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BitLife Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge

BitLife is less than two weeks away from its fourth birthday, and for most of those four years, iOS and Android players alike have been keeping busy on the weekends by completing the weekly challenges — limited-time events where you need to complete a series of tasks, usually four to six of them, based on a certain theme. And with the Business Update having just recently arrived, the game keeps getting bigger and better, with only more things for your Bitizens to do as you help them live their best (or worst) lives.

The trend of old-style BitLife challenges continues this week, though this isn’t your typical “classic” challenge despite the lack of overt pop culture references. That’s because this challenge was created to celebrate the recent rollout of the Business Update.

bitlife wheelin' and dealin' challenge requirements

The Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge is one that was also named literally, as the first half refers to the food carts you’ll be operating, and the second half pertains to the (legal) weed you’ll be dealing when you move on from burgers and fries to blunts and edibles as a BitLife entrepreneur.

There are some tricky parts to this challenge, so feel free to keep on reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you need some help in completing the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge without the assistance of the Time Machine or creating too many new characters/restarting existing lives!

Make Good Money First Before Starting or Buying a Business

The Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge does not have any rock-solid requirements in terms of Smarts, Looks, or any other stat or attribute — characters can be male or female and can have any hometown or home country. But it is recommended, but not absolutely required, that you get a college education so that you can get a good job and hopefully have enough to buy a food truck business ($262,000 and above) at some point in your adult life. Marijuana dispensaries cost $2,000,000 and above to start up and/or purchase, so that’s a lot of money you’ll need to make as an entrepreneur in the BitLife universe.

bitlife contract offer

Consider yourself lucky if you have good Athleticism and/or rich and old parents, as these are two things that can work in your favor as a would-be businessperson. If you join a sports team in high school or college and perform well enough to get drafted or signed, you can play for a few years in the pros, retire once you have at least $2 million in the bank (which shouldn’t take long for most sports), and move on to the business world afterward. And consider the money you could potentially inherit if you have millionaire parents and at least one of them is already well into their golden years.

You May Need More than Five Years at the Food Truck to Sell at a $100,000 Profit

The requirements of the BitLife Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge only state that you should own a food truck business for five years. Sounds pretty straightforward, but since the challenge also asks that you turn a $100,000 profit through the sale of your business, you might need more than just five years in order to do this.

bitlife food truck

First of all, you’ll need to increase your business’ valuation each year through a combination of steady revenue and net profit gains. That means constantly heading to the Production Plan section per product, launching more than just one product, and going through a trial and error process as you adjust the marketing budget, sale price, and number of units to produce.

Of course, you may also need to change suppliers to ensure the best balance of good quality and low production costs, and hire workers who are solidly competent or better — be careful when firing incompetent workers, though, as there’s a chance they might take you to court for unfairly dismissing them! That’s just one more reason why you may need to quit and restart the game multiple times during the whole trial and error process.

bitlife new supplier

Pay close attention to what the financial analysts say each time you hit the Age button to move forward in the game. If a product isn’t selling as well as it used to and you’ve got some unsold overruns, it may be time to reduce production or retire the product. And if your company’s marketing campaigns have the potential to make your product a viral hit, you might want to capitalize by increasing the purchase price.

This is the only part of the challenge that really requires patience, but it should work out at the end of the day when you sell your food truck business and earn a $100,000 profit or greater.  Take note that the taxes on the sale of your business could be quite onerous, and could easily wipe out any gross profit you may have before those taxes come into play!

bitlife business offer

Also keep the $2 million needed to start up a marijuana dispensary in mind as another reason why you may need to keep your food truck business going for more than just five years.

The Two Easiest Requirements

The team building part of the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge is probably the second easiest requirement to get out of the way for the very reason that the requirement of having ten team building exercises does not reset when you start a new business. You can have multiple such activities per year, and it doesn’t matter which activity you choose.

taking team to a bar in bitlife

Just make sure you have at least ten of them throughout your entire career as a businessman, and you’re all good. There isn’t even a need to ensure that your employees actually enjoy themselves, although they will typically respond well to team building, and that only means an increase in their Morale that will help in increasing your bottom line as well as your business’ valuation.

What’s even easier than the requirement of having ten team building exercises is the process of giving yourself a bonus of $50,000 or more. Sure, this will affect the profit you can earn if you haven’t sold your food truck business just yet, but that’s why it may be better to save this little perk for the time you’re running your dispensary.

bitlife bonus

Just go to the Bonus section of the CEO sub-menu under Job, move the slider to the $50,000 mark, and as long as you have enough Capital, you can give yourself that bonus and tick off another requirement in the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard When Running Your Dispensary

By the time you’ve made enough money to open your own marijuana dispensary, chances are you’ll already be familiar with all the little things you need to do to ensure your business turns a profit each year, with your revenue and your company’s value increasing as you go along.

But when it comes to making sure your business remains successful, there’s no real need to do this as long as you don’t go bankrupt. You can spend the first three years doing all the right things, launching the right products, and tinkering with your Production Plan so that each product you sell has the best possible chance of increasing your profit margin.

marijuana dispensary business in bitlife

But this wouldn’t be necessary anymore in the fourth and fifth year as long as you aren’t close to bankruptcy. You can switch to cruise control and not let the losses and the poor business forecasts distract you from your goal of owning your dispensary for five years.

After completing your fifth year as the owner and CEO of your marijuana dispensary, that should wrap things up for the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge. You’re free to choose from one of the four prize chests to get yourself a new set of eyewear or a new hat — same old process after completing a BitLife challenge!