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Beast Lord: The New Land Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Form Alliances and Expand Your Territory

At the beginning of time, a lion sang a song of creation. This mystical tune brought forth light from nothingness, birthing the stars, the sun, the moon, and the beasts, and gave some of the animals…wait. This is the wrong lion. The lion we’re supposed to be talking about was a Lord, a mighty ruler of beasts who mostly sat on his butt while everyone else toiled around him. It’s good to be the king.

beast lord the new land guide

Beast Lord: The New Land is an empire builder game in the same vein as Evony: The King’s Return or War and Order. You take the role of a Lord, a mighty lion who sets forth with his subjects in search of a new place to call home. Along the way, you’ll create a vast empire, defend your territory, and make allies in your bid to stake your claim on your little corner of the world. The journey begins on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

If you’ve played any other mobile empire builder games, you’ll fight right in with Beast Lord: The New Land. If, however, this is your first foray into the genre or just want a quick read and maybe some tips on how to get started, this guide’s for you.

In this beginner’s guide to Beast Lord: The New Land, we’ll be going over:

  • The various buildings of your territory and what they can do for you.
  • Economy management – finding and securing resources, optimal spending, and so on.
  • Fighting, summoning alphas, and creating an organized army of beasts.
  • Alliances and the world at large. Joining an alliance is almost always necessary to prosper in empire builders.

Foreword: The Peace Shield

Before we begin, let’s first talk about your peace shield.

beast lord the new land shield
Safe…for now.

Peace shields are a very important part of any mobile empire builder. They exist to protect not only new players from being instantly splattered against the wall by veterans but also allow a variety of tactics. As a beast lordling, you are granted a free 7-day peace shield at the beginning of the game. This shield will protect you from being scouted or attacked by other players. At the same time, the shield restricts you by not allowing you to perform those actions on others. Doing so anyway will result in the loss of your shield.

However, the shield’s protection is not unconditional in Beast Lord: The New Land. If you take any of the actions below, you will lose the protection of your beginner’s peace shield and will have to acquire a new one to protect yourself:

  • Scout another player.
  • Attack another player.
  • Reaching level 13.

Luckily, one week is more than enough to build a solid foundation and make some allies. Let’s get cracking!

Building An Empire

Unlike other empire building games, Beast Lord: The New Land does have a pretty good if solidly hand-held tutorial. However, it does tend to gloss over the tactical importance of each building; while the tutorial is great for setting up a bare-bones foundation, you will want to look into the importance of each structure so you know what to gun for and what each of these facilities offers you.

Quick Tips:

  • Every construction and upgrade job needs a lemur. You get three lemurs just by going through the tutorial and doing early tasks.
  • Never have idle lemurs!
  • The Lord is your city hall. It doesn’t do much on its own, but progression is heavily tied to its upgrade level.
  • Lord upgrades can take days, weeks, or even months of real time. Saving speed-ups for your Lord upgrades is a smart move.
  • You need enough population to build certain buildings. The Cub habitat generates a static amount and raises the cap, while the Feeding Grounds attracts more population.
  • Ensure that your Feeding Grounds are always supplied as a deficit will result in you losing population over time.
  • The Evolution Fungi is where you research technology. You can both upgrade this building and conduct research simultaneously.
  • The Falcon Habitat is your watchtower. If you’re PVP-heavy or just want more intel, upgrade this to get more detailed reports.
  • Both the Territory Entrance and Toxic Briar contribute to your defense.
  • The Territory Entrance stores your garrisoned armies and gives them a buff when defending your territory.
  • Units that are not in a defense army are not lost if you are defeated.
  • You can still fight and gather with your defense armies.
  • Toxic Briar damages foes when they invade. A higher level means more damage.
  • Lairs are where you train your three unit types. A higher lair level means more units trained at once and gives you access to higher-tier troops.
  • Troop Camps allow you to evolve low-tier beasts into high-tier ones, with the appropriate research. Said research is in the “Basic Combat” tech tree.
  • Build a Healing Spring to heal your injured beasts.
  • Alpha Nests let you roll for heroes.
  • Each Rally Center supports one army. You get more Rally Centers as you level up. Very important to upgrade if you want to mobilize large armies.
  • You get the Pro Rally Center once you pick a class. This is a special Rally Center that has a dedicated tech tree in the Evolution Fungi.
  • Squirrel Habitat = marketplace. You can trade for resources and items here.
  • Alliance Centers control your friendly interactions. A well-leveled Alliance Center means you contribute more to your comrades so make sure to level this.
  • Alliance Tunnels buff your units when fighting together with your alliance mates.
  • You can move buildings by tap-holding on them. Put your most-used buildings close to your Lord so you can easily access them.


Lemurs are your peons. While they may need some “motivation” to work early on, they’ll (begrudgingly, probably) carry out your will all the same.

beast lord the new land lemur
Insert Madagascar joke here.

Lemurs are responsible for construction, upgrading, and logistics. Nothing new happens without a lemur on the job. Want a new building? You need a lemur. Want to upgrade an existing structure? You need a lemur. Need to resupply your Feeding Grounds? You need a lemur.

Thankfully, you can get up to three lemurs for free just by following the tutorial. You can also buy more for real money if you really want to.

beast lord the new land peons
The threat of being eaten alive is a very effective motivator.

Never leave your lemurs idle. Upgrades in Beast Lord: The New Land may seem easy when all you have to do is wait a few seconds but don’t be fooled – empire builders like this can and will have timers up to weeks or even months, in the worst cases. Thus, any lemur downtime is a waste of an important resource: time. Even while you’re doing the tutorial, it’s a good idea to have your lemurs run around and upgrade buildings while you’re tapping on trees.

The Lord

There’s a prevalent idea of male lions being lazy. This is especially true in Beast Lord: The New Land, where your Lord, a male lion, isn’t even a playable unit. He’s a structure. He literally cannot do anything but exist.

beast lord the new land lord
Swagger Rock, here we come.

Despite your Lord not doing anything tangible, upgrading him is very important. The lord essentially serves as your player level; a lot of game progression is tied to your lord’s level, so always, always push for lord upgrades when you can. Research limits, resource generator speed, resource cap, maximum troop tier available – all of these are tied to your lord’s level.

Town center buildings are always one of the longest timers in empire builders, and Beast Lord: The New Land is no exception. Get ready for unbearably long upgrade times. To remedy this, it’s a good idea to reserve some or even all your speed-ups just to boost your lord level.

Cub Habitat

The Cub Habitat presumably houses all the young animals of your realm. How they don’t end up eating each other is beyond me.

beast lord the new land cub habitat
Not a sports team.

Like the Lord, the Cub Habitat is mainly tied to the progression of other buildings. Upgrading the Cub Habitat also boosts your population, which in turn affects honey production as well as other buildings.

beast lord the new land population requirement
Do we need a thousand animals to run this place?

Keep upgrading your Cub Habitat to unlock more stuff.

Feeding Grounds

Everyone, without exception, eats “Fruit™” and consumes grass. Even the carnivores. Especially the carnivores. And they all eat at the Feeding Grounds.

beast lord the new land feeding ground
Constantly blares Fruit™ propaganda.

Your Feeding Grounds constitute an ongoing expense in that you must keep this structure topped up with both fruit and grass, lest you suffer… The higher the level of the Feeding Grounds, the more supplies you can keep inside it, thus reducing the amount of maintenance work you need to do.

While the Cub Habitat produces a flat amount of population based on its upgrade level, the Feeding Grounds produces a steady stream of population.

beast lord the new land population capacity
Maybe this will fix my obligate carnivores.

However, this population increase requires you to keep the Feeding Grounds well-supplied with fruit and grass. Run out of stocks, and your subjects will start dying out instead!

Evolution Fungi

The Evolution Fungi serves as your research center. Presumably, your beasts go in, eat some magic mushrooms (which may actually be magical in this case), and instantly evolve new traits. Eat your heart out, Charles Darwin. The higher the Evolution Fungi’s level, the faster research gets done.

beast lord the new land evolution fungi
Are we sure we’re raising animals and not a Zerg hive in disguise?

Note that there are several branches of study at the Evolution Fungi. These can range from economic upgrades such as unlocking rapid production and increasing your gains from it or even passively boosting hourly resource production, as well as military upgrades that can bolster the stats of specific unit types, or general upgrades that benefit all units.

beast lord the new land research
Pick and mix.

One core difference the Evolution Fungi has compared to other empire builder tech buildings is that nothing stops the science. This means you can both upgrade the Evolution Fungi and conduct research at the same time.

Falcon Habitat

The Falcon Habitat serves as your watchtower in Beast Lord: The New Land. These beasts can fly far and fast, making them excellent scouts skilled at both surveying your foes and forewarning you of threats.

beast lord the new land falcon habitat
No, they do not punch.

The higher your Falcon Habitat’s level, the more intel types and details you receive when scouting an enemy. You also receive defensive data when someone marches against you. Keep your Falcon Habitat leveled so you can see the relative strength, army composition, and alphas of your foes so that you can request help or prepare a defense.

In general, this is a low-priority building to upgrade unless you are heavy on PVP or find yourself under constant attack.

Territory Entrance and Toxic Briar

While these are two separate buildings, they essentially have the same function of keeping invading players out of your lands.

beast lord the new land territory entrance
No obstacle presents a bigger challenge to other players than a giant rock.

The Territory Entrance is a giant rock that, for some reason, your enemies can’t walk around. It’s here that you can assemble a garrison of troops to defend your kingdom, even in your absence. More importantly, the giant rock empowers your defenders with bonus attack and defense. The higher the Territory Entrance’s level, the bigger the buff.

beast lord the new land garrison
I’ll probably forget about them.

The armies you assign here will throw themselves at your foes in case of an invasion. These are the same armies that are used for exploring and fighting, so you’ll need more Rally Centers to store more armies. Do note that you can still fight, gather, and explore with armies assigned to the garrison.

beast lord the new land toxic
These weeds will probably overrun the forest at some point.

The Toxic Briar, on the other hand, is a passive defense that hurts attackers attempting to invade your territory. Upgrading it simply increases the amount of damage that its barbs do.


Lairs function as your barracks where you can train units.

beast lord the new land sumatran orangutan
I am single-handedly responsible for primate species endangerment because I drafted them all into my army.

There are three unit types – herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores – which we’ll discuss in more detail later. Just know for now that each beast type can only be trained in its corresponding lair.

beast lord the new land lair level
Where are we even getting all these animals?

The higher a lair’s level, the more units it can train at once, and the higher the tier of units that can be trained there. Thus, it’s very important to keep upgrading your lairs. Just like the Evolution Fungi, you can train units while upgrading their lair.

Troop Camp

The Troop Camp is a special building that can’t be upgraded. It is, however, very important to you as a new player.

beast lord the new land troop camp
I have no idea HOW it gets done.

This is due to the Troop Camp’s ability to evolve your obsolete low-tier units into the highest tier possible. Do note that your ability to retrain and evolve units is tied to research – these technologies are under the “Basic Combat” tech tree, labeled “X” Mutation, where X is the unit type.

Healing Springs

When a beast is defeated in battle, there’s a chance it will be injured instead of killed. This is a good thing – dead beasts are harder to replace while injured ones just need some downtime at the Healing Spring.

beast lord the new land healing spring
If only it could spit fire at invaders.

The tutorial won’t prompt you to build a healing spring when you start on military infrastructure, but it’s good to have it regardless. The higher the spring’s level, the more injured beasts it can heal at once.

Alpha Nest

The Alpha Nest is where you unlock the game’s gacha system. No, really.

beast lord the new land alpha nest
A nest of gambling!

Alphas serve as Beast Lord: The New Land’s heroes and they are vital to any player. The Alpha Nest is not only where you roll for alphas, but also trade for alphas with enough fragments. Upgrading the Alpha Nest isn’t a high priority, but it does impart a passive experience gain boost to all your alphas. We’ll talk more about the dedicated alpha support buildings later on.

Rally Center

Having a massive army won’t do much unless you can move them. That’s what Rally Centers are for.

beast lord the new land rally center
Apes together strong. Heh.

Each Rally Center gives you one more march slot. That translates to one more active army that can be used for offense, defense, gathering, or whatever you please. By upgrading a Rally Center, you can also increase the maximum troop size – how many units fit in this company – leading to bigger and more effective armies. If you’re losing battles because you don’t have enough guys, consider upgrading your Rally Center(s).

You get more Rally Centers as you progress in the game. Of note is level 7, when you get the Pro Rally Center, a special Rally Center that has an exclusive tech tree devoted to improving the units in it.

Squirrel Habitat

The Squirrel Habitat is the animal equivalent of a marketplace.

beast lord the new land squirrel habitat
It’s yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies.

At the Squirrel Habitat, you can trade for resources or – if you’re lucky – rarer fare. These deals refresh daily and can only be bought once. Luckily, you can also manually refresh the squirrel’s stock of goods if you need more goods.

beast lord the new land trade
“I’m interested in this.”

You can upgrade the Squirrel Habitat to make it refresh stock faster as well as increase the number of items sold per visit, thus indirectly increasing the chance of finding something fantastic.

Alliance Center

The Alliance Center is akin to the embassy in other empire builders. It’s here that you conduct business with your alliance mates by offering them assistance and reinforcements.

beast lord the new land alliance center
And thus the accord between the birds and the bees was finalized, never mind the innuendo.

Make no mistake – joining an alliance is not optional for most empire builders. Thus, the more help you provide to your alliance, the more valuable of a member you become. We’ll discuss this building in more detail later, but keep in mind that it’s important to upgrade and maintain your alliance center especially if you’re part of an active alliance as that’s one of the cheapest but most efficient ways you can help.

Alliance Tunnel

The Alliance Tunnel is also part of your territory’s alliance infrastructure.

beast lord the new land alliance tunnel
Is this supposed to be an anglerfish? Why would land animals know what an anglerfish looks like?

Just like the Alliance Center, we’ll discuss it in more detail later. However, it’s also important to upgrade this building as it strengthens your armies when you fight together with your allies. As long as your alliance doesn’t have any sworn enemies or doesn’t actively rally to fight bosses, this one can take a backseat when it comes to upgrade priority.

Moving Buildings

The tutorial doesn’t tell you this, but you don’t need to leave the buildings where you’re forced to place them. By tap-holding a building or even a resource node, you can move it somewhere else. This is very important, especially with buildings where you need to constantly pay attention, such as the Evolution Fungi or your Lairs.

beast lord the new land default
I tapped on the default layout. Instant regret.

If you’ve already carefully arranged your territory, great! Just watch out for when the game suggests a different layout as that will spoil your hard work. And no, I haven’t found a way to save your layout template, so be careful when pressing buttons on your Lord.

One last thing – if you need more building space, you can always tap on a tree to have the elephant remove it.

Building A Thriving Economy

No kingdom – not even one of beasts – can be run without resources, and a good ruler needs to ensure that there is always ample food for their subjects and fighters, as well as material for constructing and upgrading.

Quick Tips:

  • At Lord level 7, you can pick one of three classes. Each class leans towards a particular play style. As a new player, picking “Collector” is a good idea.
  • Each class has a unique building that greatly helps their play style.
  • You can change class for free once every 3 days.
  • Resource generators passively generate resources for your empire. The higher the level of these generators and the more of them you have, the faster and bigger your resource income.
  • You need depots to hold more of a resource. There is a depot for every resource except honey.
  • Resources that spill over your cap are lost and gone forever.
  • You can use rapid production for a chance to gain a large amount of resources quickly. This ability is tied to each individual generator, so be sure to use it on all your generators. You need to research this ability at the Evolution Fungi.
  • Every player can harvest resources from resource nodes in the overworld. Beware – you can get attacked by other players while harvesting!
  • You can also pick fights with wild beasts to gain experience points for your alphas and resource packs for your economy.
  • Look out for red dots on bubbles – these usually mean there’s free stuff to be had.
  • Do not pop resource packs unless you intend to spend them right away. This way, you won’t lose as many resources when attacked and can use almost all of a resource pack’s goodies.


Once you reach Lord level 7, you’ll be allowed to select from one of three classes. These have a powerful impact on certain parts of the game, and you’ll want to plan both your production and economy around your class.

beast lord the new land classes
Choose your destiny.

The three classes are:

  • The Collector is a class well-suited to not just surviving but thriving in its new home. This class excels at gathering and holding resources. However, this pacifist lifestyle means that you get a major attack and defense penalty when invading other players, and your armies march slower on the world map.
  • The Invader believes that it’s better to take resources from their neighbors than work for them. An Invader’s troops can plunder more when attacking another player and have a higher chance to be wounded rather than killed when defeated in battle. These units also heal very quickly, allowing them to jump into the fray much sooner. However, all this war means that an Invader’s resource production at home is much slower than anyone else’s, and their troops dislike gathering so much so that they get a massive debuff to load when sent to harvest a node.
  • The Developer likes to build vast, sprawling, and highly efficient empires. This class benefits from reduced food costs to train units and increased honey production as well as discounted trade costs at the Squirrel Habitat. Their beasts are second to none in combat as well, benefiting from a significant defense and HP buff when on the defensive.

You can tap-hold on any of the icons during the class selection screen if you want to read about their bonuses in greater depth.

On top of these bonuses (and penalties), each class has access to a unique structure:

  • Collectors gain the Collector Camp, a powerful building that grants a large sum of resources instantly.
  • Invaders gain the Invader Camp, which gives them an extra march slot. This march slot also has a buff to both attack and defense in PVP battles.
  • Developers gain the Developer Camp, a special marketplace that allows Developers to provide their allies with resources and buy special things with honey.

As a new lord, I (and the game) highly suggest going for the Collector class as it can give you the resources necessary to meet the ever-escalating costs of upgrading your facilities. Your choice isn’t locked in either – you can switch class for free once every three days. Mind that this free class reset doesn’t accumulate over time!


There are many different resources in the world of Beast Lord: The New Land and you’ll need a steady supply of all of them if you want to get anywhere.

beast lord the new land resources
You can see your stocks and whether you’re running a deficit or surplus at the top of the screen.

The resources found in the game are fruit, grass, leaves, water, wet soil, sand, and honey.

Resource Generators and Depots

Each of these resources can easily be acquired by building resource generators on their corresponding tiles in your territory. Do note that just like buildings, you can move these resources around to make managing them easier.

beast lord the new land farms
Unlimited resources, btw.

Each separate instance of a resource generator adds its production to your pool, thus, the more generators you have working on a specific resource, the faster you’ll gain it. However, you will need to reach certain requirements such as population or Lord level to build more of a generator. Don’t forget to come back and do this once the requirements are met. And while we’re at it, don’t forget to upgrade your resource generators to make them more efficient.

beast lord the new land depot
I shudder to think where they might have been storing the stuff before this.

While you inherently have some storage space *somewhere* in your empire, it’s a good idea to build depots soon after you’ve gotten your economy up and running. Each resource, sans honey, has a dedicated depot that raises your cap for that resource. Take heed – resources that spill over your cap are gone forever so be wary of overproduction!

Rapid Production

If you need resources and need them *right now*, there’s a better way than just buying them. Enter rapid production.

beast lord the new land rapid production
We don’t wanna gather fruit today, but the lord of the lash says “nay, nay nay”!

Rapid production gives you a chance to get a burst of resources from your resource generators.Note that rapid production rates are per building. The more of a resource generator you have, the more rapid productions you can order, and the better the chances of said production succeeding!

There is, however, a chance of failure. Initially, this chance is 75% and decreases by 25% per attempt but recovers over time. More annoyingly, however, you cannot attempt a rapid production if your success rate is too low – give or take, this is around 30%.

beast lord the new land success rate
Never tell me the odds.

You must research rapid production for each resource type at the Evolution Fungi. While you’re at it, you should also research Rapid Upgraded at the Evolution Fungi as this tech causes rapid production success rates to return to 75% when a building is upgraded. Kiss your early-game resource woes goodbye!


Making your own resources is okay for the most part, but it’s admittedly very slow. Even with rapid production, you won’t always have all the resources you need at hand. Fortunately, it’s easy to get more – all we need to do is venture outside and harvest these resources.

beast lord the new land node
Yours, if you can take it.

While you’re on the world map, you may notice certain resource nodes like in the image above. These are unowned sites that carry a vast amount of a resource. To harvest these, you’ll need to send an army to gather them. The more beasts you have in that army and the higher their load stat, the more they’ll be able to carry back, and the more efficient these gathering trips will be.

Watch out though, as resource nodes are unowned and another player can snipe your army as they toil away. If that happens, you can tap the node and then “Troop Recall” to tell your guys to pack up and bring back whatever they’ve already harvested.

beast lord the new land mag
I spy with my little eye…

If you’re trying to look for a particular resource, you can tap on the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen to bring up the search function. Tap on the resource icon at the bottom (the apple) then select what resource you want to look for.

Wild Beasts

Another good way of getting resources is by picking fights with wild beasts that appear on the world map.

beast lord the new land macaque
I used the macaques to destroy the macaques.

Just as with resource nodes, these are neutral entities just waiting to be attacked by players. When you beat up a wild beast with your army, you’ll gain not only some experience points for your alphas but also valuable resource packs that can be opened for a quick burst of resources.

You can search for particular mobs the same way that you search for resources – just tap the magnifying glass on the left and tap the deer head icon to bring up the table of mobs.

Free Stuff

Look out for red dots on any of the game’s UI elements as that usually means there’s free stuff up for grabs.

beast lord the new land free
Temperance is a virtue.

Tapping these bubbles brings up free stuff and events as well as achievements and checklists. Have a look through them if you’re dry on resources – free stuff and advancement could be a simple tap away!

On The Yellow Line

One important lesson you need to learn in empire builders like Beast Lord: The New Land is that resources you don’t spend can easily be taken away from you. This is why it’s often better to manage your resources so that you get the most benefit out of them.

beast lord the new land inventory

There’s not much we can do with that due to passive resource generation, but what you -can- do is resist the temptation to open every resource pack that comes in. Pop these packs only when you need their resources, such as when you’re attempting to do a big upgrade.

While you shouldn’t be in any danger of that happening because of your peace shield, it’s good to cultivate this practice early and turn it into a habit.

Hunt or Be Hunted

It’s a beast-eat-beast world beyond your territory’s “walls”. A good army is not a suggestion, it is a requirement as war is a question of “when”, not “if”. Even if you’re planning to play peacefully, you will still need an army to participate in those juicy boss raids and to protect your subjects from encroaching invaders.

Quick Tips:

  • All units have basic stats and a unit type. Herbivores are tanks, carnivores are low-defense DPS, and omnivores are in the middle but have high march speed.
  • Combat is invisible; think of it as two armies being issued attack-move orders toward each other.
  • You can assign your front, mid, and rear ranks. Ideally, put herbivores in the vanguard to mop up hits and carnivores behind them to do the real damage.
  • Alphas are powerful hero units that can lead armies. Thanks to their skills, they can vastly improve the performance of certain unit types in their army.
  • Specific alphas can also be assigned to structures to improve that structure’s efficiency.
  • Alphas can be leveled up, which makes them slightly better at what they do.
  • Alphas can also strengthen their skills. This requires Mystic Crystals, which you get by sacrificing alphas at the Alpha Decay Pool.
  • To get more sacrifices, make use of Beast Lord: The New Land’s free rolls. You get one free standard roll every 10 minutes, and one free advanced and supreme summon roughly every 24 hours.

Unit Basics

Units! The basis of your army. Without these grunts, no combat could get done, so it’s very important we go through the basics of each unit.

beast lord the new land jackal

First off, each unit has stats. These are:

  • HP – how much punishment a unit can take before falling in combat.
  • Attack – the amount of damage this unit’s attack does.
  • Defense – how much damage reduction this unit has.
  • Power – how much player power each instance of this unit contributes.
  • March Speed – how quickly this unit can move on the overworld.
  • Load – how many resources a unit can carry. Important for both gathering trips and plundering other players’ territories.
  • Upkeep Cost – how much of a resource each instance of this unit consumes. Be careful not to go into the negative.

Unit Types

There are three unit types in Beast Lord: The New Land. These are herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Each of these units has their own specialty:

  • Herbivores are powerful tanks. These beasts have high defense and health, which makes them excellent front-row fighters. However, their damage leaves something to be desired.
  • Carnivores are your fighters. They don’t have much in the way of survivability, but they do a lot of damage. Put them in the middle or back rows so that they can deal damage without crashing into the enemy’s frontlines.
  • Omnivores are akin to cavalry. They don’t specialize in either attack or defense and have average stats across the board. However, omnivores have the highest march speed of all unit types, meaning that an omnivore army can quickly move to reinforce an army or gather resources.

Combat Flow and Formations

Now to put those unit stats and types to use. In Beast Lord: The New Land, you don’t get to see combat occur.

beast lord the new land delegate
Because SNAKES would just sully our royal paws, right?

Combat occurs on a separate, invisible layer. The best way to think of it is to imagine both combatants’ units are given attack-move orders toward each other, where the last one standing wins. Simple.

This, however, is where formations come in. Armies in Beast Lord: The New Land are arranged in three layers – front, middle, and rear – and you can place different unit types in each row. The most logical and easiest formation is to have herbivores in front to tank hits, and carnivores in the middle or rear rows so that they can deal damage without crashing into the enemy’s front row. Omnivores, thanks to their average stats, can be used anywhere, though they’ll never fare quite as well as dedicated tanks or attackers.

beast lord the new land formation
Army 101.

You can alter your formations in your Rally Centers. The topmost row is for the front units, the second is for the middle, and the lowest is for the rear guard. You can also drag unit types in and out of rows if you want to reform an already-existing army.


Your army of beasts will be much more effective if it had a leader to guide it.

beast lord the new land serval
You can fight it or rock with it.

Alphas serve as your heroes in Beast Lord: The New Land. As we’ve already established, your Lord doesn’t do much but laze on his butt in the office, so it’s up to your alphas to take to the field and lead your armies to victory.

Alphas are as powerful as several troops. Each alpha contributes a very respectable chunk of combat power to the army they’re assigned to. On top of that, alphas have powerful skills that can empower both themselves and certain unit types, befitting their role as generals.

beast lord the new land skill
Sometimes you just need more guys to throw at a problem.

By researching the appropriate technologies at the Evolution Fungi, each army can have not one, but three alphas serving as its commanders!

beast lord the new land office
I work in an office, just like a human!

Alphas aren’t just for managing armies. You can also delegate them to specific facilities to do office drudgery (much like your Lord). These alphas will contribute by increasing the efficiency of the building to which they’re assigned. Take heed though – each building requires a specific alpha to oversee it. To do this, you’ll need the Alpha Station building.

Empowering Your Alphas

Alphas are special units, so it should come as no surprise that they can be strengthened in a variety of ways.

beast lord the new land level
Brain food.

The easiest way to empower your alphas is to increase their level by feeding them Wisdom Fruit. Raising an alpha’s level raises its combat power, making it a little bit more efficient at everything it can do.

The second way to strengthen your alphas is to train their skills, whether that’s by improving existing skills or unlocking new ones. Both will require Mystic Crystals, which you get in a not-exactly-humane way.

beast lord the new land alpha decay pool
Please ignore the screaming.

To get Mystic Crystals, you can disassemble (read: dip into a pool of what’s very likely flesh-melting acid) extra alphas to reduce them into crystals. You’ll need the Alpha Decay Pool structure to do this, and the higher the level of this building, the more efficient the conversion process becomes. It doesn’t become any less horrific though. Do note that you need honey to melt alphas, and this is a very expensive process.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of alphas waiting to meet a horrible death by acid bolster your ranks.

beast lord the new land summon
Who will we sacrifice today?

This is thanks to Beast Lord: The New Land’s free summon system. While you can roll for alphas as long as you have money, you also get free standard rolls every 10 minutes and a free advanced and supreme summon roughly every 24 hours. You’ll probably get more Wisdom Fruits than alphas, but hey, there’s always a chance you’ll get someone willing to go into the Decay Pool.

Alliances and You

You’ve got a good infrastructure going, a stable economy, and hopefully, a decent standing army with some alphas to lead your ranks. The last thing you need to really take off is to be part of an alliance. After all, the lone beast is easy prey, but together, they can withstand even the fiercest foe.

Remember: joining an alliance is pretty much mandatory to get the full experience in empire builders. You’re seriously missing out if you don’t join!

Quick Tips:

  • Most alliances are very welcome to new members and especially new players.
  • Any time an alliance member starts a timed project (i.e., anything with a timer), alliance members can assist to reduce that timer by a small amount. The better your Alliance Center, the more potent your help becomes.
  • All alliances have Alliance Evolution, a tech tree that provides benefits to all alliance members. You can donate either diamonds or resources to gain progress in a research project.
  • It’s best to coordinate with your alliance on what tech to gun for next.
  • Alliance members get paid based on their daily activity, attendance, and contribution to research projects. Claim your rewards in the Salary tab.
  • You can spend the contribution you’ve earned in the alliance shop. You can buy buffs and most importantly peace shields from this store.
  • Work together with your allies to take down herds of wild beasts.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice from your veteran alliance members.

Joining An Alliance

Joining an alliance is easy – just tap the alliance button and you’ll see a list of alliances recruiting.

beast lord the new land alliance
Next will be the Clean Tails League for the cows.

Most, if not all of these alliances are very welcoming, so don’t be afraid to drop in!

Alliance Help

One of the simplest ways you can help out is by assisting your allies. Any time an alliance member starts a timed project – building, upgrading, training, researching, and what-have-you – their allies can tap the help button at their Alliance Center to speed up that timer by a little bit. Alternatively, you can tap the handshake bubble to the right of your screen or on top of the Alliance Center.

beast lord the new land alliance help
Every bit counts.

The higher your Alliance Center’s level, the more potent your help becomes.

Alliance Evolution

Alliances have a unique tech tree that provides blanket effects for all its members.

beast lord the new land alliance evolution
A small bonus multiplied across a great population.

As an alliance member, you can contribute to your alliance’s research projects. These contributions can be in the form of supplies or diamonds. To contribute, just tap on the project you want to donate to and tap the appropriate donation button. Do note that there’s a limit to how much you can donate; this cap is shared across all techs and regenerates slowly over time.

beast lord the new land hidden depot

The more members donate to a project, the faster it gets done. Thus, it’s in your best interest to coordinate with your alliance on what project to focus on.


Being part of an alliance means you get paid because animals have somehow invented the concept of currency.

beast lord the new land salary

Your salary is divided into three sections: daily activities, attendance, and contributions.

Daily activities are self-explanatory: do any of the tasks listed below and you’ll get the corresponding number of points. These points fill up the bar at the top of the list, and each time it activates an icon, you can tap on that icon to get the corresponding reward. Do note that daily activities reset at 0:00 UTC.

Attendance is hit-or-miss, depending on how many people log on. Essentially, the more alliance members log on, the higher the bar goes, and the more prizes you can redeem.

Contributions track how much you’ve helped your alliance members out. By donating to alliance evolution projects, you get contribution points. As with the previous two, tap on the glowing icons to redeem your prizes.

Alliance Shop

All your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. You can spend your contribution points at the alliance shop, a special store filled with goodies such as army buffs and most importantly peace shields.

beast lord the new land alliance store
C’mon, restock!

Note that the shop must be stocked by a high-ranking officer or the alliance leader, and the stock is determined by alliance points – which the alliance gets whenever someone earns alliance contribution. It’s a win-win cycle!


By working together with your alliance members, you can take down big game and grow rich together.

beast lord the new land boss
This is for Mufasa.

While hunting for wild beasts, you may have noticed herds of enemies occupying tiles on the overworld. These serve as bosses, and as a new player, it’s important to band together with your allies to take them down as the riches they hoard can make a huge difference in your progression.

When you attack a herd, you won’t instantly deploy your armies. Instead, you’ll be asked to form a rally, a coalition of forces between you and any allies who want to join. This rallied army will march together, and with their combined combat power, can overcome even the toughest of foes.

beast lord the new land boss drop

This is where the Alliance Tunnel comes in handy – the higher its level, the bigger of a buff all participating armies get. Do note that for most empire builders, there’s usually a designated marshal who leads rallies, and it’s their responsibility for keeping their tunnel leveled. If in doubt, ask your alliance.

Learning From Veterans

One unstated bonus of joining an alliance is that you get to learn from veteran players. Each empire builder has its own specific nuances, and there’s no shortage of old hands waiting to teach young blood how to get ahead in the world. If you need help, don’t be afraid to speak up!

The Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight

Even with all your subjects behind you, there’s more to be seen than can ever be seen, and more to do than can ever be done. Ruling an empire is both a privilege and a burden, but armed with this knowledge of the basics, you’ll be able to conduct affairs of state in a more organized and tactical manner. If someone asks your Lord why they aren’t doing anything, have them manage the empire for a while. They’ll understand you soon enough.

beast lord the new land boss end
Maintaining equilibrium is its own reward, I suppose.

And this ends my beginner’s guide to Beast Lord: The New Land, and if you’ve followed the guide to the very end, you’re not only probably very close to breaching level 13, but also ready to greet the world as you carve out a home for you and yours. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this guide or have any tips or tricks of your own that you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment area!