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BitLife Dirty Jobs Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Dirty Jobs Challenge Without Getting Too ‘Dirty’

As is always the case when waiting for those major BitLife updates for iOS and Android, Candywriter likes keeping new and old players alike busy with new challenges. These go live every Saturday afternoon ET, and last for about four days, though if you’re willing to pay some real money, you can now redo the challenges you may have missed by purchasing the Challenge Vault for $5. Traditionally, a lot of them owe a major debt to popular television shows, movies, and celebrities, though many challenges focus more on the BitLife gameplay and less on the pop culture fan service.

bitlife dirty jobs challenge requirements

The real “classic” BitLife challenges go beyond simply not being influenced by any sort of pop culture property. They also require a lot of grinding, and while that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, those looking for a real throwback to the early days of BitLife challenges will appreciate the latest addition to the growing list — the Dirty Jobs Challenge. Here, you will be tasked to last at least one decade each in five of the dirtiest occupations out there. 

We’re talking about one white-collar job and four blue-collar ones, and if you’re doing the mental math right now, you are correct — your character will be a senior citizen once everything is said and done. So if you need an extra hand in completing the Dirty Jobs Challenge, keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide, as we’ve got you covered.

Attend Law School and Start Out as a Lawyer

Creating a character for the Dirty Jobs Challenge isn’t too hard, as you only need to ensure that they have high enough Smarts for a better chance of getting good grades in school and eventually qualifying for Law School. You also need to keep your nose clean, and that means no fighting back against bullies or any other acts of violence that may send you to juvie while you’re still attending school. Other than that, there are no other things that you should specifically keep in mind when creating your character.

university application in bitlife

Although there is no specific order in which you should complete each ten-year cycle for each job, it’s strongly advised that you start the challenge by working ten years as a Lawyer. Aside from an undergraduate degree in Philosophy or something similar, this would require great college grades and not merely good ones if you’re aiming for a scholarship, so make sure you select Study Harder as often as needed so you can get your grades up. Law School lasts only two years, and after completion, you can apply for a job as a Junior Associate, which is the lowest-level job that will count toward the “10+ years as a lawyer” requirement. 

junior associate job in bitlife

After your tenth year as a Lawyer — be sure you are seeing the green check mark for that requirement before proceeding — you can resign from the job and move on to the next Dirty Job. Once again, this is a very simple challenge and quite easy to complete, as long as you’re coming in armed with a lot of patience.

Working as a Plumber Comes with Some Twists

When it comes to the blue-collar jobs you will take on as part of the Dirty Jobs Challenge, most of them do not require an apprenticeship. But being a plumber does require that you start out as an apprentice, so if you apply for the Plumber job straight away, you will be instantly rejected — keep this in mind as this could throw some players off! Another thing to remember is that before you can even apply as an Apprentice Plumber, you will need your own vehicle — even a cheap one will do, as long as it’s in average Condition or better.

apprentice plumber job in bitlife

Fortunately, it’s very easy to get promoted to Plumber — as long as your work performance is good or better, you should get that promotion in about two to three years. But that may not even be relevant for this BitLife challenge, as your time as an apprentice will count toward your ten years on the job! And as always, after finishing those ten years, you can move on to the next “dirty job.”

Quitting and Restarting is the Name of the Game

We’ve previously mentioned that BitLife seemingly has this thing where the job that you are supposed to take as part of a given challenge shows up less frequently in the Jobs menu when looking for work. This is especially true in the Dirty Jobs Challenge — not only will each of the four jobs after Lawyer is harder than usual to come by, but the chances of seeing those jobs will progressively go down as you complete more of the requirements. 

bitlife job resignation

For example, if you’ve already worked a decade as a Lawyer and as a Plumber, jobs in those two careers will take up more space in the Jobs menu, thus leaving fewer openings for the other three, and so on as you complete your decade-long stint in each. As such, expect to do a whole lot of quitting BitLife and restarting the game.

roadkill remover job in bitlife

Unlike the Plumber job (and to a lesser degree, Lawyer), there aren’t any surprise twists in the Porta Potty Pumper, Roadkill Remover, and Porn Set Janitor jobs, so you can take those jobs after resigning from your last one if you haven’t taken them yet, and once you’ve spent 50 years combined across all five “dirty jobs,” that will wrap up the challenge. At that point, your character will be, at the very least, in their mid-70s, but that’s okay — as long as you’ve followed all the instructions, you can redeem your prize (as usual, a new hat or new eyewear) by picking one out of the four prize chests.