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BitLife Golden Gals Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Golden Gals Challenge

BitLife has just introduced yet another expansion — the Zoo Expansion Pack — and with that said, it’s time to play the waiting game once again as Candywriter works on even more updates and expansions. One way to pass the time while waiting is to return to the game every weekend or in the first few days of the new week snd play the weekly challenges.

For those still unfamiliar, these are limited-time events where you’re given anywhere between four to six tasks (usually five) that are based on a specific theme. You can opt to complete the challenge while live, or go back to it at a later date by accessing the Challenge Vault, which costs a onetime fee to unlock as a premium BitLife feature.

The Golden Gals Challenge is quite obviously inspired by the classic sitcom The Golden Girls, and this will, as you may have surmised, require you to do a number of things once you reach the age of 55 or older. Another interesting thing about this challenge is the fact that there is a huge curveball toward the end — four out of the five requirements are easy enough for the challenge to justify its “Easy” degree of difficulty, but there is one task where you may need to think out of the box.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered in this BitLife strategy guide, where we will show you how to breeze through the Golden Gals Challenge, or at least, finish it faster than most people could.

The First Three Requirements Should Be a Piece of Cake

Once again, it’s the first task in the Golden Gals Challenge that’s the easiest to complete by a long shot — you simply need to create a female character who’s born in Miami. After that, you can start on the path toward becoming a Teacher, which should include getting good grades in school or better (it helps if your Smarts are at 70 or higher), staying out of trouble in your youth, and taking Education in college.

You can then apply for the School Teacher job, and stay there for at least 20 years. Make sure you are regularly using the Work Harder function to keep your Performance bar filled up (or close to it) at all times.

Getting a divorce should similarly be easy — it doesn’t matter which point of the challenge you do this, but it’s just as simple as using the Date or Dating App options, finding someone to date, and marrying them, or waiting for them to marry you. You can then file for divorce at any time you like — with or without kids, prenup or no prenup, as long as you get divorced at some point in the challenge, that requirement will be credited.

As you may notice, the requirements in the Golden Gals Challenge are getting progressively tougher to complete, but we’ve only just started.

You Need to Make the Required Three Female Friends at 55 or Older

This may be a bit tricky, but if you read the requirement carefully, there’s really nothing to it — when it comes to making three female friends, you need to make them at age 55 or older in order for them to count as part of the Golden Gals Challenge. Any friends you make in childhood, in your teen years, or in your earlier years on the job will not count, even if they’re all female.

Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too hard to find women to befriend if you’re still working as a Teacher at the age of 55. The education track in BitLife is one of the more diverse careers out there, so there should be no shortage of female NPCs at your workplace. Most likely you’ll be able to make three friends right off the bat after turning 55, but if that doesn’t happen, be patient — it isn’t uncommon, after all, for employees to come and go at the various In-universe workplaces!

Avoid Extensive Grinding for the Clown Requirement By Doing This

While everything we’ve discussed so far is pretty straightforward and easy, if time-consuming due to the fact you have to wait till you’re 55 for some of the requirements, things get really challenging with the requirement of dating a clown at the aforementioned age or older.

Simply using the options in the Date menu may leave you grinding on BitLife for hours on end, as just about every person available will have some sort of conventional job such as Trucker, Insurance Agent, Receptionist, or a job in the military or police force.

We can imagine that finding a clown to date in non-challenge situations is hard enough because it’s such a niche job, but the Golden Gals Challenge makes it harder per BitLife tradition — if you need to date someone who works a specific job, the odds of finding that someone will go down to up the ante of the challenge.

There are, however, a couple of workarounds. As Circus Performers need to be considerably younger than 55, the first thing you can do is apply for a Magician job, and befriend and date one of the Clowns you work with. But since Magician is comparatively rare as a Circus job, you can opt to get gender reassignment surgery instead so you can apply as a Clown — this job is male-only, hence the necessary operation.

The latter method can be tricky, as you need to find a bisexual or gay Clown to date in order for things to work out. But it seems to be the faster, if much more expensive workaround, so if you can afford the $30,000 or upwards (depending on the doctor’s Skill), you might want to transition to male, all for a better chance of dating a Clown whom you work with.

Complete this rather tricky requirement and you’re all good for the Golden Gals Challenge, thus allowing you your choice of prize chests and a random new hat or eyewear, as is always the case at the end of these events.