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BlazBlue: Battle Cards Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Tips You Need to Know

BlazBlue: Battle Cards by Metaversal Studios is an exciting new fighting game for iOS devices. As you may have guessed from the title, it involves collecting cards and unleashing attacks based on those cards, but you can also customize your fighter and build up a roster of different characters with their own strategies, moves, weapons, defenses, and a lot more. It’s a card collecting game, pretty much, and you can collect more than 200 cards as you build your deck and fight against players from all over the world. So if you’ve just stumbled upon this game and need to get your technique right before you begin playing, we would advise you to check out our list of BlazBlue: Battle Cards cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Breaks Can Only Be Used Once Per Match

Breaks in BlazBlue: Battle Cards are interruptions in the middle of battles, and they can be active or reactive breaks. However, you should remember that they can only be used once per match, which makes it important to get your timing right and use your breaks at the right time. Who knows, that break may be the deciding factor that helps you win a battle.

2. More About Breaks – What Is Reactive And Active?

Reactive breaks are known in BlazBlue: Battle Cards as Break Bursts. These can only be played prior to your opponent playing their cards, and they work by canceling their attack turn. We would suggest that you use a Break Burst if you can sense that your opponent is playing a deadly hand with a near-unstoppable combo. Active breaks, on the other hand, are known as Overdrives. An Overdrive would reset your present reach combo and prevent your opponent from unleashing a Break Burst. In other words, this is what you’ll want to use if you feel you can let loose with several combos in a row. It’s advisable to use an Overdrive right after you’ve performed one combo.

3. Balance Red And Blue Cards

There are two types of cards in BlazBlue: Battle Cards. Blue cards are your repertoire cards that don’t cost any heat, while red cards are your grimoire cards that do end up costing you heat. Especially in the early goings of BlazBlue: Battle Cards, it’s best to balance your blue and red cards – use the former to build heat, and use that heat to spend on the latter.

4. Each Number Should Have A Card Range

Playing defensively is also a good idea in BlazBlue: Battle Cards. Try having cards with different ranges, so that you can block most, if not all of what your opponent has cooked up against you while the red cards aren’t in play yet. Blocking with an attack card, however, would cost you one point of chip damage.

5. Unleash The Distortion Drive

No cards are more powerful than the Distortion Drive cards, though of course, they cost a lot of heat (four points). If you see that your opponent has painted himself/herself into a corner, that’s when you can unleash a Distortion Drive.

6. Complete Bounties

Bounties are the game’s equivalent to quests, because when you complete them, you have a chance to get some nice rewards, including unlocked characters. Generally, you’ll earn souls, which are the game’s premium currency and what you’ll use to buy core packs.