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BitLife Spooktober Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Spooktober Challenge

As most BitLife players know, Sunday is new challenge day, and that’s when the game’s maker, Candywriter, launches a new limited-time event where you will be asked to create a new character (or continue an existing life) and complete a set of requirements based on a certain theme. Last week was all about sports, but for the coming week (and we mean that — this challenge is live for eight days instead of the usual four), the developer has come up with something that’s all about the spookiest time of the year.

As of this writing, Halloween is just a few days away, and it wouldn’t be like Candywriter if they didn’t take note of the upcoming holiday and base their next BitLife challenge on it. The Spooktober Challenge, as it’s called, is actually easy to complete compared to most others, but there are a couple components of this challenge that may throw you off at first. And we’re not even considering the secret requirement at this point.

bitlife spooktober challenge requirements

However, we have completed the challenge, and just as we do around this time of the week, we’re here to guide you to the process of completion with as little hassle or rework as possible. So join us for this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we break down each requirement of the Spooktober Challenge and show you how to fulfill them.

The Easier Requirements – Seeing A Ghost And Carving A Pumpkin

For starters, there are no gender-related or stats-related restrictions when creating a character for BitLife’s Spooktober Challenge. You can have them live their childhood and teen years any way you want, and a college education or high-paying job is optional. You will, however, want to get some kind of job in order to buy a haunted house, so completing high school at the very least is highly recommended.

how to buy a haunted house in bitlife

As the case was last year, both realtor options in BitLife have more haunted houses on sale than usual, so there’s a good chance you may be able to buy one or take out a mortgage on one that’s cheaper than $100,000, or even cheaper than $50,000. Put a priority on houses that have a higher Hauntedness level than the others, as this would reduce the time it takes before your first ghost sighting.

You can also speed up the process by repeatedly trying to summon the ghosts in your home — exorcism works fine as well in making spirits more active, but there’s always the chance that you may hire an exorcist who does the job successfully. For this challenge, that’s something you actually would want to avoid, so use the exorcist option sparingly.

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Getting visited by one of the spooks at your home is, in most cases, the only way to complete the Encounter a Ghost requirement. You won’t get it if you investigate some weird occurrences at home and see nothing, or during that pumpkin patch ghost sighting scenario that usually appears during childhood.

how to carve pumpkin in bitlife

One random scenario that could allow you to complete a requirement is the one where you are asked what type of pumpkin you want to carve — a “priceless work of art,” a scary one, a happy one, or none at all. Choose the scary option and that will allow you to specifically complete the “Carve a scary jack-o-lantern” requirement. That’s the only requirement that can be completed via pop-up scenarios, and we’ll explain why in the very next part of this guide.

Going Out In Costume And Giving Candy – Think Out Of The Box

We will admit these two requirements gave us a surprisingly hard time, being that we tried time and again to get random scenarios in which our character would give trick-or-treaters some candy or get to attend a Halloween party in costume. At the moment, there are at least a couple of pop-ups that would allow you to do this, including the one where you are asked whether you want to dress up as a silly, slutty, or scary devil, but none of these resulted in any check marks getting added. Instead, we had to think outside the box and see if there are any more organic situations that involve wearing a costume or giving candy to a child.

Indeed, there are. For the costume requirement, you’ll need to rob a bank and choose any option in the Disguise drop-down that allows you to wear a costume. It may be something conventional like an airline pilot costume or something like dressing up as Darth Vader, Michael Myers, or a ninja, but just as long as you’re not settling for a boring old ski mask.

giving a candy in bitlife

Don’t worry if you get arrested or even if you end up going to jail — prison sentences for bank robbery are usually around seven years or so, and there are multiple (legal) ways to get out of jail sooner than that, such as plea bargains. A short jail sentence shouldn’t be much of an obstacle when completing this challenge.

As for the candy part, you may have the option to give a young relative (meaning someone aged 6 to 17) some hard candy or a box of chocolates — these can either be your nephews or nieces, or even your own children, should you decide to start a family! This had us stumped for a while to the point that our test character, who we had kept single, had turned 50 and all his nephews and nieces were already adults. At that point, we had to find him a partner who could still bear children. Luckily, that worked for us, so if you’re stuck on this particular requirement, keep in mind that giving, in this situation, could start at home!

The Secret Requirement – Mourn Somebody’s Death

As for the final requirement, which is the one obscured by question marks, we also had to do some thinking after several Halloween-related random scenarios, regardless of choice, did not result in the secret requirement getting completed. Then we remembered that Halloween season, in many countries, is associated with visiting the graves of loved ones who have passed away.

mourning death in bitlife

All you have to do here is to mourn a friend or family member who has died, simply by going to the Relationships menu and heading to Late Relationships. Tap on any dead friend or relative’s name, tap the Mourn Their Death button, and you’re set. Take note that this does not work with deceased pets — only human loved ones!

Completing this requirement, assuming it was the last one remaining, will do it for the Spooktober Challenge, and you will again be getting a choice of four prize chests and a new set of eyewear or a new hat. Unfortunately, the hat we got wasn’t Halloween-themed, but you just might get lucky and get some seasonally appropriate headwear or eyewear!