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BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge Guide: How to Live to the Age of 120 and Complete the Supercentenarian Challenge

If you’ve been paying close attention to the latest BitLife activity on social media, you should know that the Code Merge should be coming soon — but the Inbred Update won’t, because that was an April fools’ joke. But what isn’t an April fools’ joke is how Candywriter’s biggest success on both iOS and Android is still very popular with users on both platforms. Much of this has to do with the weekly challenges, which give players a few days to create a character and have them live their lives by the requirements or guidelines provided as part of the event.

The game’s challenge for Easter weekend doesn’t reference the holiday, nor does it tip its hat to pop culture like many other recent challenges. Instead, we’ve got a good old game mechanics-based challenge, one that has only two requirements for completion. However, the second of those requirements happens to be one of the trickier ones in the game, and that’s living until the age of 120.

bitlife supercentenarian challenge requirements

This is something only one person has ever done in real life, but since the BitLife universe isn’t exactly a mirror of the real world, living until the age of 120 happens to be doable if you follow certain guidelines. So with that said, here’s this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we shall show you how to live 12 virtual decades and complete the Supercentenarian Challenge.

Avoid Vices, Stress, And Confrontations

When creating a character for BitLife’s Supercentenarian Challenge, it’s best if you re-roll until you get someone with Smarts and Looks as close to 100 as possible, as this will come in very handy as you reach your golden years.

But this isn’t as important as the first requirement, which is to create a first-generation Bitizen; they can be male or female, and you can improve their stats over time through the usual means, such as joining school sports and other activities and getting at least a college degree. Just as long as Smarts or Looks aren’t especially low, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty living the first few years of your character’s virtual life.

bitlife scotch

Generally, the key to the first half of your 120 years in this challenge is to avoid things that could compromise your Happiness and Health. That means avoiding the temptation to go to the club, and always turning down random offers to have a sip of an alcoholic beverage or a taste of some illegal drugs.

bitlife workplace annoyance

Avoiding stress is also important — it may hurt your work performance, but always turn down your supervisor (politely, might we add) when they ask you to work extra hours without pay. Likewise, avoid situations that could affect your Happiness, such as encounters with school bullies or workplace gossipers and pranksters — in such cases, you should always ignore them!

Spend Time With Loved Ones, Meditate, And Visit Your Garden!

BitLife offers several ways for Bitizens to achieve peace of mind, and considering how important this is to completing the Supercentenarian Challenge, you’ll want to do everything in your power to keep your Happiness at 100 or close to that. One of the best ways to do this is to use the Spend Time with All option in Relationships to make sure you spend time with all your friends, family members, and pets in one go — this is great for boosting your Happiness significantly, as long as you don’t have any loved ones you currently aren’t getting along with.

spending time with family in bitlife

And this option can work particularly well after a death in the family or the passing of one of your friends — death of loved ones can greatly impact your Happiness in the game, especially if you suffer multiple losses in the same year! (Something that will be very common for most players as they reach their 70s and beyond.)

practicing meditation in bitlife

Aside from using Spend Time with All, you can also use the options in the Activities menu in order to boost your Happiness. Chief among these would be the Meditate option, which can also help improve your Health, and the Garden, which allows you to visit your home’s garden (if it has one) for some much-needed quiet time and peace of mind. Physical activities like walking and going to the gym, as well as trips to the library also boost Happiness as a secondary stat, so you can look into those as well.

Beware Of Wild Animals!

Animal encounters are fairly random in the BitLife universe, but we did notice in multiple attempts to complete the Supercentenarian Challenge that they become more common once you reach your eighth decade — as if fate’s trying to throw curveballs to prevent you from reaching the magic 120. The good news here is that you will usually be able to run away from these animals — and that includes ostensibly harmless ones — and live to hit the plus button another year without consequence.

bitlife bee

The bad news? There’s a small chance that even if you run away, the animal might run after you and, at the very least, injure you! Of course, you can quit the game before confirming the animal attack, and as long as it wasn’t a fatal attack, that will undo the incident. But you’ll still need to prepare yourself for this potential spanner in the works when trying to complete the Supercentenarian Challenge.

The Real Key Is Keeping All Stats As Close To 100 As Possible

At the end of the day, what you’ll really need to do in order to reach the age of 120 and complete the Supercentenarian Challenge is to keep all your stats as close to 100 as you could for every year of your adult life. As we mentioned above, it pays to avoid all kinds of trouble and temptation, and if you get sick, visit the doctor or quit the game in the event you’ve come down with a serious illness or something that can’t be cured by most doctors. (e.g. migraines, hay fever, etc.) It also helps to go on a healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet and stick to it for the rest of your adult life.

bitlife geriatric ribbon

In addition, Follow the tips above to keep your Happiness high, and when it comes to your Smarts, visit the Library and read a book if you notice your Smarts dipping to about 95 or lower. And when it comes to your Looks, regularly visiting the Gym and taking a walk could help maintain it at 100 or thereabouts, but you may also want to pay for some plastic surgery (with a reputable doctor, of course) once you start aging and your Looks start declining noticeably.

Follow all the tips we suggested and once you celebrate your 120th birthday, that completes the Supercentenarian Challenge — and frees you up to choose a prize chest and unlock a new pair of eyewear or a new hat!