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Blossom Blast Saga Tips, Cheats & Guide to Complete More Levels

Tired of all those intense, in-depth MMORPGs where you have a hundred-plus heroes and monsters to learn about and/or unlock? Bummed that some games are so special they’re only available for iOS users? Not willing to learn intricate strategies in puzzle games or any one of those RPG/MMORPG/MOBA titles? You’re in luck, because this game doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel or overwhelm casual gamers – it’s a new Match 3 title by King, which, as you may know, was recently purchased by Activision Blizzard. Blossom Blast Saga allows you to link three or more flower buds of the same color, as you can sit back and watch as you set off an epic chain reaction of blooming flowers. Expect challenges from the weeds in your flower bed, as you try to complete 120 different levels and play all the four available game modes.

There are some twists and turns to this game that make it, in many ways, different from King’s other modern-day Match 3 classics like Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. So read on if you want some quick Blossom Blast Saga tips, tricks and cheats for a nice head start to the game.

1. Go For The Mega Blooms

One of the most fundamental things to know in Blossom Blast Saga is that a long strand of small buds always trumps a small bunch of buds that have yet to bloom, but are almost there. Strands will shake once they’re long enough, regardless of how mature the buds are, and when this happens, this means you’re close to forming a Mega Bloom. This bloom will then blossom and clear the flower bed so that more buds can fill up the blank spaces.

As Mega Blooms can help you finish more levels with three stars, you should not pass up an opportunity to link together a long line of buds.

2. Keep Your Eye On The Water Bucket

The water bucket on the upper left side of your screen counts down the number of turns you have left in the level. Like in most other Match 3 games, you are not under any sort of time pressure, but you’ll want to complete those levels in as few turns as possible so you can earn more points and stars. Remaining turns get “splashed” down onto your flowers, thus making them bloom immediately and clearing out a whole lot of flowers than you normally would if you use up your remaining turns for some easy points.

3. End The String In The Middle

The game’s mechanics essentially require you to end flower strings or chains in the middle, in as much as possible. This allows you to affect the maximum number of buds with your blooming flower, and as you affect more flowers, you can expect your score to go higher and your chances of a three-star level to dramatically improve.

4. How To Reduce The Turn Countdown

If you need to bloom a specific number of buds next to the countdown buds, all you have to do is drag two buds of the same color (or more) into the countdown bud, so you can reduce the countdown right away.

5. Shatter The Pots With Blooming Flowers

Some levels include pots, which you should shatter by means of blooming flowers. Removing a pot would allow the buds to fall through the bottom, in a rather strange way as it seems like the pots were holding the buds up. Take your time and figure out which pots you should clear out so you end up using as few turns as possible.

Have you come across any other Blossom Blast Saga tips or tricks? If you know some other hints, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Thursday 22nd of August 2019

I having trouble on level 517 Can you help