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Brawl Stars Character Guide: Colt (Ranged Sniper)

We’re now in the fourth part of our series of Brawl Stars character guides, and we shall be talking about one of the more basic, common ranged characters out there, Colt. But we should also do the honors and give you a backgrounder of Supercell’s latest iOS and Android game. Like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale from the same company, Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game, and in this case, it brings you 5-on-5 MOBA action in a not-quite-fantasy setting where you’ve got modern weapons, and a small pool of characters to choose from. But that’s actually a good thing for a lot of players, as that means a simpler set of options when it comes to choosing a character who matches your play style.

For today’s Brawl Stars character guide, we’ll be shining the spotlight on Colt, the All-American Brawler who appears to be a rather popular choice with new players. But that’s not always the the case, and we shall explain this, as well as other tips and tricks you might be needing if you’re planning to play as Colt and hoping to make the most out of things.


Obviously, Colt has an Western theme going with him, which is probably the first thing you’ll notice while looking at him, and considering his name. Some have described him as the most boring character in the game, though that isn’t always true when it comes to this common Brawl Stars Brawler.

Colt is one of those characters who is designed to just stay back at a safe distance and chip away at enemies, or more like blow them away. He is not at all the type of character you want getting up close and in the thick of battle, but he could deal out a lot of damage while hanging back and firing away. And you really wouldn’t want him to get too close to the heat of the battle, as he has only 600 hit points for his base stats; this can be improved, however, but it won’t be a quick process.

Colt’s primary attack is known as Six Shooters, and one can say that it perfectly suits his name. He launches this attack by firing two long-range revolvers at enemy Brawlers, dishing out a great deal of damage. His Super Ability, on the other hand, is known as Bullet Train, and Colt launches this by spinning his chambers, then firing off a barrage of bullets that are capable of blasting through just about anything in the game.


When talking about Colt’s strengths, you ant to start out with the high amount of damage he deals out. He’s a capable long-range Brawler, and if you combine that range and his damage output, he could be a handful from afar. His Super, Bullet Train, also could blast through walls — we weren’t joking when we said those bullets could tear through almost anything. And he can launch the Super from an even longer range than the primary attack. If you’re the type of player who is an expert at strafing, you may want to use Colt, moving him back and forth in lockstep with enemy Brawlers, allowing him to land most, if not all of his attacks, and reach his potential in terms of damage. You just might be able to take out a Brawler in one go if you’re able to connect all the way when using the Six Shooters primary ability.


Well, we could start out by the often-made criticism that Colt is a rather boring character to use. Your mileage may vary on that one, but what’s hard to dispute is that Colt doesn’t have much usefulness beyond firing at enemies from long range. You can’t rely on him for fast movement or for movement buffs, and in relation to that, he doesn’t have any evasive maneuvers on him. He’s not a good choice for closing gaps, and you can’t expect good results either if you use him for crowd control or area-of-effect attacks. If you’re not able to connect on your attacks while using Colt, chances are you’re toast in most cases.

If Colt is your Brawler of choice, you have to make sure that you’re positioning him in the right place, and that you are always aware of where he currently is in the Brawl Stars map. Enemy Brawlers can easily flank him, and if an opponent gets close to you, you’re most likely in trouble.

As we mentioned above, there’s also the squishiness factor to deal with. Colt’s base HP total is only 600, and that means stronger Brawlers may likely take him out in just one or two shots. If you’re playing against someone who’s using Colt, it only takes getting within the right range and connecting on your shots when taking him out as quickly as possible.

Colt may be one of the options available to new Brawl Stars players, given his status as a common Brawler. But the learning curve when using Colt is also a steep one — you may want to start out with El Primo, for instance, if you’re new to the game and looking for a character who isn’t just powerful, but also easy to learn.

When And Where To Attack

We’ve already established that Colt isn’t the easiest Brawler to learn for newbies. But it is still possible to do well in Brawl Stars if he’s the character you prefer playing as. Allow us to show you a few tips and tricks you can use when playing as Colt.

For starters, we did mention that Colt excels in breaking down walls or cover using Bullet Train, which is the flurry of bullets he unleashes through his Super Ability. It may be bushes or walls, but if you sense that there are enemies hiding somewhere, you might as well charge up that Super and set the Bullet Train in motion to break that cover. As you may sense, this would also work best if you’re playing Heist.

You want to attack while Colt is far back and not in the thick of battle. Stay behind a tank-like character if possible, and as far away as your range will allow. As he doesn’t have any escape moves nor any close-contact abilities, you can’t expect him to run away and look for safer ground when the going gets tough. Colt is a support character, pretty much, to the beefier likes of El Primo, or Nita, once she’s got her bear spawned as her pet.

While hanging back, the name of the game is “pick and pop” — look for a good target to aim at, then launch your primary ability. It does a lot of damage anyway, so it isn’t really a case of slowly chipping away at the enemies. By weakening enemy Brawlers, your teammates can take care of the melee attacks and take out opponents faster, rather than letting the battle last for too long and risking having your teammates lose a lot of HP. Ideally, you want to remove a good chunk of HP before your opponents can even think of harming your team.

When To Use Super

We’ve already talked about this in the above section, but we do have to fill out the “when to use super” part of our character guide, don’t we?
Just as we said, Colt’s Super is a good ability to use when blowing somebody’s cover, due to its ability to pierce walls and the like. But you can also use Bullet Train if there’s more than one enemy lining up, regardless whether they’ve got cover or not.

Best And Worst Game Modes

The best game modes for Colt are Smash and Grab and Heist, as these are modes where enemies tend to hide behind cover, especially when close to the gem mine in the former mode. Use Colt’s Super to take out the wall and ensure that enemies have nowhere to hide, and presumably, nowhere to run as well. That’s great for allowing your team to establish control in the center of the map, right around the gem mine. For the latter mode, use Bullet Train from afar to take out the wall protecting the safe. That should allow melee Brawlers to rush on in, and take advantage of the lack of a wall.

On the other hand, Showdown is not a good game mode for Colt. This is made obvious by his dire lack of HP, as well as his lack of movement. Of course, if you’ve upgraded Colt’s HP significantly, you might want to give him a try, but there are many other Brawlers whom you could choose for Showdown instead of him. Likewise, you may also be cool with trying him out in Bounty, but it’s not a game mode that would suit him well either.

Good Matchups

The list of good matchups for Colt include Brock, Bull, El Primo, and Ricochet. Let’s take a look at why this is the case. Brock and Ricochet are both able to do a lot of damage as ranged characters but it’s easy for Colt to get within range against these guys and outdo them with the damage from his Six Shooters. You want to play it defensively here — avoid a shot from either one of those Brawlers, then pick and pop right away to take them out easily. Ricochet is an especially tempting target for Colt, as even Colt has more HP than he does; both he and Brock are equally squishy in terms of base HP total.

Bull and El Primo are clearly cut from a different mold — these are two characters who deal their damage from up close. But if you know how to kite (RPG parlance for keeping an enemy at bay, while allowing them to keep chasing you), it’s easy to deal with these two fellows. El Primo, in particular, is hardy in the HP department, but if you’re patient with your kiting and are able to land your attacks, you could easily get the better of him. Both characters’ burly frames also make them bigger, and therefore easier targets to hit.

Bad Matchups

As for the bad matchups, we’d stick with only three of them — Bo, Jessie, and Nita. Apart from the fact that Bo is in the Epic rarity level in Brawl Stars, he stands out as hard to beat for Colt players for a number of reasons. Of course, you’ve got to take those explosive arrows into account. He’s also quite good at trapping enemies and dictating the pace of opposing Brawlers. Colt lacks evasive maneuvers and maneuverability in general, and since that’s among his prime weaknesses, Bo’s explosive arrows make him fair game.

Jessie is one of two characters in this list who could spawn a secondary character, or pet, and you probably know that “pet” as her turret, Scrappy. She’s also got a powerful primary attack, and when Scrappy spawns, that could allow Jessie to corner a lot of characters and literally paint them in a corner. With the help of her turret, Jessie can flank Brawlers who like to take cover, much like Colt players usually would. So if you’re playing Colt and hiding behind a wall, you’ll likely have your hands full when Jessie launches the turret over the wall; Scrappy will then fire at Colt, buying Jessie some time to move around the corner and fight Colt two-on-one. That’s an instant recipe for trouble.

Last, but not the least, Nita is deceptively strong like a lot of ranged characters. But it’s the bear that you really need to be worried about when playing as Colt. The bear serves a dual purpose, acting as Nita’s pet in battle while serving as her tank, and he’s a traditional tank who’s primary, and arguably only value, is soaking up damage. (There’s also the problem of re-spawning to deal with.) It’s very easy for Nita to stand behind the bear and use him as a shield, launching her Rupture ability and dealing some serious damage against Colt.

Your Worst Matchup

Just like he is against Brock, Mortis is the worst possible one-on-one opponent for Colt. As a reminder, Mortis is a melee Brawler, and that means he can easily get into a good range and take out anyone, Colt included, who is naturally weak against these close-contact characters. For starters, you’ve got to watch out for Mortis’ Dash ability — this allows him to move into optimum range at a rapid pace, and once he’s there, he can do a solid amount of damage, needing only about three attacks to take Colt out. More often than not, you’re as good as finished once Mortis is in range and controlled by an experienced player who won’t miss.