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Cars: Lightning League Tips, Cheats & Hints to Outsmart Your Rivals

Disney keeps the Cars craze alive with their latest release for Android and iOS devices called Cars: Lightning League. This is an exciting action-packed racing game that lets you control none other than Lightning McQueen himself. In Cars: Lightning League, McQueen struggles to compete with a new generation of racers. He needs your help to start from the bottom and work his way back up to stardom. You get to train and race in some of the most iconic locations from the movie. Do you have what it takes to make Lightning McQueen a champ again? Make sure you check out our Cars: Lightning League strategy guide for help!

1. Aim For All Milestones

The game is divided into levels which you can complete three times. Each level has several objectives that you need to meet, as indicated by a meter on the top of the screen. The objective meter has three milestones that you need to reach in order to earn a star for that level. Once you have completed the level three times and earned all three stars, you will be rewarded with coins and a treasure box.

Make sure you always get the box from each level. The boxes contain a variety of rewards including gems, character medals, and boosters. Gems are the premium currency of the game and you will need to take advantage if every opportunity to collect them if you are a free player. Character medals, on the other hand, will allow you to unlock other cars that you can use. Don’t miss out on these treats!

2. The Starting Rev Is Key

The results of a race can be determined as early as the starting rev. A bad start can make you fall far behind and ruin your momentum for the rest of the race. Make sure you practice the starting rev so that you can stay in the green zone as soon as the race begins. The trick is to tap and hold until the needle is in the green zone. Let go once it’s in the middle of the green zone then tap repeatedly to keep it there. Be careful with how long you tap because a split second too long can put you in the red zone before you know it.

3. Collect More Coins

The levels in this game gets tougher as you progress further. If you feel like you are struggling in a particular race, you can go back to previous levels first to collect coins. Choose ones with milestones that are difficult to achieve so you can spend more time collecting coins. Watch out for boxes and make sure you break them to get gold coins which are worth more than regular coins you pick up.

4. Prioritize McQueen’s Upgrades

Even though you will be able to unlock other cars, you should focus all your initial investments on Lightning McQueen. Aside from the fact that he is the star of the show, you will realize that the coins you gather will barely be enough to purchase all of McQueen’s upgrades. If you spend any on other cars, you will end up struggling to survive in later races.

The journey back to stardom is a difficult one but with the help of our Cars: Lightning League strategy guide, you will get back on top in no time!