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BitLife Genghis Khan Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Genghis Khan Challenge

For the past several months, Candywriter’s super-popular life simulator for iOS and Android, BitLife, has offered players a chance to go beyond the usual process of living a virtual life to have as much money or as many kids as possible or to collect all the available ribbons in the game.

That is all thanks to the introduction of the Challenges feature, as the company rolls out new challenges for players every weekend, all of which have a certain theme and about three to five requirements (sometimes more, sometimes fewer) that ensure you abide by that theme from start to finish.

bitlife genghis khan challenge requirements

When Candywriter isn’t taking famous celebrities or trends and using them as inspiration for BitLife challenges, they’re going back in history to test players to see if they can live their virtual lives like certain historical figures. That was certainly the case with this weekend’s all-new Genghis Khan Challenge, and it comes with an equal blend of violence, virility, and a love for equine creatures.

Are you up to the challenge of living like the man who is recognized as the founder of the Mongol Empire? If you are, we suggest checking out this BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we shall guide you on how to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge and fulfill all its five requirements.

Starting Out – Attend College, Get Rich First If You Can, Buy A Farm For Your Horses

The very first requirement of BitLife’s Genghis Khan Challenge is that you be born in Mongolia — it isn’t explicitly stated that your character should be male, but that’s implied in the part that requires you to “father” at least ten children. Other than that, there are no specific requirements in terms of stats, but there are some things that we would recommend doing before moving on to the other requirements.

The first of these things is to get a college degree — this is important because you’re going to need that diploma if you want to enter the Army straight away as an officer, instead of rising up from being a lowly Private, which could take a long, long time. There doesn’t seem to be any specific course requirement, but just as long as you graduate from college, that should have you on the fast track (or at least a faster track) to becoming an Army General.

bitlife farm

Next, it’s recommended that you have a sizable bank balance before entering the Army, because it could be rather expensive to pay for those ten kids you’ll need to have. The easiest way to do so is to play basketball or soccer (these appear to be the only available sports in Mongolia with in-game professional leagues) in school if your Athleticism is good enough. Get drafted or signed, play a few seasons, then migrate back to Mongolia once you’ve earned at least half a million dollars or so.

Once you’ve accumulated your fortune — or if you chose to accumulate it strictly from serving in the Army or through other means — you should then buy a Farm or an Equestrian Property. Both house types, in specific, would allow you to have at least ten horses, which is another one of the requirements in this challenge — other types of houses may be bigger or may have more rooms, but these have the outdoor specifications that would allow you to keep horses!

Rising Up The Ranks In The Army

Due to the lower cost of living in Mongolia, the pay scale in the Army may not look too attractive, even if you start out as an officer. But that’s why we suggested becoming a professional athlete for a few years if your Athleticism stats are excellent — that way, you’ll have more than enough funds to pay for your farm house, children, and horses.

minesweeper mini-game in bitlife

Based on our experience with our test character — as well as other characters in previous playthroughs — getting promoted in the Army after starting out as an officer (Second Lieutenant onward) is not as easy as it is to rise from Private to Sergeant Major. It may take close to 30 years or even more to get from Second Lieutenant to Brigadier General — the lowest possible rank that would fulfill the General requirement in the Genghis Khan challenge — but you can expedite the process by frequently using the Work Harder option, ensuring that your performance bar is full or close to it at all times, and never refusing those deployments. That could mean two or three Minesweeper mini games, but at this point, you can still quit the game and restart it in order to undo any injuries (but not death, unfortunately) that may result from a failed overseas mission.

brigardier general job in bitlife

Another thing to keep in mind is that unlike in your average office job in BitLife, where you can increase Popularity and improve the odds of quick promotion by befriending your coworkers, you CANNOT make friends with other soldiers in this case! The game will notify you if your superiors have noticed that you’re fraternizing with other soldiers, specifically your subordinates, and that could affect your Performance, or result in a discharge for repeated offenses.

Do A Drive-By Or Hire A Hitman To Complete The Three Murders Requirement

When one says the name Genghis Khan, one thinks of a brutal ruler who led the slaughter of thousands as he became the first Emperor of Mongolia. You don’t need to be as prolific a killer as he was, but as part of the Genghis Khan challenge, you will still be asked to shed some blood in one way or another by killing at least three people.

These murders may take place at any point in your adult life in the game, and since you can no longer undo death by quitting and restarting BitLife, we would advise against any method that may result in the target turning the tables on you and killing you instead. Probably the safest method of murder is Drive-By — while it’s possible that your target may fire back at you in self-defense, such events are quite rare in the game.

drive-by murder in bitlife

Drive-by shootings are also safe in the sense that your chances of getting arrested are comparatively low compared to most of the other methods. (Pushing someone down the stairs or off a cliff also results in a low arrest rate, but the downside is the greater than usual chance that your target may kill you!)

In addition, you can also hire someone to do your dirty work by choosing the Hitman option in the Crime menu. Now this is risky, as the hitman could end up running away with your money or they could turn out to be an undercover cop. But you can at least quit out of these situations and restart the game, thus making it a reliable — if sometimes expensive — way of accomplishing the murder requirement in this challenge without getting arrested or killed.

Ten Children And Ten Horses – How To Complete?

Of course, Genghis Khan was not just known for being a violent ruler. He was also known to have many wives, concubines, and children, and naturally, he also had a lot of horses at his disposal. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to have multiple wives or affairs in order to fulfill the requirement that your character have at least ten children. They can come from various hookups or relationships or they can come from the same partner, but just as long as you have ten kids at the end of the challenge, you should be good.

buying a horse in bitlife

As for horses, who have a shorter lifespan than humans, that’s where the operative words “at the end of the challenge” become even more important. Assuming you amassed a bit of a fortune before entering the military, your first instinct may be to buy a couple horses while still early. However, those horses will likely die at some point while you make your way up the pecking order in the Army. We’d say it’s better to buy all ten horses once you’ve gotten promoted to Brigadier General AND had your tenth child — that way, you could complete the challenge with that requirement because all ten horses would be alive at that time.

As per usual, your reward for challenge completion is a new hat or eyewear — just pick one out of the four prize chests after the challenge and you’ve got another accessory to add to your collection!