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BitLife Scarytale Romance Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Scarytale Romance Challenge

As we head into the summer months, BitLife is still heating up every weekend with its weekly challenges, which, as we’ve often mentioned, keep players on iOS and Android devices alike coming back for more. Regardless whether they’re inspired by actual pop culture properties or famous people, popular memes, or nothing in particular, these challenges give players a list of tasks based on the week’s given theme, and you’ve got four days (in most cases) to complete them before they expire. (Or, if you’ve got some money to spend, the Challenge Vault allows you to access previous challenges you may have missed.)

bitlife scarytale romance challenge requirements

As for this week’s challenge, the Scarytale Romance Challenge, we can’t tell at the moment whether this was based on an existing TV show or movie. But it does integrate BitLife’s most recent major update, the Landlord Expansion Pack, with that mainstay mechanic of challenges that defies seasonal limitations — the process of buying a haunted house outside of Halloween.

This is a comparatively easy challenge to complete, but if you’re having some difficulty along the way, we suggest that you keep on reading, as we’ve got all the tips you need to run through the Scarytale Romance Challenge without having to create a new character, use the Time Machine, or do anything else involving rework.

You Need to Complete 6 Years of Medical School to Become a Psychiatrist

The very first requirement in BitLife’s Scarytale Romance Challenge is to be a female born in Colorado. That’s a very easy task to complete, as Denver appears to be the only Colorado city represented in the game. However, you may also need to re-roll your character quite a bit before you get one with at least good Smarts — you’ll need this later on in the challenge. Also be sure you’re choosing Crime as a Special Talent, as this will really come in handy toward the end of the challenge, where you need to kill your spouse.

crime special talent in bitlife

Despite the dirty deeds you’ll be doing in the in-game future, you’ll need to stay well behaved and get good grades throughout your schooling so you can get a scholarship. That means no fighting, no playing hooky, no petty crimes — just good grades and good behavior to avoid having to take out a student loan.

university application in bitlife

Choose Psychology as your college major, and when you’re done with university, you’ll need to enroll in medical school to get a PhD and qualify for a Psychiatrist job. This will take six years to complete, so don’t expect to complete the challenge until you’re in your late 20s at the very least.

Be Patient When Shopping for a Home

Storybook Homes are among the more expensive properties available via real estate brokers in BitLife, and they would often set you back by $1 million or more. Those in poorer condition, however, are considerably cheaper, and if they also happen to be haunted, then you can expect an even bigger discount.

As such, this is where you may need to quit and restart BitLife multiple times before the real estate brokers offer a Haunted Storybook Home — this requirement in the Scarytale Romance Challenge, in other words, may take the most time.

bitlife property

Although Psychiatrists are among the higher-paid Bitizens in the game, it won’t be easy raising enough money to buy one of these properties outright. But if you’ve got some money saved in your bank balance and are making more than $100,000 annually (which should be the case anyway as a Psychiatrist), you can apply for a mortgage and take it out on the Haunted Storybook Home.

One word of caution, though — houses whose Condition bar is in the red need to be renovated before you rent them out. The Condition bar needs to be orange in order for the house to be livable. Also be careful of ghosts that might try scaring you during the renovating process — react the wrong way and you might see a huge decrease to certain stats!

haunted storybook home in bitlife

This is sadly unavoidable, but if your stats drop after you get spooked out (Remain Calm should be your first option when reacting), you can always quit and restart BitLife the moment you see such a decrease while in the process of moving on to the next in-game year.

Aim for Single Tenants

Once you’ve purchased your Haunted Storybook Home (and renovating it if needed), you can then start searching for tenants. Don’t pay much attention to the first impression or their credit score — as long as they’re a single male or female with no children, you can let them stay in your Haunted Storybook Home as a tenant, and later pursue them romantically. That would mean building up your Relationship bar through compliments, conversations, and intimacy — the usual techniques, pretty much.

asking out a tenant in bitlife

When it comes to actually tying the knot, don’t mind the prenup or the cost of buying a ring — even if you choose not to buy any ring to propose with, you can successfully make them say “yes” if your Relationship bar is full and you choose a quiet, romantic venue to propose at. Remember that you’ll eventually be killing your spouse as part of the Scarytale Romance Challenge, so the finer details don’t matter too much here, if at all.

You Still Pass the Challenge Even if You Get Caught

The last requirement in the Scarytale Romance Challenge may sound like the trickiest, but as long as you chose Crime as your Special Talent, you should have a very good chance of completing it without your potential victim turning the tables on you.

bitlife murder

To complete the challenge, you’ll need to kill your spouse by poisoning them in your Haunted Storybook Home, and as you may be aware, this is one of the riskiest methods of murder in BitLife, as there is now a much greater chance of your target switching the drinks so that you drink the poisoned tea instead.

With Crime as a Special Talent, this becomes much less likely, and there’s also a fair chance you won’t get caught by authorities. But even if the cops arrest you and you end up in prison for your crime (even with a death penalty), you will still be credited for the requirement, and you can still complete the Scarytale Romance Challenge and claim your prize. Sure, your character won’t have much longer to live in some cases, but going forward, you’ll still have a new hat or eyewear to use as you continue playing the game.