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Catch Up (Ketchapp) Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a High Score

Ketchapp is a publisher of mobile games known for tiny, hard, and games that you just can’t put down once you start playing them. The latest game to come out under the Ketchapp banner is Catch Up, an exciting game where you have to avoid obstacles, pick up diamonds, while constantly trying to improve your high score. The game features colorful but at the same time minimalist art style, but it is not relying on the most popular art style found in a modern mobile game, the pixel art style that follows the 80’s.

In Catch Up, you control a ball that must overcome the numerous trials while at the same time trying to collect precious diamonds and beat your previous high score. The game is hard and is best played in short bursts. While you play Catch Up your brain will beg for a pause since the ball is accelerating every few seconds and in order to beat the high score, you must stay focused at all times. This can prove difficult, especially if you’re one of those gamers that can’t put a game down before beating your high score at least one time. But, if you follow out the guide you will start getting better and better with each try and will start posting pretty high scores. Stay with us and find out how to master Catch Up, a game of quick reflexes and smart route planning.

1. Don’t Keep Your Finger On The Screen

In Catch Up, you control the ball by moving your finger left or right, and most people will just put their finger on the screen and move it fast in order to avoid obstacles. But this isn’t the best way of controlling the ball.

Instead of keeping your finger on the screen, keep your finger near the screen and change the ball’s path only when you have to avoid an obstacle. You see, if you keep your finger constantly on the screen your finger will move slower and over time it will get sweaty, making controlling the ball more and more difficult. Just keep the finger away from the screen and put it on the screen only when you have to move the ball. You will control it much easier and your finger will move faster, believe us.

2. Don’t Follow Other Balls

Other balls will appear while you play Catch Up. You can follow them because it looks like they always avoid all obstacles, but that’s not really true. You see, other balls will crash into a wall sooner or later so following behind them will make you hit an obstacle sooner or later. Just let them go their way while you look at obstacles in front of you instead of following behind them.

Also, when you manage to collect a ball, your ball will suddenly accelerate. This can be pretty unforgiving, especially if you collected a ball just before an obstacle. It will make you crash and start the game again. Just keep to your route and do not follow other balls. They won’t get you diamonds, and picking them won’t unlock new balls. You will only accelerate, making the game even harder.

3. Side Walls Are Your Friends

Unlike other obstacles, side walls are safe to touch. This is important since you can just go to one end of the lane and then just move the ball once an obstacle gets in your way. Staying at the side is also good for your reflexes because you won’t need to move at all times, just when you face an obstacle that takes the whole lane. Most small obstacles won’t be placed near side walls so you won’t have to constantly move the ball to the left and right.

4. Forget About Diamonds

On top of avoiding obstacles, Catch Up lets you collect diamonds while trying to beat your high score, but trying to collect them all won’t do you any good. Diamonds are usually placed very near obstacles meaning that if you somehow manage to collect one, you will probably end up hitting the next obstacle.

Instead of trying to collect every single diamond, it is better to just try beating your high score. Collect only those diamonds that aren’t placed near obstacles.

5. Collect Gifts And Daily Prizes

In Catch Up, you can earn lots of diamonds just by collecting daily prizes and random gifts. Since diamonds are used for unlocking new balls (and balls differ only in design, they are all the same regarding the movement speed), you will get lots of them with daily prizes and gifts.

And collecting diamonds in-game won’t do you any good since the cheapest ball costs 400 diamonds and you can collect only around a dozen in one try. So, instead of trying to take diamonds, just take daily prizes and gifts. This will make you better at the game – you will only look for incoming walls instead watching for diamonds you can pick up, meaning that your whole focus will be spent on avoiding obstacles.

6. Do Not Use Dark Mode

Catch Up uses bright mode by default, but the game allows you to change to a dark mode where the background is black, and better suited for night gaming sessions. While dark mode can be useful in allowing your eyes to not get as tired as when watching all that brightly colored wall along with a white background, it can also make you harder to spot jump points.

Jump points are colored in bright red, and when a bright mode is turned on you can spot them very easily. But, once you turn on dark game mode, they will become much harder to spot, since red is harder to spot when it is placed against a black background.

Further, dark mode makes most other balls less visible, and some obstacles will also be harder to spot (especially those colored in darker tones). And, you will also have trouble with spotting diamonds, so we strongly suggest to not use dark mode, except you really have to (for example if your battery is near its end and you want for the screen to spend less energy).

Okay, guys, that was all. We hope this guide proved to be an interesting read, and that you got better at playing Catch Up. Make sure to check out our other guides. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


Sunday 12th of May 2024

How can I jump like other used to jumb in the game


Friday 11th of August 2023

I want to know how to jump like the balls that play with you

Bemnet seleshi

Sunday 25th of September 2022

My high score is 1007


Saturday 24th of July 2021

I got the world record in Catch Up can you submit it It is 620 score Please Reply How can i sumbit my world record