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Cardinal Quest 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Defeat the Forces of Darkness

A dark mystery has befallen the kingdom. Monsters have begun to spring out from the shadows to attack the innocent, the wildlife that was once peaceful now seeks the demise of humanity, and otherworldly leaders have come forth to subjugate the weak through the means of might or sorcery.

Only a few brave souls have taken it upon themselves to bring an end to the darkness spreading across the land. Will you take up one of their mantles in Cardinal Quest 2?

Initially a game available on Flash games site Kongregate, Cardinal Quest 2 is the successor of the first Cardinal Quest — a roguelike with a challenging campaign filled with all sorts of monsters and demons for you to vanquish. Cardinal Quest 2 is its successor, improved and created by RandomNine on the Play Store.

cardinal quest 2 guide

This game is also available for purchase on Steam. Compared to the mobile version where you have to unlock everything, the Steam version has all content accessible from the beginning of the game. Free or not, we’re here to cover most of the game’s features as well as how you can become skilled at playing it.

At first glance, Cardinal Quest 2 may look like your typical top-down RPG, but this thought is much further from the truth. Every movement in Cardinal Quest 2 is calculated, and every decision you make in the game can bring you further to glory, or send you to an early grave. This isn’t just your everyday RPG, it’s a roguelike, and many of us are not exactly aware of how this works.

cardinal quest 2 gameplay

Don’t let this intimidate you, though, Cardinal Quest 2 might just become one of your most enjoyable roguelike experiences ever after you figure out how to play it. Because you’re here on this page, reading this very article at this very moment, you might actually be one of those people who might be struggling with this game or you wish to know more about it. Worry no more, dear reader, for below, we will show you the ropes on how to be well on your adventures through the grim world that is this game’s premise.

That’s right, if you’re a newbie to Cardinal Quest 2 or someone who stumbled into the game not knowing how to get better at it, give our beginner’s guide a read below!

Cardinal Quest 2 and the Roguelike Mechanic

We have already covered the definition of what a roguelike is in a previous article. But to quickly summarize what a roguelike is, a roguelike is a game with the following characteristics below:

  • Turn-based combat on a tactics grid
  • Permanent character death
  • Lots of monsters to fight and kill, usually appearing all at once
  • Procedural map generation (no two levels have the same map)
  • Exploration, secrets, discovery, traps
  • An inventory full of tools, equipment, and various other useful items

To easily understand Cardinal Quest 2 as a whole, let’s tackle these different bullets one by one, shall we?

Turn-Based Combat

cardinal quest 2 turn-based combat
Take your time.

While turn-based combat is already quite synonymous with most RPGs, some of these involve being on a tactics grid where both players and enemies move in only four directions (up, down, left, and right). Most roguelikes, like Cardinal Quest and Cardinal Quest 2, operate on this mechanic.

It may look like the characters are fighting in real time, but what happens here is that when the player performs an action, the enemies perform an action to suit that of the player’s. It can be any action: a movement, performing a Skill, an attack, and others. This is further divided into whoever has the highest speed stat (more on this later on).

If an enemy has higher speed than the player, it will perform an action sooner and the game should freeze when it’s the player’s turn. This means, no other enemies perform their actions until the player does. Ergo, you can put the game down and you won’t have to worry about the enemies attacking you suddenly. We will talk about how you can take advantage of this feature later on.


cardinal quest 2 permadeath
That’s gonna leave a mark…

Just like what we explained about the predecessor of all roguelikes, Rogue, permanent death or “permadeath” is a mechanic here. Regardless of how strong your character is, either they see their own ending or they die without accomplishing much. In the process, they also lose everything they gained during the playthrough including money, equipment, Skills, levels, any item left in their inventory, etc. This is a mechanic that mostly turns potential roguelike players away from it.

Thankfully, most roguelikes nowadays feature a progression system where whenever your character dies, they harvest a currency that helps them improve their character right before they start the game. This also helps ease the pain of dying since, usually, the further you go into a run, the more currency you earn in the end or when your character dies. In other words, dying here has been somehow turned into a step forward — your character will be falling and failing forward over and over again.

Monster Hordes

cardinal quest 2 minotaur
They’re here to bring the pain!

As it is with any RPG, monsters will abound. They’ll come in all shapes and sizes, all kinds of types, with their own strengths and weaknesses, they’ll all be out to try and kill you. This is quite a common theme in roguelikes.

Most of the time, you will encounter a variety of monsters that complement each other or even make each other stronger by virtue of horde size. Sometimes, the more of these monsters are, the more powerful they become. The thrill of actually facing them is figuring out how you can kill them off without ending up dead yourself.

Procedurally-Generated Levels

cardinal quest 2 procedurally-generated level
Where are we…?

To keep the game challenging, no same map and no same level will stay the same. This involves maps that are randomly generated using various algorithms programmed into the game. You cannot draw a map of the level and expect it to be the very same one the next time you revisit it. Just like the enemy hordes, these shift as well. You’ll face enemies in places where you aren’t expecting them.


cardinal quest 2 exploration

Due to the roguelike genre’s unpredictable nature, exploration is tantamount. Having a want to explore the unknown is needed as it is often very rewarding. This feature goes hand in hand with the random levels feature we talked about above.

You will be opening doors that lead to nowhere, odd corners of different rooms, places where you can hide, legendary chests (we’ll get to those later), special bosses, ways you can keep yourself alive without having to rely so much on potions, and many more. Exploration isn’t just about having your character roam around, but it’s about the capabilities of the characters themselves and how far you can push them. This goes for equipment, Skills, and your decision-making Skills.


cardinal quest 2 inventory
Now, do we stick with the sword or take this axe? Hmm…

Speaking of equipment, roguelikes tend to have a lot of items available to the player for use. Examples of these are utility items like bombs and maps, healing potions, teleportation scrolls, and many more. These may help players get through their run as a single item use could change the tide of their situation.

Alongside this vast library of items are a collection of weapons that range from the mundane to the magnificent. Most weapons will be plain, only providing the player with stat boosts, while a few others will be unique in the sense that they have their own gimmick.

For instance, a weapon that can transform an enemy to another monster whenever they are struck or a sword that gets stronger for every kill the character has made with it at the cost of being stealthy, and many more (these examples are available here in Cardinal Quest 2).

How to Play Cardinal Quest 2

As you can see, Cardinal Quest 2 looks simple but it is deceptively complex wherein everything is calculated down to your most minute movement. That said, the interface of Cardinal Quest 2 is lacking in buttons or at first, it may look awfully confusing to anyone new to this type of game. Never fear, we are here to explain how the game works!

  • Movement
cardinal quest 2 movement
Move! Move! Move!

Tapping anywhere around your character will make them move in the desired direction. If they happen to collide with a wall, they will stop moving. If it’s an enemy, however, they will initiate combat with them if they’re a melee class.

  • Combat
cardinal quest 2 combat
We’re getting in a rut!

When in range of the enemy, tapping them will prompt your character to attack them. When an enemy has an elipsis (…) above their heads, this means that they are not aware of your presence. Striking them in this state will catch them off-guard and is considered a “Sneak Attack”. This attack also bypasses the target’s Defense (more on stats later), dealing massive damage.

  • Item Usage
cardinal quest 2 item usage
It’s in the bag!

At the bottom of your screen are two bars: a small one with small icons and a big one with squares. The smaller one here is your inventory and you can hold only up to 5 items at a time, your equipment excluded.

Tapping any of these items will prompt your character to use them. Items that can be used by you will be consumed immediately, but other items like Powder Bombs, Sleeping Powder, and the like that can be used on enemies will prompt you to select a target.

  • Skills
cardinal quest 2 skills
Time to skillfully perform skills!

Below the item bar is a bar dedicated to the placement of your Skills. Skill order is not important, but what is important is how you use them to complement one another. You may also notice that each of their icons have distinct markings:

  • Icons with a dashed yellow border are Physical Skills. If any of them deal damage (like Vital Strike), they derive this value from your character’s Damage stat.
  • Icons with a red border are Magic Skills that derive their efficacy and cooldown from your character’s Intellect stat.
  • Icons with a blue border are Holy Skills that derive their efficacy and cooldown from your character’s Faith stat.

Tapping any of these will have your character use them immediately. Otherwise, if they can be used on targets, you will be prompted to select a target upon activation.

  • Observation
cardinal quest 2 observation
What’s this?

At the very top of the screen, you should see the icon of a magnifying glass next to a question mark. Tapping this will allow you to examine or observe anything on screen. This tells you the names of enemies or what certain items, and Skills can do. Doing this is a free action that will not make your enemies make their move when done.

This can be done for you to properly analyze what your next move might be if you have items in your inventory that you’re unfamiliar with, or what your next character upgrade is when they level up.

leveling up in cardinal quest 2
Safety first.

When you are prompted to level up and you’re about to pick a new Skill or Talent (an upgrade to your character’s stats/Skills), make it good practice to first observe what you’re about to upgrade otherwise you will have made a mistake in building your character well.

  • Map
cardinal quest 2 map
Are we there yet?

On the upper right, you should see a minimap covering every bit of the level you have passed. The blue lines are the edge of the map or obstacles. The white dot is you, yellow dots are treasure or items, red dots are enemies, and blue dots are Skills.

  • Floor Progression

To the right of the map you should see a series of squares. Each of the squares are color-coded to a theme of the floors or levels you are going to enter (or are currently in) whereas red floors represent boss floors. To know which floor or level you’re at, it’s the one with the white square in the middle.

  • Character Stats
cardinal quest 2 character stats
Hey there, good lookin’!

On the upper-left portion of the screen, you have a character portrait that you can tap. This shows your character’s stats as well as their currently-equipped items. When your character levels up, you will be directed here to distribute Talent Points. You will know when they are about to level up when the thin, green bar labeled XP fills up. This green bar is located in the portrait of your character.

  • Settings
cardinal quest 2 settings
Break time!

Lastly, the gear represents the Settings button. Here, if you’ve had enough of your run for the day, you may tap this so you may save and quit. Mind you, this means that everything you’ve done thus far in the game cannot be undone. You will return to the game the way you last left it. You may also fiddle with the game’s settings like the volumes of its audio, if you need to make any adjustments.

With all of the game’s basics out of the way, we will now proceed to the part of the guide that tells you how you can get better at the game without having to die so often. It’s unfortunate, but death is part of the game — surviving and cheating death can only be done in a few ways.


This part of the guide highlights ways you can somehow be one step ahead of the enemy. This way, you’ll be less likely to be caught off-guard whenever you do a run. You won’t be prepared for anything, but you’ll be able to think on your feet whenever the going gets tough. Let’s go!

1. Play Through the Campaign

cardinal quest 2 campaign
Do it for the plot.

As with every RPG out there, its campaign should be its main highlight. In Cardinal Quest 2, the campaign is quite short spanning only 3 Acts in length. As short as it may be, do not let this fool you — the game can be played in different difficulties, allowing you to earn more Morale (more on this later) relative to the chosen difficulty.

The campaign offers a wide variety of enemies to encounter as well as items to find in every Act. These will give the player an understanding of how to defeat certain enemies whenever any of them pop up anywhere.

Each Act is more challenging than the last, offering three different scenarios with three unique end-bosses. Some elite enemies may show up here and there, but the end-bosses of each campaign chapter are a real test of the player’s skill in the game.

While it’s good to give readers a heads up on what they might be facing per chapter, we highly recommend going in blind and figuring out how to complete the chapters yourself. This will not only keep the game fun, this will also train you to be resourceful when pitted in harrowing situations. This will also prepare you to play one of the game’s more difficult modes: the Tower.

With only three chapters present in the campaign, each player is prone to having a favorite playstyle. To suit a specific playstyle, the game has a total of 7 classes to choose from.

2. Try Different Classes to Suit Your Playstyle

cardinal quest 2 classes
Select your character.

As with every RPG out there, Cardinal Quest 2 has a number of classes to choose from. In this case, it’s 7. Each class has a variety of Skills, tactics, and perks that they can start with or use to their advantage.

To anyone unfamiliar with how classes work, these are what basically would define your character in an RPG. A class tells you what your character can and cannot do — limiting them whilst allowing them to be played to their strengths.

Some classes excel at ranged combat while others are excellent fighters up close. It adds spice and challenge to any game and allows the players to explore which of these classes they might enjoy.

For Cardinal Quest 2, the list of classes and a short summary about them is as follows:

  • Fighter
cardinal quest 2 fighter class
Made for war.

The best melee weapon user of the game. Fighters excel at wielding any melee weapon with expertise and they know how to get in close whilst withstanding blows from the enemy. They also come with the Berserk Skill which allows them to chase after fleeing opponents while striking them down before they could raise their guard. Get mad or get rekt.

  • Thief
cardinal quest 2 thief class
The taker of things… and lives.

The sneakiest sneak of the game. Thieves slink into the shadows and take anything that isn’t pinned down. If they aren’t out to steal things, they’re efficient killers that can easily take down any target (including bosses) without being detected.

Additionally, scoring a kill to them opens them to the possibility of healing themselves after finding solace in the shadows once more. Walk in, stab someone from behind, refuse to elaborate, leave.

  • Wizard
cardinal quest 2 wizard class
Master of the arcane.

The commanders of the dark arts. Wizards (and Witches) have magic completely at their disposal; and by that, we mean the Magic Skills with red borders. Wizards have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve: they can destroy the enemy with heat or cold, send them away with the snap of their fingers, or even vanish from the enemies’ eyes when they’re cornered. The universe is at their disposal and they’re ready to show off. The enemy can’t kill you if they’re already dead.

  • Ranger
cardinal quest 2 ranger class
Friend to animals.

The class with eyes that can cut glass. Rangers hardly miss with their trusty bow and arrow. Apart from this, they know well how to make their enemies kneel with the use of poison and underhanded tactics.

Accompanying the Ranger is their faithful sidekick, a dog that is as ferocious as it is excited. Sometimes, it may even change its shape into that of other monsters. Shoot them and leave some bones for your dog.

  • Pugilist
cardinal quest 2 pugilist class
Unstoppable, unarmed.

The mighty unarmed nightmare. Pugilists excel in taking their opponents down with nothing but their fists and their lightning-fast reflexes. Despite them being weaponless, they make up for this with their technique.

Using sweeping kicks, grapples, and knocking enemies into walls, Puglists may give the Fighters a run for their money in terms of survival. How about a knuckle sandwich, punk?

  • Paladin
cardinal quest 2 paladin class
Vanquishers of fiends.

The holy warriors with a cause from the divine. Clothed in white and brimming with holy energy, the Paladin is the distaff counterpart to the Wizard. With the power of the heavens on their side, Paladins make short work of their foes by wielding Holy Skills with the blue borders.

Adding to their already impressive arsenal of miracles, they may also Consecrate a weapon and have it increase its level alongside them. Sometimes, Paladins may also choose not to kill their enemies, but such a path is as punishing as it is rewarding in the end. Be just or be dead.

  • Alchemist
cardinal quest 2 alchemist class
Sophisticated, smart, scientific.

The mysterious and eccentric scientists of the realm. Alchemists are curious — so curious that you can unlock them and have them join your character select screen by using Sampling Vials on boss monsters. Use enough of these and the Alchemist will be a playable class. Their main schtick is cobbling two items together to make something new.

At times, they can be successful, and in times of failure, they always have a backup plan: their main weapon. If it isn’t a melee weapon like a Shortsword, it’s a crude but powerful pistol. Regardless, consumables are what help them fight and when you start to get the items you want, you can tell that you’re about to win. Try not to lose your limbs in the process!

Each class has its pros and cons. If you’ve successfully unlocked any of them and wish to try them out, the campaign is always a safe choice as you push your character to their limits. This goes especially for Acts II and III. Pick a class you’re comfortable with and try to master them. If you ever get bored of using them, try another. The game always offers all kinds of challenges.

As you unlock classes, you’ll notice that you may have to unlock other parts of them, Perks and Gear that make them who they are.

3. Choose Perks and Gear that Complement Each Other

cardinal quest 2 fighter perks
Gotta go fast.

You got the class you want, but what’s this? They have other stuff that needs unlocking?

Think of it this way: the game is showing you the capabilities of your chosen class at their most basic form. At the same time, it gives you an idea of how you might want to play your newly-unlocked class. To further diversify your character’s gameplay, you may choose to start with Perks and Gear that are unlocked with Morale. Let’s talk about Perks first.

Perks are features that give your class that extra pizzazz. They change up a Skill and make them interesting, they can give your character extra stats at the cost of something, or they can change the way your character plays completely (for that, we’re talking about the Classicist Perk of the Wizard). Pick what you might be comfortable with and try again if your hero dies in battle.

Gear, on the other hand, are items that your character can start with. They can be items that help solve problems differently. For this example, let’s compare the Fighter’s Gears called Suited and Booted. Suited allows the Fighter to get a defensive edge in battle since the Breastplate boosts the wearer’s Defense by 2. On top of that, the Fighter is also given an additional +1 to Defense.

On the other hand, Booted starts the Fighter with Boots of Escape which boosts their Speed by 1. Adding to this bonus is yet another +1 to Speed from this Gear selection. This will give the Fighter more time to react in a fight albeit not having the same Defense they have if they picked the Suited Gear.

Picking Perks and Gear that complement each other is what will help you get a head start at any run. Let’s revisit the Fighter again. An easy combination for this would be the Clinical Perk and the Specialist Gear. Clinical swaps out the Berserk Skill for Vital Strike and Specialist swaps out the Shortsword for a Bonecracker.

Using Vital Strike on an enemy with the Bonecracker (or any weapon that causes blunt damage) will result in a knockout blow. The enemy will be asleep for a few turns and you may keep attacking them until they die, at least before they awaken. This works on bosses, too. Experiment and take note of what you feel goes with what and you’ll have a great head start.

Defense this, Speed that, what’s with all these stats, you ask? Don’t worry. Our explanation lies in the next bullet of this guide.

4. Understand the Stats and Play on Strengths

cardinal quest 2 stats
Intellect? Faith? Magic Resist? Say what?

One thing RPGs have that many people tend to abuse are stats. By abuse, we mean to use them to their advantage. It’s always awesome for the player and quite painful for the enemy.

Usually, most RPGs tend to follow classic stat layouts from older games and they may be inspired by older franchises like Dungeons and Dragons. Modern titles such as Cardinal Quest 2 have streamlined stats and are much simpler to understand. Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience to delve deep into these, so let’s offer a brief explanation for each one:

  • Health — Your character’s bodily strength. If it hits 0 (or visually, if the red bar below their sprite goes completely dark), they die.
  • Attack — This is the likelihood of your character hitting an enemy. This also increases your Critical Hit rate.
  • Defense — This is the likelihood of your character defending an enemy’s attack. This also decreases the enemy’s Critical Hit rate.
  • Speed — This stat represents the swiftness and reaction time of your character. Higher speed will allow your character to strike an enemy faster than they can strike back or catch up to them while they’re running away.
  • Intellect — Intellect is what helps Magic Skills cooldown faster. It may sometimes also improve the power of certain Magic Skills.
  • Faith — Just like Intellect, Faith also helps reduce cooldown times but only for Holy Skills. It also sometimes improves the power of certain Holy Skills.
  • Magic Resist — This denotes the chance of which your character will receive no damage from a Magic Skill used by the enemy. It’s particularly useful during the endgame or higher levels in the Tower since magic users are quite common then.
  • Stealth — This represents how unlikely it is for an enemy to know that you are within their immediate vicinity. Higher Stealth means better chances of you sneaking past them.
  • Damage — Damage is a value that represents the total amount of HP you reduce from the enemy whenever you land a hit. This also boosts the damage of the weapon you wield (if you wield one at all).

5. Pick Skills That You Might Need

choosing skills in cardinal quest 2
This looks like it could come in handy.

Cardinal Quest 2’s Skill system is unique in which you don’t “learn” a Skill, you “pick it up” like an item. We mean this literally.

While some of these are inherently learnable by spending Talent Points whenever you level up (e.g. Fighter’s Frenzy, Ranger’s Heal Dog, Wizard’s Ice Blast, etc.), these can only be learned by the class that has them.

Contrary to these, you have Skills that can be found whenever you adventure. The thing here is, you shouldn’t just pick up every one of these that you see, you’ll want to work with a set that synchronizes with itself.

For example, if you happen to be a Thief, picking up Vital Strike, Blink (or Teleport), and Haste on top of Shadow Walk and Dash will make you efficient at staying hidden and away from the enemy as much as possible.

If you happen to have the Job Satisfaction Talent, this will make survival even easier and could be a handy setup to have in almost any situation. Much like picking Perks and Gear, experimentation is quite important in this aspect.

Skills aside, how about the items?

6. Use Your Items Wisely

cardinal quest 2 spyglass
This also works on the Scavenger — it will lower his prices!

A bag full of items is a bag full of surprises.

We aren’t exaggerating, though! But this also depends greatly on the types of items that you have in your bag. Potions, scrolls, bombs, anything that makes your character stronger or more miserable, it’s all a matter of using them all wisely. Let’s take for example the ever-reliable Sleep Powder.

Sleep Powder is your go-to item if you want a particularly dangerous foe or even a boss dead. What it does is it puts them to sleep with a small chance of waking up when you attack them. Keeping this handy during any fight will definitely save your life, especially if you use it on an enemy that you know needs to die.

Another valuable item that needs to be used with caution is the Full Healing Potion. These bottles should only be used when you’re still in the thick of things and you think that death is looming over you.

Do not use this when you’ve completely cleared a level of enemies as heading to the exit will completely heal you anyway. Instead consider using it when you’re still some ways away from the exit and you’re being harassed by a bunch of Ogres in a narrow hallway.

Tying into our Sleep Powder example, let’s talk more about how pragmatism can save your hide.

7. Pragmatic Fighting Wins Most Battles

cardinal quest 2 pragmatic fighting
Line ‘em up and knock ‘em down.

Most battles anywhere can be won with sheer wit. As it may sometimes come off as dirty fighting, pragmatism can also be synonymous to strategy.

With the aforementioned Sleep Powder being used on bosses, you may also consider certain Skills like Dispel. Dispel completely removes all Holy/Magic buffs from an enemy and puts them to sleep. This cannot be resisted. Another thing Dispel can do is Shatter illusions or summoned enemies, instantly killing them off and leaving the summoner completely defenseless.

There’s also the use of Blinding Powder on an enemy surrounded by others. The blinded enemy will start moving in random directions, flailing about and hitting their friends when they get in melee range. This should effectively thin out the enemy horde before you and give you enough leeway to think of your next move.

Want to draw the enemy’s attention away from you? How about casting Magic Mirror (if you have it)? First cast Magic Mirror to have the enemy look at your clone. The moment they attempt to attack the clone, you come up from behind them and give them hell.

Though, this is provided that the clone stays alive long enough for you to take out the enemy who might be the largest threat to you. Casting this as a Pugilist will be quite dangerous for the enemy since the Magic Mirror clone is unarmed; therefore, it will deal the same amount of damage the Pugilist does.

Skills and items aside, there’s also using your surroundings to your advantage. Here are two things that you might want to keep in mind when you want to pull this off:

  • Never fight in a bush. It lowers your Defense.
  • Funnel enemies using a hallway.

While bushes are easily utilized for stealth, fighting in them isn’t ideal since being in a bush lowers your character’s Defense stat by 2. Their likelihood of blocking attacks will be decreased.

On the other hand, staying in the mouth of a corridor or hallway and have enemies flock to you is an easy way to whittle at the enemy’s numbers as well as keep yourself alive. You won’t get hurt with walls by your side. Just make sure that no enemy has a chance to come up from behind you.

Every level is sprawling with enemies. But is there really an incentive to depopulate a level? Yes… most of the time.

8. Try to Thoroughly Clear a Level

clearing a level in cardinal quest 2

The combat of Cardinal Quest 2 can get quite addicting. This is especially if you’ve found yourself a nice, legendary weapon on the level itself. But does defeating all the enemies on a level have its merits? Yes and no. Let’s first discuss why we say “yes”.

Yes, because you’ll be gaining a lot of EXP from the enemies you’ve felled. The more kills you score (if you’re not playing a Pacifist Paladin or a Ghost Run Thief), the more EXP you’ll have. The more EXP you gain, the more Talents you’ll be able to invest in.

It’s a surefire way to make your character stronger in a short span of time. Not to mention, without any pesky enemies roaming about, you’ll be able to search the level more thoroughly for treasure. Now, let’s talk about why we say “no”.

No, because if you’re ill-equipped or if your stats are lacking, you might end up killing yourself very early on. This applies if you’ve made a mistake with the way you’re building your character or if you’re late into the game or playing on a higher difficulty.

If you feel like the enemy isn’t worth the risk and you’ve already found the exit or the boss of the level, focus on your objective and aim for your escape. When you decide on clearing a floor is entirely up to you, but it is verily a double-edged sword.

We’ve mentioned legendary items briefly in this bullet. Are they worth the trouble? Much like trying to clear the level, they also have their pros and cons.

9. Look Out for Legendary Chests

cardinal quest 2 legendary chest
Ooh, what’s in this one?

When you hear the term “legendary item”, what comes to your mind?

In most RPGs, a legendary item is something that will help you conquer the rest of the game. It could be a completely overpowered weapon, an impenetrable suit of armor, and the like. In Cardinal Quest 2, that often isn’t the case.

Coming from an ominous black and gold chest (pictured above), most of the legendary items in this game are quite powerful but such power usually comes at a price. Take the item below, for instance, the Weeping Katana.

cardinal quest 2 weeping katana
For when you want to feel like an edgelord.

The Weeping Katana, as imposing as it sounds, is a blood-red sword that never stops bleeding. The wielder becomes vampiric in nature causing them to heal whenever they successfully strike the enemy with it. However, the price to pay for such power is a great penalty to their health.

There are some legendary items that remain powerful without the player having to sacrifice anything, but this is mostly what is available in-game. One example of a legendary item without penalties is the Lover’s Necklace; it may charm enemy monsters when hit and it saves you from death. Wearing this will allow you to reach more levels and gain more morale (provided that it does not break from saving you first).

At long last, there is just one thing we have yet to answer: what is Morale?

10. Keep Playing for More Morale

cardinal quest 2 morale
This Fighter has died, but his legacy lives on!

Morale in this game is more or less a currency used to unlock classes apart from their Perks and Gear as well as continuing a run if you’ve died (with increasing costs).

How to earn Morale more effectively, however, is by taking your favorite class and choosing their starting Perk. Here’s what each class’ first Perk does:

  • Fighter (Leading the Charge) — Gain Morale from clearing levels.
  • Thief (From the Shadows) — Gain Morale from Sneak Kills.
  • Wizard (Valedictorian) — Gain Morale from killing enemies with Fireball or Ice Blast.
  • Ranger (Robbing From the Rich…) — Gain Morale from finding gold.
  • Pugilist (Knockout) — Gain Morale from killing stunned or dazed enemies.
  • Paladin (Purifier) — Gain Morale from killing enemies using the Righteous Fury or Judgment Talents.
  • Alchemist (Synthesis) — Gain Morale from successfully combining items.

As simple as it may all seem, it is actually more difficult than it looks. Perks, as we’ve discussed, give some bonuses to the character that may actually save their lives or give them a head start in combat. But to sacrifice all that for a Perk that merely helps you earn Morale is something that might also help you in the long run.

Consider doing this and playing the Tower Mode as opposed to the campaign since the Tower is virtually endless.  This also means, do not be discouraged by death; consider death an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and start again fresh when you go for another run. After all, this is how one gets better at the game.

Cardinal Quest 2 is a game that is full of surprising situations and unforgiving yet epic battles. Your character can either become a one-man army or another corpse left in a forgotten corner somewhere. That said, let’s take a look at what you might have learned thus far:

  • Playing through the campaign is the best way to learn the game’s ins and outs.
  • Playing as a different class from time to time will help you diversify your playstyle but also help you discover which among the classes is your favorite.
  • Your character’s Perks and Gear should complement each other.
  • Understanding your character’s stats and what you should build them on will bring you far.
  • Only pick up Skills that might be needed for your character.
  • Be prudent when using your items. Some items are needed only in certain situations.
  • Pragmatism can save your life in almost any fight.
  • Aim to thoroughly clear a level, but only make this decision if you’re certain that it will benefit you.
  • Legendary items are among the best of the best, but use some of them at your own peril.
  • Grinding for Morale is no easy task, but being able to unlock everything (or for your favorite class) in the game should be incentive enough for you to do it.

And that wraps up our beginner’s guide for Cardinal Quest 2! If you’re looking for more tips and information, visit the Official Cardinal Quest 2 Wiki here! Are you yourself a wandering veteran of the land? Has the minotaur fallen to your might? Have you conquered the dragon or slain the beast and its horde of dinosaur invaders? Do you have tips on how one can overcome the challenges of the Tower? Leave all of your thoughts in the comment section down below!