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BitLife Dr. Dolittle Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge

Every BitLife player should know what to expect late on Saturday afternoon, as that’s when Candywriter typically rolls out the game’s latest challenge. These are limited-time events designed to keep you busy on the weekend and in the early part of the new week as you are given about four to six requirements based on a certain theme.

You can either create a new character or start with a next-generation Bitizen (in some cases, you need to be either one of the two), but in any case, you’ll need to live your virtual life a certain way to fulfill those requirements and unlock a new accessory!

bitlife dr dolittle challenge requirements

Much like the majority of challenges that have been rolled out in recent weeks, the latest BitLife challenge tips its hat to pop culture, though this one may be a bit more old-school than most others — unless you’re solely thinking of last year’s movie featuring the challenge’s titular character. The Dr. Dolittle Challenge won’t exactly require you to talk to the animals, but you will need to keep quite a few of them as pets and make sure you’re getting along perfectly with them, among other things.

So if you’re trying to get through this new event and complete it in as little time possible, we advise you to check out our latest BitLife mini-strategy guide, which takes a closer look at all five requirements included in the Dr. Dolittle Challenge.

Starting Out – How To Become A Vet

When creating a new character for the Dr. Dolittle Challenge, you don’t need to choose a specific gender or make sure they’re born in a certain city or country. However, it will be better if you keep re-rolling until you get a character with Smarts in the 60 range or greater.

Once you’ve created your character, be sure you’re staying out of trouble in school, studying harder to get your grades up, and joining clubs if you need to improve your Smarts (especially if you’re starting with average Smarts) and increase your chances of getting a college scholarship. Now getting a scholarship is important, because you will need to have a lot of money in the bank to afford the high-end property you’ll need to buy later on!

bitlife university application

When applying for college, you’ll need to choose a course that’s similar to the career path you’ll eventually be taking — by that, we would suggest Biology. Keep on studying hard and getting good grades in college to ensure yourself of a scholarship to Veterinary School, and join a fraternity if you could, as this will allow you to skip the interview process in most cases when getting a job.

Beta Theta Phi is one of the few fraternities welcoming to those with average Popularity, and just as usual, you can simply Google the answers to the Greek mythology questions you’ll be given as part of your “initiation.”

bitlife veterinarian job

You’ll need to spend another four years for veterinary school after graduating from college, which means you’ll be 26 by the time you graduate and get your first job in the veterinary field. This job is Junior Veterinarian, and this would typically pay about $60,000 to $65,000 annually in your first year.

Keep working hard to improve your performance and you should eventually get promoted to Senior Veterinarian once you’re in your mid-30s — this is a job that could pay upwards of $120,000 annually, though at this point, we should also warn you against having children if you want to finish the challenge quickly and have enough money to buy an affordable Ranch.

You’ll Need To Pay Upfront, Even For The Cheapest Ranch

While becoming a vet is quite easy and straightforward, the requirement of living in a farm, ranch, or acreage may be a bit more challenging. That’s because in most cases, these properties could cost more than a million dollars, and if you’re trying to buy them on a mortgage, you will almost always be declined due to insufficient finances.

bitlife ranch

Senior Veterinarian may be a high-paying job, but it won’t pay enough for lenders to approve your mortgage on these types of houses. Almost no other type of house will do, as these are the ones that will allow you to keep more than ten pets, thus completing yet another requirement.

With all that in mind, you’ll need to wait until you have at least $650,000 in your bank balance so you can buy the property upfront. That may require a fair bit of quitting and restarting the game in order to re-roll the real estate offerings in the Shopping section. And you may need to wait until you’re in your early 50s before buying them!

asking spouse to buy a ranch

Of course, it’s possible to get a sizable inheritance from your parents once they die, and you could get married to a wealthy partner and combine your bank balances. But for the latter, you will still need to avoid having kids, and you’ll need to deal with your spouse’s potential objections if you buy the house against their wishes.

Dealing With Pets – Buy Them And Reach Perfect Relationship Status All In The Same Year

The final three requirements in BitLife’s Dr. Dolittle challenge all have something to do with pets — have at least ten of them, have perfect relationships with all these animals, and make sure none of them are sick. We would suggest getting all these three requirements completed all in the same year, but how can you do this? Fortunately, it’s surprisingly simple, if a bit time-consuming.

bitlife relationship with pets

For starters, you’ll want to go to the Pets menu under Activities and buy ten animals — there aren’t any specific breeds or types of pets to purchase, but we would suggest focusing on dogs and/or cats, or any other animal that you can take on a walk. After you’ve purchased all those pets, the next thing you should do is work on each of them in order to get a perfect Relationship bar — use the Spend Time with All function in Relationships, then tap on each individual pet and repeatedly give them treats and take them on walks.

Unlike Spend Time, which only improves the Relationship status once per year, the other two options can be performed repeatedly to improve Relationship. We wouldn’t bathe them or take them to the vet, as both could result in a slight decline to the Relationship bar.

bitlife dog treat

Considering the “no sick pets” requirement, you may be wondering why we advised against taking your pets to the vet. As you’re taking care of everything for the final three requirements in one year before hitting on Age, you don’t need to send them to the vet for any reason — all animals purchased in BitLife come to you with no medical conditions. These illnesses, meanwhile, may randomly pop up after hitting Age, and there may be certain conditions, such as arthritis or heartworm, that cannot successfully be treated by vets in most cases.

Once you’ve gotten the tenth and last pet’s Relationship bar up to a perfect level, you’ve completed the Dr. Dolittle Challenge, and that will, as usual, allow you to choose one out of four prize chests and get yourself a new hat or eyewear added to your unlocked accessories.