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BitLife Material Girl Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Material Girl Challenge

The folks at Candywriter just released the Stock Market Update for BitLife, and with that new update out, it’s inevitable that we may be seeing a challenge related to the new features, most likely after Christmas or after the holiday season in general. But for now, we’ve got a new weekly challenge, as is almost always the case in the world of BitLife. These limited-time events first started rolling out about three years ago, and given how popular they remain to this day, we don’t see Candywriter slowing down or running out of ideas anytime soon.

bitlife material girl challenge requirements

Although this week’s BitLife Challenge is named after a popular song from a few decades ago, it has nothing to do with the artist who performed the song. The Material Girl Challenge, while not at all inspired by Madonna’s career, does cover some of the key points of that song, and in it, you’ll be chasing after money and material possessions, all without ever working a day in your virtual life or signing an agreement that could compromise your ability to increase your net worth.

This BitLife mini-strategy guide contains everything you need to do to complete the Material Girl Challenge, so keep reading if you’re still having some trouble with some of the requirements.

Getting Started — Create a Female Character with High Looks

It may not have been listed among the requirements for the Material Girl Challenge, but it should go without saying — in order for you to complete this challenge, you need to be using a female character. But we would suggest not using any ordinary female character, but re-rolling until you get one whose Looks is 80 or higher.

bitlife female character

You’ll want to make those sugar daddies say yes to your marriage proposal as quickly as possible later on in the challenge, and we’ve found that having high Looks seems to improve the chances of a successful proposal, provided you’re popping the question at the right place.

After you’ve created your character, you should be all good to go, with nothing to keep in mind in terms of educational achievements, or lack thereof. You don’t need to get good grades in school or attend college — in fact, BitLife requires you NOT to do two things as part of the Material Girl Challenge’s requirements, and those are not to sign a prenup and not to have any kind of job.

That means part-time jobs are not allowed, and although we aren’t that clear on whether these are also forbidden, it’s best to steer clear of freelance work as well. So what can you do to earn some money early on?

Pray to the BitLife Devs for Wealth

Although the goal of the Material Girl Challenge is to earn a substantial fortune simply by marrying rich, older men, you will need to have some money on hand in order to use the in-game dating app. That is, unless you’re willing to keep using the Date option for free until you find someone much older and much richer.

bitlife love match

Recently, BitLife added a new feature that allows you to “pray” to the developers for something good, may it be Fertility, Happiness, Love, etc. One of the good things you can select here is Wealth, and just like it is when “praying” for the other options, that would mean watching an ad video from start to finish. This would take at least 30 seconds in most cases, and some of the ads may be hard to exit out of once they’ve technically completed.

bitlife pray

But once you’re done praying for wealth, the game will gift you with a way to earn money, if not give you the money outright — for example, you may be gifted an expensive car, which you can then sell for some much-needed extra cash. (Of course, you also have the option to commit crimes in order to earn money, but praying to the devs by far the safer, and oftentimes more lucrative choice.)

Marry Those Who Are High in Wealth, Low in Craziness

When looking for sugar daddies to marry while using the dating app, the obvious things to do would be choose an age range where your would-be husband is old enough to be your father, and to choose $1M+ when it comes to their net worth. But there are other things that you should be on the lookout for, and that would include checking if your would-be husband has low Craziness. This is among the visible stats when choosing a partner with the Dating App, so make sure you’re only dating those whose Craziness bar is 33 percent full or less — it’s not enough that you’re avoiding those with a red or orange Craziness bar.

bitife marriage proposal

We’ve observed that Bitizens with moderate to high Craziness stats are more likely than others to demand a prenup, and when your potential future spouse demands that you sign a prenup before you tie the knot, there is no option to reject the prenup and push forward with the wedding.

bitlife prenup

It’s a classic rock-and-a-hard-place situation, and the only way to avoid this is by marrying someone who won’t ask you to sign any sort of prenuptial agreement, period. Repeat the process at least five times — date, marry, then divorce the old, rich guy — and that should take care of the Material Girl Challenge’s requirement to marry five sugar daddies.

The Jewelry and Yacht Purchases Can Come Last

It may be a good idea to take care of the $2 million in jewelry purchases requirement as soon as possible — that way, you can use the rings you buy to propose to your next partners, thus increasing their chances of saying yes, even if you propose at a strip club or other inappropriate venues.

But we’d actually suggest waiting until the very end until purchasing the jewelry and, most of all, the yacht. You want to focus first on increasing your net worth each time you file for divorce from your husband — not signing a prenup means you split things 50-50 after your divorce, and that could easily mean hundreds of thousands of dollars at the very least after each divorce settlement.

bitlife ruby ring

Once you’ve accumulated at least $4 million in your bank balance, that’s when we would advise purchasing a relatively affordable yacht on a loan — yachts usually cost $4 million and up, but if your bank balance is close to the purchase price of the yacht, there’s a very good chance you’ll be approved for the loan.

Also, don’t forget to get a boating license, as they won’t sell to you if you don’t have one yet! It works the same way as the driver’s license test, although the questions may be harder due to the fact that boats are far more niche than cars and trucks and other road-bound vehicles.

bitlife cruising yacht

After you’ve successfully taken out a loan on a yacht, you can then move on to the jewelry purchases, if you haven’t started yet. It doesn’t matter if you turn around and sell the jewelry right after or use them to propose to someone — as long as your purchases total at least $2 million and you’re currently married at the time you made the purchases, they will count toward the total.

Complete all these tasks and you’ll have completed the BitLife Material Girl Challenge, thus allowing you to choose among the prize chests and unlock a new hat or eyewear.