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Bravium Tips, Cheats & Guide to Crush Your Enemies

Bravium is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG for iOS and Android mobile devices. You will be given a warrior to control and empower him along the way. Like any other mobile game, you will be given a chance to enjoy end game power at the beginning. From the mechanics and controls it is a fun game to play but you can still rely on our Bravium tips and tricks to teach you how to get stronger and better.

1. Master The Controls

Controls in Bravium are a little different unlike the usual ones so it gets kind of tricky. First off is you tap it to make your warrior move. Most of the time you will be moving to the right but you can always make a tactical retreat to step back or move to the left. Since your character will be attacking your enemies automatically you don’t have to tap another for attacking. The only other time you will be tapping the screen again is when you will be using your skills and your various items.

2. Timing Is Everything

First ability that will be available to you is Headbutt. Later on as you progress through the game you will be able to unlock better ones. You will also be given a potion at the start. The key thing to remember with these is they have mana costs and a cooldown. Don’t go spamming them whenever you get a chance it is better to think when to use it or else they might be on cooldown when you actually need them. Timing is always everything. As for the mana problem don’t worry about that there will be items that replenishes mana too. Just don’t forget to equip new and better gear, upgrade when you have a chance and always carry a variety of potions for any situation just to be sure.

3. Grind For Gears

As you are playing and clearing the game on each level you will be awarded with coins. These coins are also essential in getting stronger. You can use those coins to buy and upgrade weapons and armors it is one of the most important things to do. This game is very item dependent so you need to farm for your gear to reach the later levels because they will only get harder further on.

4. Always Go For Three-Star Rating

When you finish a level in Bravium you get awarded with stars. It is always better to go for the three-star rating. Because you can use those stars to strengthen your warrior. Upgrade your warrior’s talents with the stars to gain even more advantages. The Talents are Strength that can increase your damage, Stamina that increases your Health, Intelligence that increases your ability damage and Wisdom that increases your maximum mana pool. Like in any other game you need to know what kind of warrior you want because the cost for upgrading a talent will increase as you enhance it.

Charge into battle and depend on our Bravium tips and tricks to make you the strongest warrior out there! If you happen to know additional hints for the game, be sure to drop us a message!