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BitLife Birthday Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Birthday Challenge

Yes, it is indeed official now. BitLife is three years old, and players still keep returning to the game to create new characters, find new ways to live their virtual lives, and control these characters from one generation to the next. Candywriter’s weekly challenges have arguably played an important role in driving engagement for a game that’s been around for quite a bit, and while many of the recent challenges focused on movies, music, and TV, this new one highlights the very company that created the game.

Similar to one of the more recent challenges we covered, this one’s a case of better late than never. At the time of writing, October has just started, but since BitLife officially turned 3 years old in September 2021 for iOS users, Candywriter decided to celebrate their flagship game’s birthday by launching the Birthday Challenge this weekend.

bitlife birthday challenge requirements

You’ll find out that it’s a very easy challenge compared to others we’ve covered, though there is much more re-rolling involved here than usual, and if you don’t make sure of one specific thing before creating a character (and not the September birthdate, which is specifically mentioned as a requirement), you’ll have to start from scratch. That said, here’s this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide — each of the Birthday Challenge’s requirements broken down as we show you how to complete it in a matter of minutes.

Make Sure Your Character Is Born In Tucson Or Miami, Then Re-Roll For The Birth Month

The first requirement in the BitLife Birthday Challenge is that you are born in September, just like the game. Now obviously, you are going to have to re-roll your character and keep creating a new one until you come up with someone — male or female, it doesn’t matter — who was born in September. You cannot choose your birth month in BitLife, so this may take a bit of patience.

However, there is one thing you need to make absolutely sure of before re-rolling and re-rolling till you get a September baby, and that’s for your character to be born in Tucson, Arizona or Miami, Florida. That’s because Candywriter has offices in those two cities, though we’re going to explain a little later the other reason why this is very, very important.

born in tucson in bitlife

Preferably, you want your character to start out with a lot of Smarts, but in case you weren’t able to get a high Smarts character, you can boost that stat through a number of ways, including reading books (do this while early so you could end up with 32-page children’s books), joining clubs in school, and choosing answers for random scenarios that could result in a boost in intelligence, such as choosing writing as your toddler flex as opposed to building blocks or the other options.

Of course, you should also stay out of trouble to avoid getting suspended, which could jeopardize both your grades and your chances for a college scholarship. Aside from that, there’s another thing you should ideally do in your early years if you want to finish the challenge sooner rather than later…

Get A Freelance Job, Then Buy Your BFF Bitizenship

Unless you’re working with an existing character who just so happened to be born in Tucson, you will be starting out the Birthday Challenge with zero dollars in your bank account. As such, you can take any of the freelance work openings in BitLife, which become available once you reach the age of 13.

bitlife pet sitter

It doesn’t matter if you’re paid less than a hundred bucks for several hours of work — all you need is $5 in order to buy Bitizenship, as well as some patience. It seems that Bitizenship is one of the rarer gift options in the game, so you may have to tap on the drop-down box more than a dozen times (as we did) before seeing Bitizenship among the gift choices.

Before all that, however, you need to make sure you have at least one friend, and preferably someone who is currently listed under Relationships as your best friend. This should be no problem in most cases, but if you just so happen not to have any friends yet, let alone a BFF, you can go to your class list, tap on anyone you see with a green Relationship bar, and ask to be their friend. If you just so happen to be rather low on the food chain in terms of popularity, you can try complimenting those who have orange Relationship bars, then trying again the next year.

bitlife friend status

Also, if you have some friends but not a best friend just yet, you can manually change your relationship status by going to Relationships, tapping on a friend’s name, then on Change Our Status on the bottom of their profile. Choose Best Friend in the drop-down box, and in most cases, they should accept your offer to become their BFF.

Just Keep Plugging Away On YouTube

Opening social media accounts, just like freelance work, becomes available once you reach the age of 13. Simply go to Social Media under Activities, choose YouTube, open an account, and you’re good — nothing you haven’t done before if you’re an experienced player. Once your YouTube account is open, you can reach the requirement of posting ten BitLife videos at your own pace.

posting a youtube video in bitlife

As you aren’t exactly chasing followers here, it won’t be an issue if you post ten videos in one year alone — just as long as you hit the magic number, you’ll see the check mark on the top of your screen and you’ll be good to move on to the final requirement, provided you didn’t wait until adulthood before creating a social media account and posting videos.

Take Up Computer Science In College And Join A Frat / Sorority

Finally, let’s discuss the last requirement in the Birthday Challenge — working for BitLife. The mistake we made in our first try was the same one that made us realize that we forgot something when creating our first test character — we forgot to choose Tucson or Miami as his birthplace.

Revisiting what we talked about above, you will definitely NOT see Candywriter as the hiring company if you apply for Jr. App Developer and weren’t born in Miami or Tucson. So before you make the same mistake that we did, let us remind you once again — choose the right birth city before proceeding any further!

jr app developer job in bitlife

Provided you followed what we told you in the first tip (and used Study Harder to improve your grades even more), your grades should be good enough for a college scholarship. Pick Computer Science as your major, and if it isn’t among the options, quit the game, restart it, and.repeat the process until you see the course among the available choices.

We would also recommend joining a fraternity or sorority, especially if your Popularity is high, as this allows you to skip the interview process almost all of the time. It’s optional, but it could save you some rework in case you somehow choose the wrong answer during the interview.

bitlife interview

After graduating, just keep quitting and restarting BitLife until you see Jr. App Developer among the available jobs. Apply for the job opening (this time, you should see Candywriter as the company if you chose the right birth city), and if you joined a frat/sorority and the interviewer was part of it during their college days, then that should do it — you’ve completed the Birthday Challenge!

Unfortunately, Candywriter didn’t have anything extra special by way of rewards, but another new set of eyewear or a new hat wouldn’t hurt to add to the variety of accessories your Bitizens can wear.