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BitLife Neighborhood Watch Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Neighborhood Watch Challenge as Quickly as Possible

BitLife is still chugging along as one of the more popular iOS and Android games out there despite the fact it’s nearing its fifth birthday, and a lot of it has to do with the weekly challenges. As most of you may be aware by now, these are limited-time events that are based on a certain theme, pop culture-inspired or otherwise, and you typically have four days to complete all the tasks or requirements, though you can also pay a small one-time fee to access all previous challenges you may have failed to complete for one reason or another.

bitlife neighborhood watch challenge requirements

Much like last week’s challenge, the Neighborhood Watch Challenge isn’t based on any pop culture property. But we’re stopping short of calling it a true old-school “classic” because of the fact that it allows players to utilize the features introduced from one of the newest updates. As you may have gleaned from the challenge’s description, the Neighborhood Watch Challenge tests your abilities as a landlord or landlady to rent out a lot of properties, get tough on uncooperative tenants, and even put on the charm to the point that you end up marrying one of them.

This challenge runs the gamut of things landlords can do in the real world, and it’s considerably easier than last week’s challenge, but you can always check out this BitLife strategy guide if you’re having some difficulty with certain requirements.

Embark on a Celebrity Career So You Can Afford More Houses

There’s no need to prioritize any one statistic when creating a new character for the Neighborhood Watch Challenge, as all the tasks are based on the new features introduced when the BitLife Landlord Expansion Pack rolled out a few months ago. You can also make your character male or female and choose any birth city or country you wish. But the one thing we strongly advise you should do when creating a character is to choose a Special Talent, which the game has long allowed non-God Mode players to do.

bitlife lovely condo

It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up your character to be a successful athlete, musician, actor, or whatnot — as long as they’ve got a Special Talent that allows them to gain fame and make a lot of money, you should be good to go. That way, you can use the money you earn to purchase more houses without having to work several years in an office job before you’ve got enough in the bank to purchase two or three and rent out your properties to at least five tenants, as is required in the challenge.

Make Sure You’re Mostly Entertaining Sketchy Tenants

Normally, you should be taking good first impressions into account, running background checks, and carefully vetting potential renters before allowing them to stay in your properties as tenants. For the Neighborhood Watch Challenge, you should be doing the opposite and specifically looking for tenants that can be best described as suspicious.

potential tenant in bitlife

If you get an orange or red bar for their First Impression, you should absolutely be pushing forward, as these are the tenants who are most likely to do things that make landlords unhappy. And if you see that their Credit Score bar is also orange or red, that means they’re more likely to fall behind on their payments, or worse, decide to squat on your property instead of paying their monthly dues.

Again, you should be avoiding these situations if you’re trying to maximize the BitLife Landlord Expansion Pack’s new features, but for this challenge, the more “sus” the tenant, the better.

Watch a Video to Instantly Evict a Squatter

This wasn’t available when Candywriter originally rolled out the Landlord Expansion Pack, but they’ve since made it much easier to evict someone who decides to stop paying rent and start squatting in the house you’re renting out. Simply choose the “Force him/her out” option when you see a dialog box telling you that a tenant has chosen to squat, and you’ll be asked to watch a 30-second advertisement in order to force them out immediately.

bitlife squatter

It’s just that easy, and this will, of course, eliminate the need to pay legal fees and take the squatter to court with a random chance of not getting the back payments you’re owed. On the other hand, the downside is that you won’t get the money back, but it’s a small price to pay provided you evict the squatter immediately.

Hooking Up With and Marrying a Tenant

BitLife’s Neighborhood Watch Challenge doesn’t only require you to be a vigilant landlord or landlady — you also need to cross certain lines and expand your relationship with certain tenants beyond what’s stipulated on the contract. And by that, we mean hooking up with at least three tenants and marrying one of them.

one night stand in bitlife

The first should be relatively easy — just pick a tenant who’s compatible with your character’s sexual orientation and is currently single. Choose the Hook Up option and do this three times, preferably with different tenants, though as far as we know, BitLife will still count it if you hook up multiple times with the same tenant. Assuming they accept, this should improve your Relationship with the tenant, and from that point forward, you can ask them out and eventually propose to them and tie the knot with them.

wedding planning in bitlife

Now if you end up evicting the tenant you married due to non-payment of rent or bad behavior (more on that below), you may notice that this will effectively lead to your divorce. As far as the Neighborhood Watch Challenge’s requirements go, that’s fine — the “marry a tenant” box will not be unchecked, and you can proceed with the rest of the challenge without having to look for another tenant to hook up — and ultimately enter a relationship — with.

Evict Tenants Via Property Inspections

You may be expecting opportunities to evict tenants for bad behavior to pop up each time you hit Age and go through the usual life updates. And you may also be thinking that non-payment of rent or squatting could constitute “bad behavior.” First, these events are considerably rarer than usual, as one can expect during a challenge that requires you to evict people for bad behavior.

property inspection in bitlife

For the second, being delinquent on rent is not considered a form of bad behavior (i.e. what if the excuse is actually legit?), and when someone decides to squat on your property, they are no longer renting. So how can you evict five tenants for bad behavior, as is required by the Neighborhood Watch Challenge?

removing a tenant in bitlife

It took a while for us to figure this out, but you can achieve this by performing property inspections and evicting tenants if you catch them doing something questionable, such as holding loud parties, breaking windows, running illegal businesses, etc. It’s actually as simple as that, and if you decided to save this for last, this will easily wrap up the Neighborhood Watch Challenge and allow you to claim a new piece of eyewear or headgear that you can use for your characters or other Bitizens in subsequent playthroughs.