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Bunny Pop Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Complete More Levels

Bunny Pop is a cute bubble-popping game taking you across hundreds of levels and making you save hundreds of poor little bunnies. The game is pretty interesting; it offers a fair challenge without making every next level harder than the last one thus basically asking you to shell out some real cash in order to buy powerful special attacks.

From time to time you’ll stumble upon an impossible to beat a level, but with a bit of patience, accurate aiming, and a pinch of luck the hard levels are beatable. The game can be demanding at times, especially as you advance over a couple of dozens of introductory stages. It can look like paying the money in order to buy special attacks is mandatory, but do not be fooled. Every single level in Bunny Hop can be completed only by using regular bubbles.

How to do that? Well, by playing patient, by not relying on special attacks, and by following our Bunny Pop guide! Stay with us and check out which helpful tips we managed to gather this time.

1. Play Slow And Steady, There’s No Time Limit On Making Shots

During the first dozen or so levels Bunny Pop is a breeze to play where every single shot bursts a large group of bubbles. Later on, things can get a bit tricky, with same colored bubbles coming one after another, various special bubbles that amp up the difficulty, tricky shots needed to make in order to burst large groups, and bunnies being harder and harder to free.

This can make almost anyone more than a bit frustrated. And while frustrated we usually just start bashing buttons, launching shots without any strategy. Do not ever play Bunny Pop this way; if you end up being irritated slow down, the game lets you aim your shots for as long as you want. Before taking a shot make sure the bubble will end up exactly where you planned for it to end. And always try freeing the bunnies with as few shots as possible. Just be cautious, carefully assess every shot, and the game will soon start being extremely fun to play.

2. Don’t Shoot Bubbles At Random

Random bubble launching is the worst thing you can do while playing games like Bunny Pop. Make a strategy on each and every level, analyze the tiles and find a way to free up bunnies with as few shots as it can be done.

For instance, try busting bubbles keeping a large portion of the board connected to the rest of the board, this can garner fantastic results. Try launching bubbles in hard to reach places, so that you always can make a combo by bursting a group of bubbles surrounding a little bunny or the rest of the board. Just never shoot bubbles at random.

3. Focus On The Bunnies

The main goal of almost every level is freeing up the bunnies held inside some bubbles. You don’t have to burst every single bubble, just make your way up to the cute furry puffs. After you free up all bunnies on a level, the level will end, with all leftover bubbles being popped, giving you lots of bonus points.

So, your first goal always should be freeing the bunnies, pop large groups of bubbles only if they are placed between you and the poor animal, or if there are no bubbles of the right color needed to advance further in the level.

4. Carrots Can Be Popped With Bubbles Of Every Color

Unlike bunnies, captured inside colored bubbles, requiring from you to shoot them with a bubble of a specific color, carrots can be picked up by throwing any kind of bubble at them. Just reach them, and then shoot them freely. This makes carrot levels easier than the regular one, but at the same time more fun to play.

5. Save Up Special Attacks

After you beat a few levels, the game will reward you with a couple of special attacks. This attacks can melt all bubbles in one area, can make you more accurate while aiming, can knock out an entire row of bubbles, and so on.

Do not use special attacks unless they must be used. If you notice that the game gives you just the colors you don’t need, restart the level, and don’t try using powerful special attacks. Try filling up the combo meter; it gives you a random special attack after every five linked bubble pops.

Pick up daily prizes; they are either a nice amount of coins or a random special attack. This way you’ll be able to buy some more if using them all. But remember, each and every level can be beaten without relying on special attacks.

6. Clear The Board With As Few Shots As You Can

We know this already got mentioned a couple of times but if you aim for a three-star rating while playing Bunny Pop, this advice is very important. Try bursting as many bubbles as you can with one shot.

Make strategies for popping bubbles, think a couple of turns in advance. If successful, almost every level can garner you a three-star rating, just be patient about it.

7. Be Extra Careful While Swapping Bubbles

Like most other similar games, Bunny Pop allows you to swap the current bubble with the next one in line. The feature is very helpful but like in most other games, swap button won’t always work. After tapping swap button, make sure that the two bubbles are actually swapped.

Many times while we played the game, we noticed that swap bubble can stage an unpleasant surprise by refusing to swap bubbles. This can lead to your entire strategy to fail, so every time after swapping bubbles, make sure they are actually swapped.

8. Before Launching A Bubble Make Sure It Will End Up Where You Meant It

Aim three times before choosing to launch a bubble. Although slower, it is way better than to just launch bubbles as quickly as you can. This rule especially applies for off-the-wall shots. Before launching a bubble, make sure it will end up where you planned for it to end.

Since Bunny Pop doesn’t have a shot timer, take all the time you need in order to make a perfect shoot.

Thanks for reading our Bunny Pop guide. We tried to present you the best possible advice available, only those that can actually make you better at Bunny Pop. We hope you read the whole guide since we spent many hours in constructing it. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


Thursday 25th of August 2022

I'm in the 1360 range but I would like to know what the red heart with an sideways 8 symbol means. It usually has a clock countdown running and sometimes I win a 15 minute countdown but don't know what it means.


Tuesday 5th of October 2021

Why does Bunny Pop 1699 have no boosters?

James Rice sr

Monday 1st of March 2021

It will not go to 2041 why


Sunday 21st of February 2021

I beat level 2040. It let me do 2041

Dot Putnam

Friday 19th of February 2021

I am on like 730 and I pull it up and it just cuts off want pull. Up game . What do I do To fix it