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Brave Dungeon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Powerful Team and Defeat Your Enemies

Brave Dungeon is a brand-new rogue-like idle fantasy RPG from UnlockGame. The developers of Brave Dungeon are taking another shot at the RPG genre after the success they had with Celestial Age: Origin. Here, they depart from their comfort zone and deliver a whole new experience for their fans. Brave Dungeon isn’t as hard or competitive as Celestial Age, but it’s still an entertaining game to play.

Brave Dungeon borrows game mechanics from the old DOS classic “Rogue.” The maps you play in are randomly-generated, providing a unique experience for every player of the game. Nothing is sure when you enter a new dungeon, making every run exciting and unpredictable. Nevertheless, there are elements that tie these randomized maps together, and these allow us to make a guide that can still be applied to all playthroughs.

As an Idle RPG, your party will automatically fight the enemies you find in the dungeons. You have no control over your party’s actions. Instead, you have to make sure that your party is well-equipped, well-trained, and ready to fight even before the battles start. There’s a lot of preparation that is needed to beat the big bosses of the game.

brave dungeon characters

While the game provides a lot of avenues for you when it comes to training, it leaves you to decide how you should go about your playthrough. This may leave some players confused, or make others do inefficient training routines that will not get them anywhere. Thankfully, it’s easy to get into the groove once you understand what you should be doing. Once you know the right directions, you can build a strong army of heroes more easily.

Our Brave Dungeon beginner’s guide will explain the basic parts of the game. It will also tell players the proper way to build their teams, who to train, and who should be in their main party. If you need help in building the most valorous party of heroes to brave these dungeons, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

1. The Basics Of Brave Dungeon

Players start the game on a random map. There’s a quick tutorial to explain to you what you’re supposed to do.

The first element that the player will encounter in the game are the Monsters. Dungeons are filled with horrible monsters, but most of them aren’t powerful enough to overwhelm our brave heroes. Instead, our heroes will mostly do fine vanquishing them early in the game, so there’s virtually zero risk in engaging them.

You fight monsters by clicking them on the dungeon map. Once your party’s avatar reaches the enemy, the game enters the battle. You can’t do anything while the battle unfolds but to watch. Once the enemy is defeated, the game returns to where you were earlier in the map. Defeating enemies will give you resources you can use to train your heroes.

brave dungeon guide

These are the five basic elements of the dungeon map.

Next up are Mines. They are permanent structures in the map that you can claim for yourself. Sometimes, you will have to defeat monsters to make a mine your own. They’re worth taking because they will passively give you resources whether or not you’re playing the game. The resources mines produce will be stored at the bottom of your screen.

Check back often to get the resources. One important note: mines only produce resources for you as long as you’re still in the map where you found them. Moving on to the next level will make them stop producing.

Dungeons are portals to other randomly-generated maps. Sometimes, these maps are just small rooms with a couple of monsters and some treasures. Most of the time, though, these portals will take you to the next level. In Brave Dungeon, you will explore an endless chain of dungeons. There’s no way out, and the only thing you can do is keep moving forward. Look for these Dungeons to proceed to the next level.

Strange Quests can take the form of other people, weird objects, and other things that you can click on the map and interact with. The quests are very simple. It’s usually a single question or riddle that you have to answer. If your response is correct, you get rewarded.

Finally, the Mystery Store will sometimes appear inside the dungeon map. It contains items that you can’t usually buy from the regular store. Be sure to always check it out when you see it.

2. The Brave Frontier – Choosing Your Frontlines

In Brave Dungeon, you can have up to 1,000 heroes at a time. The game’s hero pool is composed of a few dozen heroes, but you can have multiple copies of these heroes simultaneously. You get heroes on a regular basis in the game, so it’s unavoidable to get duplicates. In fact, having duplicates of a hero is a requirement to make them stronger, but we’ll talk about that later.

Let’s talk about building your team first. Just like other RPG, there are strong and weak characters in the game. You want to train only the strongest heroes, so you don’t waste your time, energy, and resources investing on the wrong person. At the same time, you have to surround the strongest heroes with the best support group. Picking the best allies for your heroes will unlock their full potential, and make their skills shine more in combat.

brave dungeon hero altar

Sacrifice the heroes you don’t need in the Hero Altar to get training resources.

It’s easy to get five-star heroes in Brave Dungeon. The Summon Rates are fair enough that you’ll be able to get one every ten or so Summon attempts. Focus on building these five-star heroes because they will be the ones to carry your party to the path of victory.

While 5-star heroes are your most important assets in the game, you still have to spend time improving its support group. For example, tank heroes need strong healers to sustain their health. Heroes who deal high damage, on the other hand, will benefit from strong buffs from its allies.

brave dungeon hero bond

Pay attention to Hero Bonds and build a party that is stronger together.

Heroes have “Hero Bonds” that you can complete to give your heroes additional benefits. As long as you have those heroes in your inventory, these stat bonuses will be put into effect. They don’t actually have to be in the same party.

Finally, the best teams come from the same Hero Race. There are six races in the game: Warrior (Blue), Beast (Red), Fairy (Green), Undead (Purple), Demon (Black), and Deity (White). If your party is composed of heroes coming from the same race, they get bonus stats and fight stronger. Aim to build a party of 5-Star heroes of the same race.

3. Endless Tower, Expeditions, Timed Challenge, And Boss Challenge

Apart from the dungeon map, there are other parts of the game where you can battle monsters for epic loot. They get unlocked as you level up. Beating them is entirely optional, but completing them will earn you rewards.

The Endless Tower is the first one to open. It’s a series of matches that you have to complete one after the other. You get rewards for every floor you clear, and get extra rewards for every five floors you complete. You can get rare and epic artifacts and equipment here, so it’s worth your time investment.

brave dungeon endless tower

Challenge the Endless Tower for more rewards, try to reach the top without dying.

There’s also a competitive aspect to the Endless Tower. The number of floors you complete will be compared to other players in the server. Reach the top of the Endless Tower and the top of the leaderboards to discover the most epic weapons in the game!

Expeditions function in the same way as the Endless Tower. You fight a series of battles, but instead of climbing a tower, you are exploring various islands in the game. Your progress in Expeditions get reset every day, so it’s important to go as far as you can before the daily timer runs out. You’re awarded Expedition coins for every stage you complete, which you can exchange for rewards.

There are also Timed Challenges and Boss Challenges which you can take on if your party is strong enough. Timed Challenges feature a set of strong enemies that reset every week. Timed Challenges have five enemies to beat each week, so be sure to beat them when you can.

Finally, Boss Challenge will have you and the rest of the server fight a super-powered enemy. This enemy can’t be beat by a single party of heroes, so the whole server will have to work together to take it down. You use up energy each time you challenge the Boss. This energy gets refilled over time, and you can have a maximum of ten energy charges. Once the boss is defeated or when the timer runs out, you will get rewards based on the amount of damage you’ve dealt to the boss.

4. Heroic Arms And Artifacts

Even the most powerful heroes in the world of fantasy become more powerful when equipped with legendary weapons and artifacts. There’s no shortage of fantastic arms and equipment in Brave Dungeon, and they will help bolster your heroes for the dangers that will be coming their way.

how to upgrade artifacts in brave dungeon

Always upgrade your artifacts whenever possible.

Each hero can equip a weapon, an armor, one set pair of footwear, and a headpiece. These are the basic equipment of your heroes. These are also the most common items you can find in the game. Make sure that you always update your equipment when you find new ones.

There are also special equipment called relics that can be equipped by your heroes. They give powerful boosts to your heroes but each hero can only equip one relic at a time.

As you explore the dungeons and beat more boss monsters, you will also find awesome artifacts. Have your main hero in the team equip these artifacts. These artifacts are so strong that they don’t just buff the hero using it, but also give everyone in the party some stat bonuses. Upgrade these artifacts as much as possible, and always hunt for the required materials to get them.

5. Join A Guild And Make Friends

Guilds and friends are very helpful in speeding up your progress in Brave Dungeon. Once you’ve joined a guild, you get access to a whole lot of additional content, where you can earn more resources and prizes. You can also use guilds to add friends in the game. Friends can send each other hearts, which you can use to Summon more heroes to join your party.

brave dungeon guild

Guilds will help you get more resources to train your heroes.

The Guild Farm will produce fruits and vegetables that you can sell for coins. The Guild Boss and Guild Dungeon are similar to the Boss Challenge and Expeditions discussed earlier, but can be completed together as one guild. There are also unique items that you can only get in the Guild Market. Finally, the Tech Center will require resource contributions from guild members. The kind of tech researched in the Tech Center will be set by the guild leader, and once completed, all members of the guild will receive the bonus.

When your guild start getting stronger, you can engage in Guild Wars with other guilds. Just as how you fight monsters automatically, combat in Guild Wars work the same way. You choose which opponents to fight, then you watch your heroes clash swords with theirs. Last man standing wins. The winner of the Guild Wars will get significant bonuses for their guild.

6. Brave The Darkest Dungeons

With our tips, you can make a strong enough party that will take you to the deepest parts of the dungeon. There’s no reason to be scared of the monsters that you’ll face in the dark. Your heroes will definitely be able to vanquish all foes in your way, and you’ll be able to find the best Relics and Artifacts in no time. You will soon lead your Guild towards victory, and fell mighty Boss monsters. Your heroes will become legends of their own right. So soldier on, and remain brave. Your journey has just begun.

And this would be all for now as far as our Brave Dungeon beginner’s guide is concerned. If you happen to know more tips or tricks for the game, feel free to let us know in the comments below!


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I don't seem to have any of those

Diegó. Siemsen

Thursday 20th of August 2020

In the fame as you complete daily quests, you seem to earn (activness) blue kinda orbs. I have about 41,000 of them and wish to know where and how to spend those sinve i have now clue!