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BitLife Office Olympian Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Office Olympian Challenge

We’ve said it several times in different ways, but Candywriter has to be commended for the weekly challenge feature that BitLife has had for more than two years at this point. Whether you’re trying to complete challenges based on the careers of popular singers or actors or challenges based on well-known television shows or movies, or simply trying to complete challenges inspired by current trends or the people we may encounter everyday, there’s something for everyone in these limited-time events.

bitlife office olympian challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge dips right back into the world of television, as the Office Olympian Challenge is definitely inspired by one of the most popular sitcoms of the 21st century until its cancellation in 2013 — The Office. BitLife may not have Dunder Mifflin among the companies you can work for in the corporate world, but just as long as you’re engaging in prank wars with certain co-workers, finding love in the workplace, and getting promoted despite not showing up for work as often as you should, you should have no problem completing this brand new challenge.

But if you still need some assistance finishing it without having to resort to the Time Machine or redo everything from scratch, keep reading as this BitLife mini-strategy guide will take a look at all five requirements in the Office Olympian Challenge and how to complete them.

You’ll Need To Attend Business School To Get A Corporate Job

One of the simplest of the five requirements of the BitLife Office Olympian Challenge is getting a corporate job in Scranton, Pennsylvania, though it may take a wee bit of patience when it comes to the education side of things.

Other than that, you can opt for a male or female character, but you will need to make sure that they’re born in Scranton (the location of Dunder Mifflin in The Office) and re-roll until you get a character with at least decent Smarts. This will come in handy and make it easier for you to get a college, and later business school scholarship, though you may also need to use the Study Harder option every now and then to get your grades up.

bitlife business school

Other than that, the same old standbys apply — don’t get into trouble at school, join a fraternity or sorority in college to increase your chances of skipping the job interview and all its randomness, get good grades all throughout. And when choosing a college course, Economics, Marketing, and Information Systems are the best choices for the purpose of this challenge.

But since jobs labeled Corporate in the Jobs section of the game would require some even higher education after you’re done with your four-year course, you’ll need to attend Business School, then graduate after two years so you can get an entry-level corporate job.

There’s A Bit Of A Trick To Getting Promoted While Working Undertime

If it sounds counterintuitive, that’s because it is — the second requirement we’ll be discussing is getting promoted “while working less than expected.” Typically, it would take about seven years, give or take a few, to get promoted in a corporate track in BitLife, but if you’re working fewer than 40 hours per week, it might take you some time to get the promotion. Fortunately, there’s an easy workaround that could help you complete this requirement.

bitlife promotion

That would be using the Work Harder option (as you normally would) to get your Performance bar all filled up, not pranking anyone just yet, then quitting the game right at the moment you get promoted — do not accept the promotion and continue your life, just quit the game and restart it. That should give you a bookmark of sorts for your promotion, so once you restart, reduce your hours just a little below 40 (38 should be fine), then hit the Age button and voila — you’re promoted while working less than expected.

Check The Stats Before Asking Someone Out Or Pranking Them

There’s no preferred time during the Office Olympian Challenge when you should start asking co-workers out, then marrying them — this is arguably easier to pull off than the first requirement we discussed, but you’ll also need to choose wisely when asking co-workers out.

Be sure to check a co-worker’s stats, and if Professionalism is on the high side, it would be best to move on to someone else. NPCs with high Professionalism tend to shy away from workplace relationships, so we’d recommend going for someone whose Professionalism bar is no more than 70 percent full.

dating in bitlife

After that, it should be smooth sailing — wait a few years and fill up the Relationship bar completely, propose, then plan the wedding, or wait until your partner pushes you into marriage. Just as long as you marry a co-worker and remain married until the end of the challenge (almost a given provided you don’t cheat and your spouse isn’t killed off by the game), all should be good.

Checking the stats is also important when choosing somebody to prank. This time, the stat you want to look at is Coolness, as low Coolness characters tend to be more likely to be annoyed by your pranking, and are also more likely to escalate the matter to your supervisor, or worse, to HR. Look for co-workers whose Coolness bar is 70 percent full or greater, play five pranks on that same co-worker, and that’s it.

bitlife prank

There is a chance that they still might report you to your supervisor, but should be relatively small. And as a bonus tip, always choose the most apologetic option in the event your supervisor catches you playing mean pranks on someone else!

You May Need To Goad A Co-Worker Into Attacking You So You Can Get Them Fired

It’s inevitable in the BitLife universe — every office we’ve seen in countless lives on BitLife has at least one troublemaker, someone who thrives on spilling the tea on you, playing nasty, unfunny pranks, or just plain doing things to get a rise out of you.

But that typically won’t be enough to convince HR to sack them, even if you go to the Human Resource section in your company’s menu and report them — their pay may get docked and they may be suspended without pay for a few weeks, but you can consider yourself lucky if HR takes immediate action and fires that co-worker.

bitlife assault

While you can theoretically keep going until that co-worker becomes a repeat offender and HR has no choice but to fire them, there is a faster way to complete this requirement. When the dialog box pops up and informs you that one of your co-workers tried to mess with you, choose the Attack option — there is a random chance this might “work too well” as you end up killing your co-worker, and you may even get killed if your target fights back.

However, this is very rare compared to NPCs attacking user-controlled characters in retaliation. So when that happens, report the co-worker to HR immediately, then quit/restart the game until you see that HR fired the employee. Once you’ve gotten that co-worker fired, that should wrap things up for the Office Olympian Challenge and allow you to pick a new hat or eyewear from one of the four available prize chests.