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Black Clover M Tier List: Ranking Each Character in the Game

Welcome to our Black Clover M: Tier List! Black Clover M is an RPG gacha game where you embark on Asta’s quest to become the Wizard King, despite his entire schtick not only being his total inability to cast magic, but the fact his weapon is essentially the complete opposite of magic: an anti-magic sword pulled from a dingy old Grimoire.

black clover m character ranking

This game can be a real brain tickler even early on, with it only taking a few missions before you can and will need to send your units to level 80-100. Having not just strong units but also learning how to use them is important. Learning also which units are worth leveling up is important, as you can convert Mage Pieces into Shared Mage Pieces of the same or higher quality via the Shop.

This means getting bad rolls can still push you toward powering your best units, provided you know what those units are. Without further ado, here is our Black Clover M character tier list.

Black Clover M Character Ranking

SRhya, Noelle [Swimsuit], Julius Novachrono, Lotus Whomalt, Mars, Mimosa [Clover Academy]
AAsta [Clover Academy], Charlotte Roselei, Yuno [Golden Dawn], Finral Roulacase, Yami Sukehiro, Licht, Yuno [Swimsuit], Nebra Silva, Rades Spirito, Charmy [Swimsuit], Fana, Gifso, Kiato, William Vangeance
BAsta, Asta [Swimsuit], Mimosa Vermillion, Noelle Silva, Sally, Vetto, Fuegoleon Vermillion, Rill Boismortier, Vanessa Enoteca, Charlotte [Clover Academy], Charmy Pappitson, Gauche [Swimsuit], Kahono, Sol Marron, Solid Silva, Solid Silva, Yami [Clover Academy]
CFuegoleon [Clover Academy], Leopold Vermillion, Sister Theresa, Jack [Clover Academy], Valtos, Yuno, Gauche Adlai, Jack the Ripper, Luck Voltia, Nozel Silva
DMagna Swing, Alecdora Sandler, Heath Grice
RASalim de Hapshass, Klaus Lunettes, Marx Francois, Lily
RBBaro, Geork, Neige, Catherine, Gordon Agrippa, Revchi Salik, Sekke Bronzazza
FShiren Tium

S Tier

The strongest fighters in the game, bar none, this bunch can go toe to toe with the nastiest of foes in PVE and make people cry foul in PVP. If you have ’em, grind and level them up!


Attacker, Power, Sniper

rhya black clover m

An all-purpose attacker whose ult you have to use carefully, Rhya can damage the entire enemy team with his basic attack, but his ult and skill are both single-target nukes meant for deleting threats or damaging bosses heavily. Make sure to bring a buffer with you: If Rhya has a buff, both his basic attack and ultimate attack hit one extra time!

Noelle [Swimsuit]

Attacker, Power, Barrier, Defensive Buffer

noelle silva swimsuit black clover m

A straight upgrade compared to the vanilla Noelle, Noelle [Swimsuit] is an attacker type that also works well as a support unit. Rather than having her team shield be an Ult, it has been turned into a skill, allowing her to shield the team much more often.

Instead, her ult is a powerful all-target attack that buffs her own MATK for 2 turns. Her passive allows her to shield herself by 10% of her HP at the start of every wave. Her basic attack is also an all-target attack, throwing water at all the enemies on screen. Very dangerous indeed.

Julius Novachrono

Attacker, Technique

julius novachrono black clover m

A dangerous bossbuster, Julius Novachrono is the Wizard King for a reason. All his attacks are high-damage single-target strikes, with his Ultimate being particularly powerful: It has a guaranteed Stun, weakens the enemy’s Stamina by 20% bumping them down the turn counter, and if the enemy dies, Julius gets to have another turn, allowing him to shoot someone else with one of his other skills.

Lotus Whomalt

Debuffer, Technique

lotus whomalt black clover m

Lotus is one of those rare characters in any videogame who can possibly make CPU enemies feel how it’s like to have bad wifi. His basic and ult are AOE attacks that reduce mobility and bump people down the turn counter, and his skill reduces damage resist by 24% and extends debuffs by 1 turn on a single foe, all of them dealing damage. Of note is the ult increasing enemy damage taken by 50%: Could be very useful in a boss fight when paired with a single target sniper like Julius.


Defender, Technique, Taunt, Disabler

mars black clover m

Mars is a strong Defender, able to dish it out as well as help your team take it. His ult is an AOE attack that reduces everyone’s damage taken by 34% while extending enemy debuffs by a turn at a 25% chance. His basic attack has a 60% chance to taunt a single target, and his skill can either inflict Stun on a target at a 40% chance or if they’re already stunned, reduce their defense by a painful 60%.

Mimosa [Clover Academy]

Healer, Sense

mimosa vermillion clover academy black clover m

Mimosa [Clover Academy] has a rather powerful basic attack: While it has low damage, it heals allies with 120% of her MATK and has a 45% chance to give an ally one SP (what we would usually call Mana), helping them along with their Ult. Her skill heals the entire team by the same amount as her basic attack while extending any buffs a specifically targeted teammate has by a turn and giving them 25% damage resistance for 2 turns.

Her ult is best saved for a bad situation: It is basically a stronger version of her skill with a 180% MATK heal for the team, but this time it resurrects a KO’ed teammate by 30% of their HP. She lacks a partner, so she is stuck with her basic Partner skill, which is honestly very strong: She boosts the target ally’s ATK by 100%, with a 50% chance of boosting their SP by 1. Considering you’re using 6 of her SP to do this and her Ult is a resurrection, use this carefully. She is so far the strongest healer in the game.

A Tier

Generally strong units worth learning and powering up. You might use some of these guys even if you have a full spread of S units, since you may prefer to round out their abilities according to a plan rather than merely bludgeoning your enemies to death with individually powerful fighters.

Asta [Clover Academy]

Attacker, Power, Single Target, Fight Opener

asta clover academy black clover m

Asta [Clover Academy] ditches defensive AOE strikes for a ton of single target damage, with a multihit basic attack that hits an extra time if Asta is buffed. He also gets a single target skill that hits hard and boosts his own ATK stat by 42% and his mobility by 20% at an 80% chance, forcing him up the turn counter. His ult works great as an opening strike, a hard hit that boosts his damage by 30% and gives him an extra turn if hitting a foe with their HP above 80%. Very good for cracking bosses open.

Charlotte Roselei

Debuffer, Power, Stat Debuffer

charlotte roselei black clover m

A debuffer that focuses on breaking enemy DEF and ATK, Charlotte can also hit hard after a turn when opening with her skill. Her skill has a 50% chance to MARK enemies for 2 turns, which in turn boosts her basic attack by a hefty 30%. As for her ultimate, it is a guaranteed 52% ATK reduction against the enemy team along with a 40% chance of a Bleed debuff, damaging them for 5% of their max HP for 2 turns.

Yuno [Golden Dawn]

Debuffer, Power, Silence, Single Target

yami sukehiro black clover m

Yuno [Golden Dawn] tells enemies to shut their mouths, stopping them from using special abilities beyond their basic attacks. Yuno’s Skill and Ult inflict Silence, which stops Skills, and Total Silence, which stops Skills and Ults, respectively.

These set up his basic attack, which gets a 50% chance to boost his own Mobility by 20%. His ult also taunts the enemy for a turn and reduces enemy mobility by 20%. The guaranteed Silence is very useful, as this massively reduces enemy options without relying on proc percentages.

Finral Roulacase

Supporter, Power, Turn Rusher

finral roulacase black clover m

A supporter who forces your slowest team members ahead of the enemy with SPD buffs. Finral’s basic attack hits 1 target while buffing your 2 slowest members with a 45% Speed boost, forcing them up the turn counter.

His second skill buffs the entire team by boosting their ATK by 55%, and an extra 10% Extra DMG if they have already been buffed with Increased Crit Rate. As for his Ult, he boosts everyone’s SPD by 55% for 2 turns and has a 60% chance to remove a debuff from an ally, and a 50% chance to increase their Crit rate by 22% for 2 turns.

Yami Sukehiro

Attacker, Power, Single Target

yami sukehiro black clover m

Yami Sukehiro is quite strong when manually used since both his Ult and basic attack are used to set up his skill. Yami’s basic attack inflicts Bleed for two turns, which sets up his skill, which can inflict a guaranteed stun for a turn against Bleeding enemies.

Attacking a boss with the skill also gives him a 30% DMG boost. His ult is a strike that inflicts Bleed and boosts his crit rate for 2 turns by 18%. His Combined Attack with Jack the Ripper is his only all-target attack, which deals extra damage against Bleeding targets.


Attacker, Sense, Crit Spammer

licht black clover m

Licht is a walking crit machine, as all his skills increase his crit rate. His basic attack boosts his crit, his skill boosts his crit, and his ult boosts his crit. His skill, team skill with Rhya, and ult also ignore a percentage of defense. As such he is a fairly simple attacker to understand, simply pick your targets wisely and batter the enemy with his crit rate.

Yuno [Swimsuit]

Debuffer, Sense, Autocrit Enabler

yuno swimsuit black clover m

A dangerous debuffer especially when paired with units who do special actions when inflicting crits. Yuno [Swimsuit] has a basic attack which reduces enemy Mobility by 15%. His skill reduces enemy ATK by 44% for 2 turns while dealing damage to the entire enemy team.

His ult can be fairly debilitating: An all-target strike that not only increases enemy damage taken by 50% for 2 turns but also makes it so that for a turn, your main target automatically takes crits for 1 turn. This can make him fairly useful in boss fights even if he’s not exactly a single target specialist.

Nebra Silva

Debuffer, Sense, Sniper

nebra silva black clover m

A single-target damage dealer who acts as a Debuffer, Nebra Silva’s skills all hit a single target, and her ult helps her do it even harder. Nebra’s basic attack hits the target with damage but hits whoever on the enemy team has the highest Mobility with a 35% reduction to MATK for 2 turns. Her skill has a 40% chance of causing the target to lose a turn and is guaranteed to cut their DEF by 70% for 2 turns.

Her ult summons clones of herself, allowing her to fire 3 shots with his basic attack when using it, albeit with the clones dealing 35% of her ATK and MATK rather than the full damage her own mist ball does. She lacks a partner, but her Combined Attack can increase the damage his target takes by 60%.

Rades Spirito

Defender, Sense, Defensive Buffer

rades spirito black clover m

You’ll fight this guy as a boss at some point, and while he isn’t the hardest hitter as a boss, you’ll notice just how much of a slog it is to grind his HP and shield spam down. The same goes for this version of Rades Spirito. His basic attack inflicts Poison against a single target for 2 turns.

His skill gives the whole team a massive 140% extra DEF, and his ult grants 140% of everyone’s MATK as a shield and makes them immune to debuffs for 2 turns, with a 50% chance to boost their Endurance by 25% for the same amount of time. He lacks a partner, but his basic Partner skill can taunt enemies at a 60% chance. He also has a 30% chance to passively taunt enemies who attack him.

Charmy [Swimsuit]

Healer, Technique, Continuous Healing

charmy pappitson swimsuit black clover m

Charmy [Swimsuit] is a healer who focuses on healing over time rather than instant one-turn heals, so unlike other healers, uses her skills often. Her basic attack gives whoever has the lowest HP on your team a 6% max HP heal for 2 turns, along with a 45% chance to boost SP by 1, helping their Ult along.

Her skill is best used if your team is on fire, breathed some spicy air, or is just generally suffering from debuffs that damage them every turn: It’s a team heal that heals 4.5% max HP for 2 turns, and is a guaranteed damage-over-time debuff remover. Her ult is a 10% heal for 2 turns, a huge 175% DEF increase for the same number of turns, and a 45% chance to boost the whole team’s SP by 1. Overall, very powerful.


Attacker, Technique, Continuous Damage

fana black clover m

Fana is a Fire-reliant attacker who can chew on her targets after cooking them. Her basic attack inflicts Fire for two turns, setting up her skill which hits the whole enemy team and life steals from anyone who happens to be on fire when hit.

Her ult boosts both her ATK and MATK by 40% for two turns while damaging the entire enemy team. Her Combined Attack with Vetto also inflicts fire just like her basic attack and hits a single target, but might not really be worth the 6 SP cost.


Supporter, Technique, Offensive Buffer, Anti-Boss

gifso black clover m

Gifso is a supporter meant for boss fights, with all of his abilities raising ATK in general, and his skill raising damage vs Bosses. His basic attack hits one target and raises your lowest HP ally’s ATK by 42% for a turn. His skill raises everyone’s damage by 25% for 2 turns, along with a 40% chance to boost everyone’s damage against bosses by 15%.

His ult hits a single target and raises the whole team’s ATK and MATK by 40% for 2 turns, with a 50% chance to get rid of Poison debuffs. He lacks a partner, but his Combined Attack is pretty good if you know your rock-paper-scissors: He hits an enemy and raises his and his teammate’s damage by 60% if the target is weak against his or his teammate’s element.


Attacker, Technique, Crit Spammer, Needs Setup

kiato black clover m

Kiato works best as a bossbuster and with Supporters on his team: His ultimate is a single target strike that comes with a guaranteed CRIT if he fires it off while under the effect of 2 or more buffs. His skill also gets a 10% increased CRIT rate for every buff on Kiato, and his basic attack deals 15% extra damage if he has any buff on him.

His second passive also gives him a ton of extra buffs when he has any buff applied to him. His Combined Attack lacks a partner, and is the odd one out with all his attacks: If his target is poisoned, on fire, electrocuted, or otherwise just suffering any continuous damage debuff, this skill hits 30% harder.

William Vangeance

Technique, Supporter, Disabler

william vangeance black clover m

William Vangeance (yes his name really IS spelled that way) is a particularly dangerous unit, as his basic attack has a 40% chance to inflict Transform, which wastes his target’s next turn. His other skills focus more on doing his listed job as a Supporter: His skill gives a single ally a bevy of buffs such as an 84% ATK boost, a 65% Speed boost, and a 60% chance to increase Mobility by 10% if the target’s Mobility is already below 50%, so use it on your main Attacker to snipe someone off the field.

His Ult damages all enemies while buffing the team with a 34% damage reduction, and gives whoever has the highest ATK on the team the ability to Counterattack for a single turn.

B Tier

The average by which all units are measured, B-tier units are typically useful but not blatantly busted and might be the first guys you level up unless you get some SSRs from the tiers above. You will notice Asta, Mimosa, and Noelle here, all useful units for learning players.


Defender, Power, Taunt, Resistant to Debuffs

asta black clover m

Asta is pretty good as far as starter characters go. His basic attack can remove debuffs from himself while hitting the enemy thrice, his skill can remove enemy buffs while hitting many enemies at once though the damage isn’t impressive, and his ult allows him to taunt the whole enemy team while reducing the damage he takes.

Asta [Swimsuit]

Defender, Power, Buff Denial, Debuff Soaker

asta swimsuit black clover m

Asta [Swimsuit] won’t feel much different from vanilla Asta, apart from their skill, which is a single-target attack. That being said, they ARE different, and you might get a bad case of muscle memory messing with you if you make the switch! Asta’s basic attack, instead of dispelling a debuff from himself as in the vanilla version, dispels 1 buff from an enemy at a 60% chance.

His skill hits a target and then cleans Asta of debuffs but then transfers 1 debuff from his buddies to himself, useful if someone squishier is in trouble. His ult has the same use case as Vanilla but hits a single target rather than the enemy team with damage: It has an 80% chance to taunt the target, and a 25% chance to taunt the whole enemy team, for 2 turns. Unlike normal Asta who can partner with his childhood buddy Yuno, this Asta lacks a United Attack, but his normal team skill comes with a 55% chance to stun an enemy.

Mimosa Vermillion

Healer, Power

mimosa vermillion black clover m

Pretty much the standard by which all healers are measured thanks to her simple practicality. Her basic attack heals an ally who has the lowest HP, her skill heals an ally you can pick, and her ult heals the entire team. She also has a decent team heal with Noelle Silva, though you won’t be using it for its healing and shields, but more for the crit boost it provides.

Noelle Silva

Supporter, Power, Barriers, Defensive Buffer

noelle silva black clover m

Noelle Silva has a pretty good basic attack and ult, but her skill leaves something to be desired unless the match has been going on for a while and she’s fired a few shots already. Her basic attack hits one target and gives a DEF buff to whoever has the lowest HP on the team. This pairs well with her skill, which gives a lot of shields to a single target.

That being said, that shield needs the DEF buff to be effective since even with how much of it there is, you will often find it getting depleted quickly by enemies of a similar level without any DEF buffs. Her Ult avoids this problem, providing both a DEF buff and shield to the entire team. Her team heal with Mimosa is also quite good, boosting attack power while giving a small shield to the whole team along with a small heal.


Supporter, Power, Lifesteal, Generalist Buffer

sally black clover m

Sally is a fairly survivable Supporter, whose basic attack comes with a lifesteal worth 90% of the damage she deals. She can give a fairly hefty offensive buff to a single ally with her skill, boosting both their ATK and CRIT rate for 2 turns, with a chance to extend whatever buffs they already have by another 2 turns. Her Ult gives an ATK and CRIT Damage buff to the whole team for 2 turns.

Overall, fairly simple to understand and use. While she lacks a specific partner, she’s well partnered with any strong Attacker (Except any Asta units, all of whom have no MATK), as her Team skill boosts her partner’s  MATK by 100% with a 50% chance to boost Mobility.


Defender, Power, Lifesteal, Berserk

vetto black clover m

Vetto is a highly offensive Defender, which is a phrase that makes more sense in practice than in writing. Vetto’s basic attack is guaranteed to reduce his target’s damage by 23% for 2 turns. All his other abilities have some form of lifesteal. His skill hits the whole enemy team and allows him to lifesteal 50% of the total damage if his HP is below 60%, and this attack gets 20% stronger for every downed ally he has.

His ult is a single-target attack with a guaranteed 70% lifesteal, and if the target is Disarmed, another 35% lifesteal. Both his Combined and United attacks are viable for him: Without Fana, he can taunt an enemy for 1 turn at a 60% chance, and with Fana, he fires an attack that increases its damage the more HP he still has, up to a max of 50%.

Fuegoleon Vermillion

Attacker, Sense, Continuous Damage, Needs Setup

fuegoleon vermillion black clover m

Your first taste of a combo attack unit, Fuegoleon not only inflicts fire debuffs but also boosts his attacks with it along with any other Continuous Damage debuffs. His basic attack deals an extra 30% damage to burning, poisoned, or otherwise suffering enemies. You can set this up using his skill, which hits the enemy team and has a 50% chance to set fire to enemies for 2 turns.

His ult does both: It’s a single-target attack that can deal 40% damage to burning enemies and is guaranteed to set the target on fire for 2 turns. Pairing him with Nozel Silva gives him a fairly nasty United Attack: It is an all-target attack that inflicts 3 stacks of Burn for two turns if it crits while reducing one target’s Endurance by 35%.

Rill Boismortier

Debuffer, Sense, Buff Blocker

rill boismortier black clover m

Rill likes both to paint over people’s buffs, and he’s probably using leaded paint considering how bad it is for the enemy. His basic attack is nothing special, but deals extra damage if his SP is above 4. His skill is an all-target attack that has a 50% chance to remove 2 buffs from the enemy and is guaranteed to reduce their DEF by 60% for 2 turns.

His ult has him pour possibly leaded paint all over the enemy team, making them take an extra 50% damage and a 40% chance to get stunned from all the lead poisoning and paint fumes they just suffered. Such grievous disrespect for OSHA regulations is unacceptable!

Vanessa Enoteca

Supporter, Sense, Defensive Buffer

vanessa enoteca black clover m

Vanessa uses threads to buff allies and attack foes. Her basic attack hits a single target and increases Accuracy for the ally with the highest ATK by 25%. Her skill is a team buff that has a 40% chance to put out 2 stacks of Continuous Damage from allies while giving a 140% DEF boost to the team for 2 turns.

Her ult is a powerful defensive buff for the team, granting 2 turns where all attacks against them get automatically Blocked, and with a 60% chance to give allies a buff that heals them every time an attack is blocked. Her United Attack with Finral Roulacase is a fairly weak all-target strike, but it does give the team 32% DMG Resist for 2 turns and is her only option to hit multiple targets with one attack.

Charlotte [Clover Academy]

Supporter, Technique, Offensive Buffer

charlotte roselei clover academy black clover m

Charlotte [Clover Academy] will likely make the rest of your team groan in annoyance, but it’s for their own good. Her basic attack is pretty good, a simple single-target attack but one guaranteed to give one of her teammates, the one with the highest ATK, a turn worth of Counterattack. Her skill, much to your team’s horror, is her buffing them with a pile of homework, which boosts their ATK by 40% for 2 turns as they take out their anger on the enemy team.

Her ult is a lecture that gives everyone a 60% Counterattack for a turn, which is really not worth 8 SP until it is fully upgraded, adding another 40% to the chance thus guaranteeing the skill works at all times. Her second passive, which is hard to unlock, is fairly powerful but limiting: In an all-Technique team, she immediately starts the wave by Silencing the enemy team for a turn. This means she is at her strongest in a fully Blue team, but that means you’re in trouble the second a Green unit appears on the enemy’s side, so you won’t see this passive often.

Charmy Pappitson

Healer, Technique, SP Booster

charmy pappitson black clover m

Charmy Pappitson is a fairly strong healer. Her basic attack not only hits a single target and heals one low-HP teammate by 120% MATK, but also has a 50% chance to hit twice and heal the whole team by 30% of the damage the second blow inflicted. Her skill heals an ally by 240% MATK and has a 60% chance to boost the target’s SP by 1.

Her ult is not in any way meant for healing, as it is an all-target attack that removes 1 buff and has a 50% chance to remove another buff from enemies. She lacks a partner, but her Combined Attack buffs her teammate’s MATK by 84% and has a 40% chance to boost her teammate’s SP by 1. Overall, a good early choice until you start powering up your fancy SSRs.

Gauche [Swimsuit]

Supporter, Technique, Stat Buffer

gauche adlai swimsuit black clover m

Gauche [Swimsuit] is the only supporter who adds a buff that lasts an entire battle, albeit a small one. He is also the only unit who damages himself with his own Ult. His skill provides 50% extra ATK and MATK for 2 turns, a 60% chance to increase Penetration by 40%, and finally buffs the teammate with a 5% damage boost that can be stacked up to 3 times and lasts for the entire battle and cannot be dispelled.

His basic attack hits a target and buffs all allies with 80% or higher HP with a 30% damage boost for a turn, making it a good opener. Gauche’s ult buffs the whole team with immunity to Continuous Damage debuffs, increases their accuracy by 32%, and reduces the damage they take by 30%, all for two turns and for 10% of Gauche’s HP.


Healer, Technique, Continuous Healing, Barrier

kahono black clover m

Kahono is a more reliable shielder than vanilla Noelle, thanks to her skill providing both healing, a 14% HP Barrier, and a 140% DEF boost to ensure that the barrier doesn’t go away fast. Her basic attack gives the lowest HP teammate 4 turns of 4% HP healing. Her ult boosts everyone’s ATK by 40% and heals a fixed 20% of everyone’s HP. Likely a less effective healer in a squishy team, but better when with bulky squadmates.

Sol Marron

Defender, Technique, Taunt, Barrier Breaker

sol marron black clover m

Sol Marron has one of the more reliable Taunts in the game, with her basic attack guaranteeing a Taunt if the target has 70% or higher Stamina. Her skill is yet another Taunt, punching an enemy then reducing their ATK by 44% for 2 turns and with an 80% probability of taunting them for a turn.

Her ult is also a single-target attack which reduces the target’s ATK by 52% for 2 turns, and has a 50% chance to immediately delete Barriers before her attack lands. If she’s paired with Charlotte Roselei, she lets out an attack that reduces the target’s ATK and MATK by 23%.

Solid Silva

Attacker, Technique, Crit Damage, Needs Crit Chance Buffer

solid silva black clover m

Solid Silva works best with a CRIT Chance buffer, as most of his abilities buff CRIT Damage but not CRIT Chance. His basic attack has an 80% chance to deal 35% extra CRIT Damage. His skill has a 45% chance to inflict Silence on one enemy and can damage enemies next to the main target.

His ult is an all-target strike that comes with a CRIT DMG boost of 45%, with an extra 10% for every buff he has. Give him some CRIT Chance boosters so he can actually make use of all that CRIT Damage.

Yami [Clover Academy]

Attacker, Technique, Heal Denial, Self SP Boost, Stronger With High SP

yami clover academy black clover m

Yami [Clover Academy] is not particularly fond of healers and is one of the few who can guarantee himself extra SP in a fight. His skill prevents all enemies from being healed for a turn while giving himself 1 SP. This is good since his basic attack hits with 30% extra ATK and MATK if his SP is 4 or above. 

His ult is also a good tool when targeted properly in PVP: He hits an enemy, sapping them of 3 SP and Silencing them for 2 turns. His basic Combined Attack is also dangerous against shield-reliant foes, as it is guaranteed to immediately delete Barriers.

C Tier

C-tier units are a bit dull but still useable. You will likely pass them up for the stronger units above, especially the SSRs here as their difficulty to upgrade adds to the pain of using them.

Fuegoleon [Clover Academy]

Attacker, Power, Continuous Damage, Barrier Breaker

fuegoleon vermillion black clover m

Fuegoleon [Clover Academy]  is ironically a tad simpler than his vanilla version. His basic attack, rather than hitting burning targets harder, simply inflicts Burn outright for 2 turns. Instead, it’s his skill and ult that benefits from burning enemies. His skill can Burn an enemy the same way his basic attack does, but if it hits someone who is already on fire, he immediately deletes any Barriers they have.

His ult is an all-target strike that detonates any Burn stacks on the target, with the damage ramping up significantly (20% extra damage for 1 stack, 75% for 2 stacks, and a whopping 220% for 3 stacks) until you hit 3 stacks maximum. It also automatically deletes Barriers, Burn or not. Overall, a decent hard counter against any enemies reliant on Barriers, especially if you have another Burn unit nearby.

Leopold Vermillion

Attacker, Power, Lifesteal

leopold vermillion black clover m

Fuegoleon’s lil’ bro, Leopold is less adept at setting things on fire but is more indiscriminate at taking advantage of targets that are already on fire, while also being survivable. Leopold’s basic attack has 50% Lifesteal. His skill hits a target and anyone next to the target, and this hits with increased MATK based on his remaining HP, with a 50% chance to Burn the target for 2 turns.

His ult is a single target strike that deals 50% added damage against Burning enemies and has 30% lifesteal. Bring Fuegoleon with him to make a barbecue.

Sister Theresa

Healer, Power, Continuous Damage

sister theresa black clover m

Theresa makes for a highly offensive Healer, with the ability to light people aflame. Her skill is an all-target attack that is guaranteed to Burn everyone for 2 turns, or 3 turns if the target is below 50% HP. Her basic attack is pretty strong, healing the entire team while blowing up a target.

Her Ult heals the whole team with 140% of her MATK, and a specific targeted teammate for an additional 80% MATK, and it has a 40% chance to get rid of Poison debuffs. Both her basic Combined Attack and her United Attack with Gauche Adlai set enemies on fire for 2 turns, guaranteed. Generally, you aren’t gonna want to use Healers to hurt people, but the team healing basic attack is fairly useful.

Jack [Clover Academy]

Attacker, Sense, Continuous Damage, Disabler, Barrier Breaker

jack the ripper clover academy black clover m

Jack [Clover Academy] suffers noticeably from low damage percentages, being reliant instead on hitting enemies multiple times with Miscalculation stacks, which allow him to randomly hit any enemy when using his Ult once per stack.  His basic attack inflicts Bleed for 2 turns and will stun Bleeding enemies at a 50% chance. His skill gives Jack 1 Miscalculation stack and boosts his penetration and Accuracy for 2 turns after hitting an enemy.

His Ult throws a ruler at a target, hitting additional enemies for every Miscalculation stack he has while inflicting a guaranteed Stun on the initial target. Overall, he requires a lot of setup for a less-than-impressive payoff. The guaranteed Stun is nice though, and his Combined Attack can delete shields.


Supporter, Sense, Offensive Buffer

valtos black clover m

Valtos is a fairly simple Supporter focused heavily on boosting team Stamina to force them up the turn list. His basic attack gives a low-stamina ally 10% extra Stamina. His skill boosts an ally’s MATK for 2 turns while giving a 50% chance to block any Stamina-reducing attacks to them for 1 turn.

His ult hits all enemies with an attack while giving your whole team 20% extra Stamina. He lacks a partner, and his Combined Attack increases his attackmate’s CRIT Rate and has a 50% chance to boost their Stamina by 10%. There are more dangerous Supporters out there.


Attacker, Sense, AOE on Kill

yuno black clover m

Yuno is an odd one, and ironically out of all his skills, his basic attack is the most complex: A single-target attack that deals damage to the enemy team on a kill and does the same on a crit, albeit both with 30% damage. His skill is an all-target attack with a 60% chance to reduce DEF by 60% for 2 turns.

His ult is another all-target strike that has a 60% chance to increase damage taken by the enemy by 40% for 2 turns. Only his United Attack with Asta has any guaranteed result: A SPD reduction by 35% for 2 turns along with its conditional 2 turn 40% damage taken increase.

Gauche Adlai

Attacker, Technique, Needs Buffs

gauche adlai black clover m

Gauche’s basic attack has a 50% chance to throw an extra 30% damage attack. His skill is another single-target attack that hits twice if Gauche has any buffs on him. His ult is an all-target ray that hits enemies twice if it crits. If partnered with Theresa, he hits the entire enemy team with a beam and gives a 2-turn Crit Rate boost to Theresa. If you plan to use him, give him a Buffer to trigger his double-basic hits.

Jack the Ripper

Attacker, Technique, Sniper

jack the ripper black clover m

No, he has nothing to do with the Victorian-era serial murderer, but he’s certainly about as psychotic. His basic attack has a 60% chance to inflict Bleed for 2 turns. His skill is his opener, boosting his Penetration by 75% and at a 60% chance his Speed by 35% for 2 turns, with a 26% boost to Crit rate for a turn.

His ult has an 80% chance to inflict a Bleed stack and gets 10% extra Crit DMG for every Buff he has. Paired with his skill and a good team of buffers, His ult could crit fairly hard and be used to dent bosses and snipe dangerous enemies.

Luck Voltia

Attacker, Technique, Continuous Damage,

luck voltia black clover m

A relatively okay attack unit, Luck Voltia loves a good fight, frighteningly so. His basic attack is a 3-hit strike that hits an extra time at a 45% chance and hits yet again if the enemy is Shocked. The shock usually comes from his second skill, which has a 70% chance to apply Shock to his targets for 2 turns and hits a main target along with two enemies next to them.

His ult hits all enemies and ignores 30% of the enemy’s Defense. His United Attack with Magna Swing applies shock to the enemy team. Pretty good, but there are stronger choices available.

Nozel Silva

Debuffer, Technique, Generalist Buffer

nozel silva black clover m

Nozel’s basic attack comes with a 75% chance to poison an enemy for 2 turns. His skill targets all enemies and reduces their MATK by 52% for 2 turns. His ult reduces enemy damage by 34% for 2 turns. His United Attack with Fuegoleon has a 60% chance to block buffs for a turn and a 65% chance to increase the damage enemies take by 50%. He’s supposed to be the top dog in the Silva family, but the game does him a disfavor here.

D Tier

Only Magna is really worth using here as you get him for free, but even then you’ll leave him behind once you get a better unit for your offensive slot. The units here are all a bit dull but are still markedly stronger than R units. That said, the writer would prefer the RA units over these guys since they’re cheaper to upgrade!

Magna Swing

Debuffer, Power, Continuous Damage

magna swing black clover m

Magna is not very good in Auto-combat, so use him manually. Set up his skill using his normal attack, as the normal attack has a 70% chance to inflict Fire and the skill guarantees a Stun to a burning target but only has a 50% chance to Stun otherwise. His ult throws fireballs at the entire enemy team, with a 60% chance to inflict Burn for 2 turns.

His United Attack with Luck hits 10% harder for every Continuous Damage stack of any sort slapped on the target beforehand, which works great since Luck often slaps multiple stacks on individual targets with his Skill. Once again, there are better choices, but he’s a good earlygame character to learn the game with especially since you get him for free.

Alecdora Sandler

Attacker, Sense, Disabler

alecdora sandler black clover m

A highly unreliable Stunner who nonetheless can punish enemies for using Buffs. Alecdora’s basic attack deals an extra 30% damage against enemies that have any form of status change. His skill hits one target and has a 50% chance to Stun.

His ult hits all enemies with a 40% chance to Stun. He lacks a partner for a United Attack, and his Combined Attack is fairly lackluster, dealing 30% extra damage against enemies with any debuffs but having a low damage percentage to begin with.

Heath Grice

Debuffer, Technique, Disabler, Continuous Damage

heath grice black clover m

Heath is a fairly simple Debuffer. His basic attack inflicts Bleed on a target at a 70% chance. His skill has a 50% chance of freezing the one target he hits with it. His ult hits the whole enemy team and can inflict Bleed at a 60% chance. His basic Combined Attack has a 40% chance of freezing a target. Another case of there being much better choices overall.

RA Tier

Green R units are the weakest in the game, but at least they are very easy and cheap to upgrade since their Mage Pieces drop like candy from the Gacha, and you can trade them 1 to 1 for R tier Shared Mage Pieces to level them up very fast. This gives you an earlygame advantage, though a questionable one: You may be better off trading these Pieces for SR Pieces, and either use those or trade further for SSR Pieces. These guys in particular are the best of the Greens.

Salim de Hapshass

Attacker, Technique, Finisher Attack

salim de hapshass black clover m

A single-target attacker who prefers bullying weakened foes to finish them off. His skill is simply a harder hitting single target attack compared to his basic attack unless the target is at 30% HP or below, whereupon it is guaranteed to crit, always. His ult is a high damage single target hit that has a 22% boosted crit rate. His Combined Attack deals 30% extra damage when hitting a target suffering from any kind of Continuous Damage debuff. One of the better R choices.

Klaus Lunettes

Defender, Sense, Defensive Buffer

klaus lunettes black clover m

While one of the most basic units in the game, Klaus does a good job teaching you just how important leveling a team is, as his first appearance has you borrowing a high-level version of him in a battle and he will still kill enemies faster than underleveled characters of a higher tier. His basic attack is precisely that, a basic single-target attack.

He’s a fairly rare R tier in that his skill has a guaranteed effect, being a  32% DMG RES buff for one ally along with a 40% chance to grant a very powerful Protection buff for 2 turns, which prevents that ally from being targeted by single target skills, though they might still be vulnerable to all-target or proximity attacks. His ult has a 50% chance to apply a 20% penetration reduction debuff against enemies for 2 turns with an all-target strike. His Combined Attack

Marx Francois

Supporter, Sense, Offensive Buffer, Offensive Debuffer

marx francois black clover m

Having nothing to do with Communism or the French, Marx Francois is another of the Rs with guaranteed effects upon ability use, putting him a step above certain other R units. His skill is a single ally buff that gives his buddy a 14% increase in crit rate for 2 turns, and a 40% chance to increase Accuracy by 25% for 1 turn.

His ult is quite useful: An all-target non-damaging debuff that gives the whole enemy team a 52% ATK reduction for 2 turns, and a 40% chance to extend debuffs for 1 turn. Marx’s combined Attack hits a target and has a 60% chance of silencing an enemy for a turn. Overall, a better choice than most Rs, but that’s not an impressive claim.


Healer, Power, Buff Denial

sister lily black clover m

The weakest healer in the game, sadly. Her skill is basically every other healer’s basic attack, a single target strike that heals a teammate. Her ult is a comparatively powerful single target heal, with a 55% ATK boost for 2 turns.

Her Combined Attack has a 60% chance to kill 2 Buffs from the enemy. Bring her if you have no other Healers as Healers are generally very important as each fight lasts several waves. But as soon as you get absolutely any other healer like Mimosa or Charmy, drop Lily off at her church.

RB Tier

These R units are highly unreliable, and not even worth the Pieces they can be upgraded with. But at least they’re not the one guy in F-tier!


Defender, Power, Defensive Buffer, Disabler

baro black clover m

As an R-tier unit, Baro is very simple, with a basic attack that hits one target and does nothing special in particular. His skill is a simple self-barrier. His ult is alarmingly strong at least compared to his other attacks, being a single target punch that gives the whole team a 140$ DEF buff.

His Combined Attack has a 40% Stun chance. The characters you get for free at the beginning are already far superior, so you will likely use his Mage Pieces to buy SR Shared Mage Pieces to upgrade them instead.


Attacker, Power, Difficult Setup

geork black clover m

Another simple Green, with an equally basic attack that hits one target. His skill has a 40% Penetration boost while hitting one target. His ult hits all enemies with a 50% chance of making them Bleed for 2 turns.

His Combined Attack is incredibly inconvenient without help as it deals 15% extra damage… if the target is suffering from continuous damage. Considering Geork needs to use 8 SP to set up a 6 SP skill, this skill is nearly useless without other DoT debuffs on the team because Bleed only lasts 2 turns!


Debuffer, Power, Disabler, Difficult Setup

neige black clover m

Another character who cannot set up their own skills. His skill is an all-target attack and has a 40% chance to increase the damage his targets take by 40%.  His ult hits all enemies and has a 30% chance to Freeze enemies. He cannot set up his own Combined Attack, which makes Frozen enemies take 40% increased damage for 2 turns. Once again, his ult eats 8 SP, so you have to wait for him to recharge 6 SP, and Freeze only lasts 1 turn!


Debuffer, Sense, Barrier Breaker

catherine black clover m

Catherine does not suck up magic energy as her skill descriptions imply. Her skill instead blocks Buffs against a single target, and her ult hits the whole enemy team and has a 50% chance to reduce enemy Stamina by 20%. Her Combined Attack has a 70% chance to immediately delete shields, which is actually very useful on some bosses!

Gordon Agrippa

Debuffer, Technique, Poison

gordon agrippa black clover m

The shy Gordon Agrippa isn’t particularly strong, ironically having a more reliable Combined Attack than his Ult. His skill hits any enemy next to his main target and has a 40% chance to Poison them for 2 turns.

His ult is a high-damage attack that hits a single target with a 60% Poison chance and a 40% chance to reduce healing by 40% for 2 turns. His only guaranteed debuff, oddly enough, is in his Combined Attack: He inflicts Poison for 2 turns after hitting his target with a squadmate.

Revchi Salik

Debuffer, Technique, Needs Setup

revchi salik black clover m

Yet another R unit that is hard to set up, but not to the same extent as others, and is a good way to learn the game’s rock-paper-scissors mechanic. His skill is an AOE attack that inflicts 2 turns of a 35% ATK reduction at a 50% chance, and a 2 turn Bleed at a 30% chance.

His ult is a high-damage single-target attack that gives Revchi a 100% boost to his Combined Attack for 3 turns. His Combined Attack hits with a guaranteed 2-turn bleed. Now using an ult to set up a Combined Attack is difficult but doable, you just need Revchi to hit Power element foes for the next 3 turns to gather SP for his Combined Attack since his buff lasts 3 turns.

Sekke Bronzazza

Defender, Technique, Taunt, Disabler

sekke bronzazza black clover m

Ah yes, Asta’s first academy opponent, and an unfortunate victim of being part of the game’s fairly lengthy tutorial. Sekke Bronzazza’s skill is a single target attack that has a 60% chance to boost his DEF by 105% for 2 turns and is a guaranteed Taunt for a turn.

His ult hits a single target and buffs Sekke to take reduced damage for a turn. His Combined Attack has a 40% chance of inflicting Stun, wasting the enemy’s turn. It seems single-target Rs are a more reliable sort than multi-target Rs, as one can always make use of snipers but not unreliable debuffers.

F Tier

Shiren sits alone here, being as bad as some of the worse R rarity units while being an SR, thus not even having the advantage of being incredibly easy to upgrade. Very sad.

Shiren Tium

Debuffer, Power, Difficult Setup

shiren tium black clover m

A relatively unreliable Debuffer, Shiren Tium needs setup for his basic attack to work, and that setup isn’t even guaranteed to work. His ult has a 40% chance to inflict the 1-turn Stun needed for his basic attack to inflict his 2-turn 50% DEF Reduction. Which won’t proc because he needs the stun to last another turn!

His skill at least comes with a guaranteed 35% DMG Resistance debuff for 2 turns. His basic Combined Attack also reduces enemy Endurance by 40%. He is so bad the only reason he’s in D tier is because the writer decided to be nice to the R rarity units for being easy to upgrade, and Shiren doesn’t even have that excuse!

This ends our Black Clover M Tier List. We hope this character ranking was helpful for you! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below!