you are on a mission so you can use this feature to your advantage by having cats with specific abilities and focus on improving those abilities alone rather than adding more to the mix. The best strategy is to create a balance between the cats that you use during each raid or attack. For example, if you use a level 5 cat to pick up a large fish stash, you should switch to your level 3 or 4 cat for the smaller stash which is easier to pick up. This will ensure that all of your cats will level at a balanced rate and you end up with a well skilled and powerful cat army. Beware of the random chance of failure though because when you switch to a lower level cat you should never aim for the stash where the difficulty meter shows good to unlikely because higher level cats guarding the fish stashes will most definitely zap or beat you. Strategize like a true leader and you will be able to make the most of your cat team.

3. Prepare For The Boss Cats

Just like any other survival strategy game, Cats Empire – Clash of Cats also introduces boss cats which are heavily overpowered as compared to the normal alley cats you are used to pouncing on. These boss levels are marked by black and menacing looking cats on your map and rightly so because they are very hard to defeat unless you improve highly upon the individual skills of your cats. For the purpose of defeating these boss cats, it is highly recommended that you train one cat from the start with all the individual skill set that will enable you to handle fights with the boss cats. The cat that best fits this role is your first or leader cat but you can tailor skills of other cats to switch into this role as well if you so decide.

The individual skill set that will get you wins most easily includes but is not limited to the “fast pounce”, “sharp claws” and “ferocious hunter” bonus upgrades which are unlocked and applied in exchange for a significant amount of charms. You need to keep track of the overall charms that you have and tally a total amount approximately equal to that required for these upgrades. Reserve this amount until you see the menacing black cats appear on your map and hold back on any excessive spending until you reach that stage. It is also important to be vigilant of other players who might attempt to take on the boss cats before you are able to. The boss cats will still be available for you to pounce on even after the other players have attacked them but you will be awarded much less points as bonus rewards after defeating them. Therefore always be ready and online to pounce on the first available opportunity and reap the maximum amount of rewards because defeating these menacing black cats is far from an easy task so you at least deserve to be well compensated for it.

4. Achievements And Customizations

Cats Empire – Clash of Cats brings with it a truck load of achievements for you to track your progress and motivate you towards higher goals as you continue playing the game. Not only do these achievements serve as milestones for you to brag about to your friends and family, they have in-game benefits as well. When you complete a certain set of achievements you will be able to claim rewards against that achievements and you can track how much you have progressed with the other achievements in the progress menu. It is important that you do not lose track of your main gameplay strategy while chasing after these achievements because then you will not be able to create a balanced style of play. Just go with the flow and keep a track of your progress because it will be very hard for you to gain many of the achievements at earlier levels and you will lose valuable time and effort trying to achieve these unnecessary milestones. You should also focus on gaining charms through normal paths and save the claiming of achievements for when you are in real need of an influx into your balance. Claiming all the saved achievements at once will help make sure that you have a lot of charms available and this could possibly make a difference for defeating the cat bosses or clearing a particularly difficult level.

Another interesting feature given by Cats Empire – Clash of Cats is the ability to customize the cats that are part of your tribe which truly gives you a personalized feeling while playing the game. You will first be introduced to this feature of the game before you defeat the first boss of your career. The first customization will be a simple metal cap which looks as if it was taken from the trash but wear it with pride because you are an alley cat and alley cats wear trash as if it were precious jewelry. This initial customization might fool you into thinking that the developers have not really put too much thought into appearances but this is not the case. As you move to the higher levels and gain access to more charms you will be able to craft customization items of your own liking from a wide selection available to you. At this point you can have different outfits, wearable items and even weapons for every cat of your family. This will not only make the cats look much cooler and fun to play with, it will also make it much easier for you to keep track of the individual skills of the cats making pouncing and stealing much faster especially during the higher levels. If you are still not satisfied with the quality of in game customization available to you for free, Spil Games has given the option for you to purchase customization packs using real money through your iTunes or Google Play balance. These packs include a variety of additional accessories and community made items for the cats. So let your inner cat out and Meow your way to fame and glory!