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BitLife Demon Slayer Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Demon Slayer Challenge

It’s hard to believe, but BitLife is almost officially three years old, and its Challenges feature has been around for pretty close to two years. Since arriving on iOS and later on the Google Play Store for Android users, Candywriter’s life simulator game has been keeping players hooked and creating countless virtual characters, or Bitizens, and living their best virtual lives…or worst lives in the process.

Weekends, of course, are when BitLife’s challenges roll out, and this is when players play their characters’ lives out based on a certain theme — sometimes it’s a general, non-specific theme, while other times, it’s based on pop culture intellectual properties such as movies and television programs.

bitlife demon slayer challenge requirements

Candywriter hasn’t really touched much on anime in all those months of BitLife challenges, but since Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has become such a huge international hit since it debuted on Netflix earlier this year, it was inevitable that they’d touch on such a popular anime series at some point.

The Demon Slayer Challenge allows you to create your own version of Tanjiro Kamado and parallel his life within the game’s parameters, and while it’s relatively easy to complete compared to other challenges, it also might take some time at certain points. Keep on reading if you want to finish the challenge quicker, as this BitLife mini-strategy guide will show you just what needs to be done to complete it in as little time possible.

Getting Started – Having A Younger Sister May Require Some Restarts

The first requirement in BitLife’s Demon Slayer Challenge is, as is often the case, the simplest — be born in Japan. Although the anime/manga’s lead character, Tanjiro Kamado, is male, there is no gender requirement here, so you can simply create any character born anywhere in Japan, and be off to the races.

Likewise, there’s no need to aim for certain stats when creating a character, or to make sure they have a Special Skill. Working as an exorcist doesn’t even require a high school diploma, so you can actually drop out if you fancy it and still find work as an exorcist if the job’s available. (As usual, you’ll likely need to quit and restart the game a few times before Exorcist becomes one of the available jobs!)

baby girl in bitlife

The tricky part here is the second requirement, which is to have a little sister — that’s the reason why Tanjiro became a Demon Slayer in the first place, after all. Naturally, she doesn’t have to be transformed into a demon, as that feature doesn’t, and probably won’t ever exist in the BitLife universe.

But this is a luck-based requirement, so you might have to restart your character’s life (surrendering, then trying again as the same character) once they reach the age of 10 and don’t have a baby sister yet. (Or if they have older parents who can no longer conceive.) Fortunately, the game doesn’t make a distinction with your blood relations to your sister, so she can be adopted or a step-sister and you’ll still complete this requirement without any issue.

Learn Karate Or Judo As A Child, Learn The Other Martial Art As An Adult

Keeping in tradition of the Demon Slayer Challenge, you’ll need to be deadly with your fists as you are deadly with your, well, demon-slaying abilities. One of the requirements is that you become a master at Judo and Karate, and in order to complete this, you’ll need to get started at a young age — preferably around 8 years old, to be specific, which is the earliest time you can ask your parents to enroll you in martial arts lessons.

bitlife judo lesson

In some instances, your parents’ Generosity may be on the low side and they might not be willing to pay for Karate or Judo lessons. This shouldn’t be too common, and since martial arts lessons cost $639 per pop in BitLife’s version of Japan, they shouldn’t set you back too much even if you end up a late bloomer who only starts learning as an adult. (If you have God Mode, you can eliminate any Generosity concerns by editing that stat and asking again one in-game year later!)

Either way, all BitLife parents only allow their kids to learn one martial art before they reach adulthood, so you’ll have no choice but to master the second martial art at age 18 onward. You’ll know that you have mastered a martial art once you’ve learned a second specific move — in Karate, for instance, the first move you learn is Karate Chop at yellow belt, followed by a Karate Kick at red belt, which also happens to be the highest possible belt in the discipline.

Exorcism Takes Patience, But You Could Get Rich Out Of It

As you may have found out the last time BitLife launched a challenge that involves exorcising a certain number of spirits, exorcism is not at all easy, and it could be very dangerous as well, as we’ll be explaining later. But you also may have found out that it could make you a fortune once everything’s said and done.

exorcism in bitlife

For the benefit of those who don’t remember, this works through the process of buying haunted houses, starting with the cheap ones, exorcising whatever malevolent being may be haunting the place, renovating the house a little bit, then selling it at a profit. Despite the pittance our test character had as a base salary, we were able to get his bank balance to well over $500,000 by the time we completed the challenge, and that was all through exorcising and renovating haunted houses, then flipping them right after.

bitlife home sale

With the profit you make through this strategy, you’ll be able to afford more expensive haunted houses when they’re available on the market, though our advice would be to prioritize Hauntedness over price — if a cheaper house is available and it’s more haunted than the pricey property you saw, go ahead and buy it! And don’t worry about the Condition one bit — renovating helps increase its value, and could also be instrumental in flushing out a spirit that doesn’t want to make its presence felt after repeated exorcisms!

Be Prepared For Angry Ghosts And Other Occupational Hazards

Despite the fortune you could make, it goes without saying that this is the part of the Demon Slayer Challenge that may take the longest to complete. Even if you’re working as a professional exorcist and taking care of your own exorcisms without having to pay someone else to do it, it won’t be easy to get rid of most spirits, especially those that aren’t too active.

Furthermore, failed exorcisms take a toll on your Happiness, and sometimes your Health — if a ghost, demon, banshee, or any other supernatural being has a low Friendliness rating (and it could go down with each exorcism attempt), they could attack you and take out a bit of your Health!

demon in bitlife

With that in mind, it might be a good idea to master Judo or Karate (whichever you haven’t mastered yet, that is), or master a third martial art if you’ve already reached the highest possible belt with those two. Earning a new belt doesn’t just improve Happiness — it also improves your Health dramatically,

However, in order to get that much-needed boost of Health after a ghost attacks you, you’ll need to make sure you’re taking your lessons at a point where your Health hasn’t dipped below 50 percent, otherwise there won’t be any effect. (To that end, you can visit your Garden or go to the gym for a smaller, yet almost always guaranteed Health boost so that you can get your Health back to the 50 percent-plus range.)

bitlife karate lesson

As for any Happiness that could be compromised by failed exorcisms, we suggest using the good old Spend Time with All function in Relationships — provided you’re in good terms with most, if not all of your loved ones, this could greatly boost your Happiness in an instant. So could other methods such as going to the gym/garden, taking a walk, and taking advantage of the random opportunities to improve Happiness that could pop up after you hit on the Age button.

That all said, don’t give up too easily if you’ve got a particularly nasty ghost who won’t go away. Follow the tips we mentioned above, and once you’ve exorcised your 12th spirit, that will complete the Demon Slayer Challenge and free you up to open a prize chest for a new hat or eyewear.