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BitLife Slippery Devil Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Slippery Devil Challenge

Another special career will be coming soon for BitLife players on iOS and Android, but since the Entrepreneur update has yet to roll out, you can keep yourself busy in the meantime with yet another one of those weekly challenges based on a certain theme. Candywriter launched this feature quite a while ago to increase player engagement and replay value, and it’s safe to say its addition has fulfilled those goals and then some.

bitlife slippery devil challenge requirements

Arguably, there’s no better type of BitLife challenge to usher in new features than a classic one that doesn’t pay homage to any pop culture property, and that’s what we’ve now got with the Slippery Devil Challenge. This is, of course, the first challenge that makes use of the features introduced with the Street Hustler update, and your objective here is to be as effective as possible as a Scam Artist…and adept in making law enforcement officers look like fools in a variety of situations.

If you believe you’re up to the task but need a little extra assistance in certain parts of the challenge, be sure to keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide, as we’ve got everything you need to know about quickly completing the Slippery Devil Challenge with as little rework as possible…and no (paid) trips to the Time Machine to undo certain actions.

Scamming Cops is Easier Than You Think

When it comes to the basics of the BitLife Slippery Devil Challenge, you don’t need any special talents or impressive numbers in any of the basic stats. You can also create a male or female character from any part of the world — none of this matters, and neither does doing well in school and staying out of trouble. Remember that you need to create a character who lives up to the name of the challenge, so any special skills (even Crime) or high-level Smarts or Looks are purely optional.

scamming a cop in bitlife

The first two requirements we’ll discuss are the easiest, and these both have something to do with the long arm of the law. It may sound like a tall order at first, but based on our experience, it wasn’t that hard to scam a cop via Bump-and-Grab. Just go to the People section and choose any one of the cops, then choose Bump-and-Grab as your preferred scamming method. This may take some patience, but you can always quit and restart if you get caught right away. All you need is to scam one cop with this method, then you can move on to the next task.

escape from police in bitlife

The Slippery Devil Challenge will also require you to escape from the police at least three times after getting arrested. At this point, you may want to speed up the process by targeting cops with your scams — any kind of scam, and not just the Bump-and-Grab. Your chances of successfully running away will be just as low as they always were — around a 1-in-5 chance of escaping. But again, that’s what quitting before accepting your character’s fate (i.e. getting sent to court, in this case) and restarting the game is for!

Work Two Scam Types Per Difficulty Level to Unlock Fake Arrest and Other Advanced Scams

The next requirement in the BitLife Slippery Devil Challenge is to dupe at least five people via the Fake Arrest scam, but that scam type won’t be available just yet, because it is filed under the Advanced scam category. But you don’t need to wait too long before this is unlocked. Simply get some experience at least two scam types per difficulty — for example, Fake Merchandise and Bump and Grab for Basic, and Three-Card Monte and Bag-Cutting for Intermediate.

You don’t need to reach any sort of mastery in these scams — you don’t need to even be good at them, just as long as you’re able to scam a few people and get your Skill bar about 15 percent full or so, and you should be good.

bitlife fake arrest scam

After you’ve worked at least two scams each in both Beginner and Intermediate difficulties, the Advanced scams will become available, and you can then start impersonating a police officer with the Fake Arrest scheme. As long as five people fall for this scam without question — this doesn’t have to be consecutive — that should be fine for this requirement.

Keep Scamming Regularly, And You’ll Earn Passive Income at Some Point

Now earning $200,000 through your various scams may seem like a pretty tall order. Other forms of hustling would allow you to earn a handsome chunk of change per year from the get-go through passive income — or BitLife simulating how much you’d earn if you kept up your busking, panhandling, or street performances throughout the course of a year. However, it now seems that you can do the same as a Scam Artist, though most likely not as soon as you would through those other hustles.

scamming an airline pilot in bitlife

That means you’ll need to diligently scam people on your street for a few years, and when the game senses that you’re dedicated enough to the hustle, you will be able to earn that passive income, thus making it very reasonable that you’ll have earned $200,000 as a Scam Artist before the age of 25 — assuming you started the hustle when you were 15.

bitlife annual haul

Think upward of $50,000 per year if you pull off at least 10 to 15 different scams (doesn’t seem to matter if you stick to one type or use different types), which should mean a lot when it comes to the completion of this seemingly difficult requirement!

It Won’t Be Easy to Riot Your Way Out of Prison

Once you’ve earned your $200,000, it would most likely be time for the last, and most difficult part of this challenge, which is breaking out of prison after you start a riot. Getting thrown in jail should not be a problem — just look for some cops to scam via the People option, and keep scamming them until you get caught.

Be cooperative when arrested, choose a Public Defender in court, and you should be sentenced to at least a year behind bars — two years by default if you choose to plead innocent, one year if you plead guilty. That’s the easy part, and if you are freed before you get a chance to successfully break out via a prison riot (doing so could get your sentence extended, or you may not be caught at all), simply repeat the process again.

bitlife conviction

The difficult part, of course, is the rioting itself. To jog your memory on prison riots in BitLife, the riot mini-game is similar to a more difficult version of Snake, where your objective is to run into the stated number of prisoners (10, then 15, then 20, then 25) without running into the walls, the guards who will start popping up while you’re recruiting prisoners and building your chain, or the chain itself.

Making things even more difficult is how most prisoners will appear right next to the walls once the guards have started appearing. Starting a riot with ten prisoners should be no problem, 15 isn’t that hard, but 20 could be very challenging and frustrating.

bitlife prison riot

The reason we mention this is because while there is a small chance you may be able to escape after starting a 10- or 15-person riot, it is far likelier that you will only be able to break out after a 20-person riot, and even then, it’s not 100 percent guaranteed. Of course, having more people involved means more confusion, and more chances to slip away undetected as the guards try to restore order.

So with that said, have patience when completing this requirement, and if the riot doesn’t lead to an escape (or if you end up running into a wall, the guards, or your chain), you can always quit the game and restart it, thus allowing you to start the process from scratch without having to hit the Age button.

Complete this requirement, and you should literally be home free with the Slippery Devil Challenge, with the usual choice of four prize chests and a chance to add a new hat or eyewear to your available accessories.