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Billion Hunter Tips, Cheats & Guide for Making the Most Out of Your Taps

Billion Hunter may sound like the name of a new money-making clicker game, but it actually isn’t. This game from Mostcore is a new title for Android and iOS that’s more of an anime-styled clicker RPG. Yes, you’ll still be clicking like mad here, but the goal of this “casual (and) simple” RPG is to keep clicking to fight against titans, monsters, and fiends in battle. The “billion” comes into play, we’d say, when it comes to the 30+ treasures you can collect. You can also customize your characters – the game has 16 to choose from – and “strengthen your strength.” (What they mean here, of course, is upgrade your skills.)

Of course, there’s more to this game than idle clicking; tapping has a purpose here, and that’s to deal as much damage as possible to your enemies, and eventually kill them off. And you also want to strengthen your heroes and make them better as you go along. So with that said, we hope you’ll find this Billion Hunter tips and tricks list to be just right up your alley.

1. Multi-Taps Aren’t Supported Here

Strangely, Billion Hunter doesn’t allow you to multi-tap, but what you can do instead is to use two alternating fingers and tap as quickly as possible. Use this two-finger technique so you can maximize the damage you can do against your enemies. Tapping with one finger is fine, we’ll admit, but two heads, er, fingers are definitely better than one, as it gets things done much faster that way.

2. You Can Earn Money When The Game Is Offline

You can have your heroes earn money for you while you are offline, but you have to close the game completely, and not leave it on, but minimized. Doing the latter won’t earn you any money when you return to the game. But if you close Billion Hunter, say, before going to bed, and open it again several hours later when you’re ready to play, you’ll return to the game with substantially more money.

3. Grab The Random Boxes

As you keep tapping and playing, you’ll see some boxes drop down at random. There’s really no specific time when you can expect more of them to appear; they just show up perfectly at random, so you have to be prepared at all times. If you see a box, it will be highlighted by a crosshair, which should make it easier for you to grab it. Just be sure your upgrading menu is closed, as you may end up missing a good number of random boxes.

4. Watch Videos At The Relax Theater

We’ll give Mostcore this – the company has a quirky way with the English language. The so-called “Relax Theater” is where you can watch advertisement videos, which are made available when you see the video icon on the right side of your screen. Watching ads could either earn you a coin bonus (the main currency) or five free diamonds (the premium currency). You can then use these diamonds to buy bones (coins, power-ups, etc.) in the yellow treasure menu.

5. How Does Time Travel Work?

Once you complete enough quests in the game, you’ll be able to unlock the time travel feature. This resets your game, but you get space cubes in return. These can get you permanent multipliers and other bonuses, which are then available in the green menu. These cubes allow you to purchase new abilities or upgrade existing ones.