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Bleach: Immortal Soul Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Defeat All the Hollows

Bleach: Immortal Soul is a new free-to-play mobile RPG released by Oasis Games. Based on storytelling and strategy, the game is officially licensed by the Bleach Animation Production Committee, published by Oasis Games, and co-developed by Oasis Games and GREE.

The game is based on the original Bleach manga and anime and follows the authentic storyline of Ichigo, a high school boy who can see ghosts and begins training to join the ranks of the Soul Reapers.

Now, Bleach: Immortal Soul can be approached from two different perspectives, the first one being that of a manga or anime connoisseur. In that’s the case, you will soon recognize that the game is based more on the anime than the manga. While the overall story is the same in the manga and anime, the differences lie within details or small narratives, but also in some graphic aspects.

Oasis Games has gone to some length so ensure a certain air of authenticity in relation to the anime. This is why they have co-opted the original cast of voice actors to the voices for the game and used the same soundtrack – something which fans of the anime will probably consider a nice touch.

bleach immortal soul strategies

Nevertheless, the game can also be easily learned and played by someone who hasn’t heard of Bleach before and doesn’t know anything about its universe and characters. Actually, coming to the game as a noob in all things Bleach might actually aid in maximizing the overall enjoyment of the gaming experience, as you won’t be noticing all the details that don’t align with the anime, and especially with the manga.

Overall, Bleach: Immortal Soul is an easy to play game. There are three main game modes available to choose from: Story mode, which can be played in Normal or Elite mode, PvP arena where you can play against other players’ teams and Challenge mode which is subdivided into different modes like Soul Society Orders, Seireitei challenge and others. The latter two options are made available in the game.

Now, if you you need some help to progress faster in the game, then you have come to the right place. We have prepared a detailed Bleach: Immortal Soul beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, so you can learn everything you need to know to excel in the game.

1. Play The Story Mode To Learn Your Way Across The Fundamentals

The easiest way to immerse yourself in the Bleach universe and learn its mechanics is to follow the storyline and see where it takes you. The game starts with Ichigo Kurosaki who is alone in his room one night when a strange girl suddenly appears in front of him. She is surprised that he can see her and touch her and explains that she is a Soul Reaper (“Shinigami”). Her task is to send the ghosts who stay behind in this world to the Soul Society and also to fight and defeat ghosts who have turned into monsters called hollows.

bleach immortal soul story mode

As she clarifies these things, one such hollow attacks Ichigo’s sister and the girl whose name is Rukia Kuchiki gets wounded in the fight. As a result, Ichigo takes over and become a Soul Reaper and eventually gets rid of the monster. Thus, his journey of becoming a full-grown Soul Reaper begins, albeit reluctantly.

As the game unfolds, Ichigo and Rukia meet other characters along the way who will eventually join their fight against the evil hollows. As Rukia herself explains, hollows are a race of creatures that are born from human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to Soul Society after their deaths and stay in the human world for too long.

These untethered spirits get corrupted by supernatural powers that devour souls of both living and deceased humans. It’s the Soul Reapers’ task to return these lost souls to the Soul Society or to destroy them in a bid to keep humanity safe from their demonic influence.

This forms the premise of the game and the starting point of Ichigo’s adventure through this new universe which has just been revealed to him. Through story mode, players will get the opportunity to explore the story and its subplots in-depth as they unlock each stage.

Bleach: Immortal Soul allows players to control Ichigo and his friends through the environment by tapping the ground in the wanted direction. Tapping on the signs above them can trigger dialogue or initiate fights.

bleach immortal soul quest

Overall, the game is quite easy to navigate, but if you ever get stuck, you can always check the mission list which is listed on the top left of the screen. Moreover, if you feel like you don’t want to do the work of manually guiding your character through the environment, you have the option to simply tap on the current mission, and the result will be that you will find your way to the next objective automatically.

As you complete a stage/battle, the game will award you EXP and Gold, and sometimes EXP Tonics, Tenshintai, and Soul stones. For players to level up and upgrade the strength and experience of their squad, it’s necessary to complete as many stages as possible, which is why playing story mode is essential piece of the game.

2. Understand The Rules Of Combat

Combat events are an essential aspect of Bleach: Immortal Soul mainly because they enable players to move up in the story, but also it’s the fastest way to gain access to the resources needed to develop their characters.

Like in any classic turn-based RPG, during combat the characters are shown on both sides of the screen taking turns to attack each other until one team wins. On your team each character will have a different weapon and you can have up to 6 characters in your formation. As the game advances and the story unfolds, more characters are unlocked.

bleach immortal soul battle tips

Nevertheless, there’s also the additional option of Summoning (more on that later) a character, so you can add a more advanced character to your squad, before the game makes it available to you.
While the combat system might seem basic at first sight, it does come with some clever twists, as we shall see in a few moments. To attack a foe, players need to simply tap on a character’s avatar. Now with every attack, characters will slowly build up their rage meters (the yellow line) and once full these can conjure up a rage attack (swipe up to activate it), which is a more powerful kind of attack. This move varies from character to character.

When characters don’t use the Rage move, the game has a system in place which allows for combo attacks. This option allows players to string the attacks of their team members to obtain a higher damage attack.

After each stage, users are rated by stars based on the outcome of the fight. If you win the battle with <=1 deaths on your team you will receive three stars. These starts are important, as you can exchange them for goodie-filled coffers at the end of each chapter. Additionally, as we already noted above, winning battles will get players EXP, Gold, as well as EXP Tonics, Tenshintai and Soul stones – items that are vital for the upgrading of characters.

Unfortunately, there will come a time when bosses become too strong for your team, and constantly upgrading your characters is a good way to increase your chances of beating them. Even so, there are other tricks you could consider implementing in your strategy, to boost fighting skills.

3. Choose The Right Formation

As previously stated, one can deploy up to six characters in a field of battle. The Formation option allows players to use the Quick Deploy feature which automatically arranges the stronger characters in the front row, while putting those more vulnerable in the back. However, this might not be the always be the best strategy.

In order to decide how to arrange your characters in the best formation, players need to understand and study them as much as possible in order to grasp their unique characteristics. Each character has a different specialty including Attack, Defense, or Skill.

bleach immortal soul battle formation

For example, Ichigo specializes in Attack, while Chad specializes in Defense. Additionally, characters are divided into different color classes where Gray is the lowest and Red is the highest. There are also the in-between Green, Blue, Orange and Purple types.

Another trick to increase the squad’s effectiveness is to consider the order of attack. The game offers an auto combat mode, which is useful when the foes encountered aren’t that though. But in the case of a difficult challenge, it’s recommended for players switch to manual mode. This is because team members can form synergies with each other which can result in perfect combo attacks. These are achieved by tapping in quick succession on each of the characters’ avatars.

But in auto mode, the succession of attack is always from left to right, which might not get you the best deal. Whereas in manual mode you have the option of trying different combo attacks and see which one inflicts more damage.

4. Constantly Upgrade Your Characters

To upgrade characters, players are required to constantly spend the coin and resources accumulated through farming during regular missions. First stop is optimizing your gear including weapons, armors and protective amulets, which are unique to individual characters and will drain plenty of Soul Stones, Tenshintai and other resources. So be sure to stock up!

Another method of strengthening your team, which does not require gold, is to use items like Tonics to level up. These goodies are collected by clearing stages, participating in Challenge events or regularly checking Idle Exploration (you can read more about it below) and so there are quite easy to acquire.

bleach immortal soul character upgrade

Additionally, each character comes with a native number of stars (also represented by the letters R, SR, SSR and UR), and it’s no surprise that these numbers can be improved. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done, as you will have to pour a fortune into these efforts or wait forever to get your hands on enough Omni Shards.

Therefore, you would be better off sticking to the two methods described above when it comes to upgrading your character. Also, try upgrading their skills. Each character has a total of six skills, although some will be unlocked later in game. The ones you’ve got are equal in number to the number of stars each character possesses.

Now, these skills can be levelled up using coin, and while they start as cheap, they will slowly but surely become more and more expensive, so you should be weary of how you spend.

Enhancing characters to higher quality is another option at players’ disposal, although this is also a bit more difficult to achieve. Enhancement helps turning the default color of each character – Gray – to the more advanced Green, Blue, Orange, Purple and Red. To do this, players need to use a different combination of soul stones, as well as several Tenshintai. Once a character unlocks a certain enhancement, it will get additional stats, as well as abilities.

As we’ve already established, constant upgrades are the key to getting on in Bleach: Immortal Soul. However, to do so, one needs to accumulate a lot of resources, because upgrades don’t come cheap. It might be the case that at some point additional gold or items might be required and fortunately, the game provides ample options for players to do so.

We should probably note at this point that while the game doesn’t constantly bombard you with pop ups to suggest in-app purchases, you can still use real-world money to get extra coin and the resources that are in short supply of. Simply tap the Recharge icon on the StoryMode Quests menu.

5. Actively Use Idle Exploration

Idle Exploration is a useful idle game component that you can activate to gather gold and other power-ups needed in the game. This works while you’re offline, as your characters continue to farm resources for you.

bleach immortal soul idle exploration

Now it would be a good idea to develop a daily routine where you not only check Idle Exploration, but also visit other opportunities that could be a source of free goodies including (all in the StoryMode Quests menu):

Pack under Recharge
Daily/Milestones under Quest
Mail box

If you still need more, you can always use the Challenge tab or Elite mode to start fights and win extra rewards.

Speaking of the Challenges, it’s another very good way to hone your skills and accumulate more bounty. It’s available in several options including Seireitei Challange which enables you to fight battles for the chance to open a chest of power-ups at the end of each floor.

6. Summon A Character

Players can add variety to their group by summoning characters via the Summoning feature. Each summon will consume some Soul Jades or gold – depending on the summoning you are performing. Note that this feature is based on a gacha system, so you’ll have to be really patient for a good outcome.

how to summon a character in bleach immortal soul

Every day players get a free Soul Jade Summon opportunity, but you’ll probably not going to be able to summon a new character from the very first try. Instead you will probably be awarded items and shards, which are pieces that can be combined to build up a new character. Shards can also be collected from events and specific levels. Some characters, for example, Khan only needs 20 shards, are pretty easy to get, but others are a lot harder to acquire.

In the Summoning tab, players also get a free Gold Summon option which only allows you to summon R characters (lower-tier ones) By comparison in Soul Jade Summon you can get also get SSR, SR characters on top R characters. You can check out the probabilities of drawing either items, shards or characters by scrolling at the bottom of the screen.

7. Give The PvP Arena A Try

Last but not least for this Bleach: Immortal Soul guide, you can access the PvP Arena (which unlocks later in the game), where you can play against real players just like yourself.

In this mode, players can compete against other players to earn honor points, relics, and soul jades. The game offers up five free challenges each day, but if you want to battle more, on the top right you can see the Battle tickets which you can purchase in exchange for soul orbs.

bleach immortal soul pvp arena

Looking in the bottom left, you will see your character avatar, as well as your rank, power and current points. The way to earn more points to increase ranking is to battle other players, and you have no shortage of options to choose from. Our recommendation is to start small, and challenge the weaker characters and then proceed from there.

Now if you keep a constant fighting schedule, the game will reward you with several goodies. For example, you can collect honor coins which you can exchange for items like shards that can be used to unlock new characters in the Battle Arena Shop, gold, as well as EX tonics, relics and Omni shards.

The PvP Arena is the place where you can also collect accumulated Points rewards (gold, soul orbs, honor points), although these are distributed via mail box every day, so you need to remember to check that. (which you can access via the StoryMode Quests menu). Additionally, there are also Tire rewards and Ranking rewards.

This concludes our beginner’s guide for Bleach: Immortal Soul! We hope these tips to understand and advance in the game will be helpful for you. If you have any questions or if you are aware of additional tips or strategies, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comments!