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Brain Rush Answers for All Levels

Welcome to Brain Rush – Brain Hole Bang, a brand new game from Aymi. If you are a fan of logic games, brain quiz and IQ games, then you will certainly fall in love with it.

Brain Rush is an addictive puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles and tricky tests will challenge your mind. This game may break common sense and bring you new brain-pushing experience! You can enjoy yourself alone or with your friends with this addictive and funny IQ game. Think out of the box, crack the puzzles and get ready to take the quiz! It’s suitable for all genders and ages and the answers are really unexpected.

brain rush answers

You have to do all kinds of random stuff in order to solve the puzzle, find hidden objects, or solve math problems, or even keep notes. The questions get tougher and tougher but you feel so self-satisfied every time you find the answer that it really pays the effort.

If you are a fan of word games, word search games, puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, riddle games or any other quiz games, then tricky test Brain Rush is your best choice!

Now, if you have some difficulty when it comes to solving certain levels, then be sure to read on for a complete list of Brain Rush answers, cheats and solutions!

Brain Rush Level 1-10 Answers
Brain Rush Level 11-20 Answers
Brain Rush Level 21-30 Answers
Brain Rush Level 31-40 Answers
Brain Rush Level 41-50 Answers
Brain Rush Level 51-60 Answers
Brain Rush Level 61-70 Answers
Brain Rush Level 71-80 Answers
Brain Rush Level 81-90 Answers

Brain Rush Answers & Solutions

Brain Rush: Level 1-10 Answers

brain rush level 1 answer

Level 1: Draw the letter C in its place.

brain rush level 2 answer

Level 2: First fill the bottle with milk and then give it to the baby.

brain rush level 3 answer

Level 3: Just put the right sheep on the fire.

brain rush level 4 answer

Level 4: Use the watermelons.

brain rush level 5 answer

Level 5: Tap the girls on the head.

brain rush level 6 answer

Level 6: Get a handkerchief from the box and rub their faces.

brain rush level 7 answer

Level 7: Just move them towards.

brain rush level 8 answer

Level 8: Give her the balloons.

brain rush level 9 answer

Level 9: Rub off the black cloud.

brain rush level 10 answer

Level 10: Connect them by subject.