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Auto Warriors Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Let Loose the Dogs of War and Crush Your Enemies

Auto Warriors is a tactical vehicle-based, turn-based strategy developed by Gunjin Games for iOS, in the style of the popular Mad Max movies. All you need to know going in is that the apocalypse came and went and hot lead is the new rule of law. Strap on your helmets, boys, we’re heading off to the Thunderdome!

Combat in Auto Warriors is fairly straightforward, it is turn-based and won’t be much of a shock to anyone who has been playing video games for a while. Basically you plot your next move (and so does the enemy) and choose which weapon you want to use. Weapons and movement are done automatically as you decide to end your turn. So Auto Warriors is more about tactics than it is about reactions or speed.

You start the game with either the muscle car or the sedan, whichever you choose does not make a difference because the discrepancy in power between the two is negligible. What is more important is how you do in the battles. There are different battles you can choose from in Auto Warriors, there is the regular campaign mode, player versus player mode (where you can battle other online) and daily challenges such as the mechanic’s challenges or the dealer’s challenge.

So read on for the best Auto Warriors tips and tricks you can use to become a true road warrior!

1. Plan 2 Steps Ahead

Since Auto Warriors is a turn-based strategy game success is determined by how well you are able to predict your opponent’s move and plan your strategy accordingly. In order to do this well you need to balance three different things when making your plan: where your opponent is going, where you are going, and what are your locations in respect to the environment. If you want to get the upper hand you will need to be able to predict where the enemy will be in a few moves time, based on the above factors.

Let’s begin by looking at where the enemy is going. Generally, enemies will head in one of two directions, either towards you or away from you. If you are playing against the AI then this will be quite easy to predict, not so if you are playing against a human. But when the game starts its fair to assume that your enemy will be seeking you out. Before you start your first turn always survey the map so that you know where your enemy is starting from. So always be aware of your enemy’s movements.

Next you should consider where you both are in relation to the environment because ultimately this will determine what path the enemy (and you) are going to take. So when you survey the map take a quick look at what paths the enemy could potentially use to approach you. Then think about which one he is most likely to use. This way you will never be caught off guard and you will be able to stay in control of the action.

Once you have made a guess at where the enemy is going to go based on the map, then you are ready to move. Moves in Auto Warrior should be made with the intention to intercept (unless you are fleeing an enemy). So you want to cross paths with your opponent in a manner which gives you the weapon advantage. If you keep all these three things in mind, then you will be able to consistently get the upper hand on your opponent.

2. Choose The Right Weapon For The Job

Next to movement, the second most important tactical factor in determining victory is what weapon you use. Your car will have a number of weapon holders which can be filled with weapons of your choosing. Weapons will either be long range, medium range or short range. The tactics you use in battle will be determined by the vehicle loadout you create. Theoretically you could make a car that was really strong in one area, but that is not a safe bet because in maps with multiple opponents you can easily find yourself overwhelmed if you don’t have the requisite tactical flexibility.

So try to stick to one medium range weapon, one long range weapon and one short range weapon. That way you can have every possible situation covered in the event of an emergency. Also keep in mind how much ammunition each weapon has because if you place all you bets on low ammunition guns e.g. the rocket launcher, and you run out of ammo before you are able to kill your opponent then you are in trouble.

Finally, always make sure to choose the right weapon depending on the position you will occupy in the next turn, as well as where you think the enemy is going to be. If you select a weapon that won’t be in range then your enemy will gain the upper hand.

3. Don’t Forget To Farm Challenges And Daily Bonuses

This should more or less go without saying as daily bonuses and challenges are the bread and butter of iOS games. Nevertheless it is worth mentioning here because the daily bonuses and challenges in Auto Warriors are actually really generous compared to most games so you will be able to farm a lot without spending much real world money.

The easiest one to get would be the daily log in bonus, even if you don’t actually play the game on that day you can still collect the reward. And once you rack up a decent number of consecutive days logged in the rewards will be extremely attractive. Also you should try and go for the alternate challenges such as the mechanic’s challenge and the dealer’s challenge. Although these may seem a bit tricky at first they offer a nice diversion to the PvP campaign and the rewards are definitely worth it if you keep it up each day.

Finally there are the mystery boxes, you can choose to open them with gold if you wish but that is really not necessary. The best way is to just keep opening the free boxes for some extra cash if you need it in a pinch.

4. Choose Your Upgrades Wisely

The final point you should keep in mind is that you have to choose your upgrades wisely. Although theoretically you could continuously upgrade every aspect of your weapon this would not be very successful in the long run. The reason being is that sometimes if you choose to upgrade one stat then another one will get worse. For example if you upgrade a weapon’s damage then that weapon will have decreased accuracy (although you can also upgrade accuracy at the same time it will not be enough to keep the balance level).

So before you upgrade anything you need to consider what kind of strategy you are going to employ. But as a general principle you can never go wrong with damage and ammunition capacity. Ammunition capacity and accuracy are interchangeable as far as upgrades are concerned because either you miss less, or you have more bullets in total so missing doesn’t matter as much. Basically before you upgrade anything think carefully about the way you would like to play the game.

So go out there and crush your enemies! If there are any additional tips or tricks for Auto Warriors that we missed then feel free to let us know!