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Granny Legend Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn Gold Faster and Beat All Stages

Granny Legend is a unique action RPG from Fastone, that is very easy to pick up and play, packed with a variety of challenges that makes it surprisingly addictive. Its overall charisma fit for players across all ages has earned it respectable spots in lists of top games in several countries. With a largely positive average review rating on both Android and iOS platforms and constantly increasing number of installs, it should not surprise you just how much enjoyable the game is within the first few minutes of gameplay. If you are currently in the lookout for a good time-passer that is equally challenging and simple, then be sure to check this game out.

In Granny Legend, you take control of granny as you pursue to eradicate enemies and bosses across increasingly challenging levels. Knives, which can later be changed into a variety of other weapons, stand as you main offensive and defensive armaments. All that is needed is to defeat every enemy within each level and as enemies grow more formidable from one stage to the next one, you will need to constantly upgrade your weapons as well as mix and match a wide variety of possible combinations to suit your style. Each attempt to challenge a level consumes in-game stamina, and while it does replenish over time, making each run count impacts the speed of your progress. Considering everything, what you may lack in power due to wanting levels of upgrades can be compensated by mobility and evasiveness.

There are hardly any tutorials included in Granny Legend and truthfully enough, there is not much need for one. The controls are as simple as can be as you only need to touch and move your finger across the screen to take control of granny. Without any guide whatsoever, you will know that taking out enemies is your sole objective and all other mechanics such as upgrades and weapon choices all lead to the pursuit of the simple goal.

As far as increase in difficulty level goes, the game is fair enough to provide you ample opportunities to learn and enhance your character on every level giving a decent rise in challenge level moving on to the next stage. If you find yourself stuck in a particular level or simply looking for faster ways to earn coins and beat all stages in the game, then be sure to check out our Granny Legend beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Find The Best Spot To Tap And Hold

While Granny Legend’s controls are easy to learn, it can still be a subject for improvement especially for beginners. As you would know that tapping and holding the screen is all it takes to take control of your hero, you may still be inclined to actually tap and hold right on top of your character on the screen. While that may seem like the only way to do it, you can actually tap and hold anywhere on the screen as you please.

angry granny cheats

Having a sort of virtual directional pad in mobile games is very handy but oftentimes, it is a feature that is not fully maximized. It may also depend on each player’s unique sense of comfort as to where they feel they should rest their gaming finger on. For efficiency’s sake, be sure to consider a spot where constantly moving around will not tire your finger out and be sure to not obstruct your view of your hero. Naturally, there will only be a few enemies on the screen as you start out and for the most part, they probably will not exhibit any special skills whatsoever. Later on, you will encounter enemies that charge or even shoot at you so having good mobility at all times and seeing the screen as clearly as possible are very essential to practice having at the earliest possible time.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

While to constantly moving levels seem to encourage hastily eliminating every enemy you see on the screen and that finishing a level faster is a highly appealing approach, there is actually no time limit in Granny Legendwithin which you must complete a level. For the most part, having no time constraints leave you with much less pressure as you battle through each stage, so always keep that in mind.

angry granny tips

By design, the fun and excitement you will have in Granny Legend comes with grinding away at your enemies as you constantly keep them within an arm’s reach and watch the damage they take slowly ebb their presence away. While it pays to aggressively charge in against the mob of enemies, though, being overly confident can lead to recklessness and with just 1 hit, you could just as quickly end your run.

There are no extra rewards for finishing a level faster save the actual time you save and that may matter only if you are really crunched on your free time. On the downside, the risk of having to restart the level, or watch a short ad to continue further lengthens the actual time spent on the level. It pays to be extra careful early on as latter levels will be much more challenging and crowded, so taking as much time as you need to eliminate opponents is a good starting strategy as it will prepare you a lot better for the challenges ahead.

3. Find Sweet Spots To Hit More Enemies

What makes granny special is that she can hit enemies from all sides and while you may want to basically focus on one enemy at a time, you can capitalize on you innate ability and damage as many enemies as there are across all your sides. While this may seem to contradict our earlier tip of taking things slow, the trick is actually observing and predicting enemy movement patterns beforehand before positioning yourself at the optimum spot.

angry granny strategies

The most basic enemies that can only move about following a pre-determined route are your easiest prey. For the most part, corners of the stage and basically any turning point in their tracks is an easy sweet spot. More complex enemies that charge towards you as well as those that can actually fire at you also leave themselves vulnerable immediately after they attack. As a general strategy therefore, take time to lull enemies into a good spot before attempting to do some damage. It would naturally help if you have a good enough idea of every pattern that the enemy can go for and for first encounters, you should take the next tip into consideration.

4. Be Wary Of First Encounters

Patience and observation in tandem with positioning and mobility are the essential tools you need to successfully beat all stages in Granny Legend. There are upgrades and mixing and matching weapons available for you but without these core requisites, it will hardly make any difference. What you need to do is to carefully observe each enemy type and know fully what they are capable of before you dive in to beat them.

angry granny enemy encounter

While patterns and vulnerabilities are always present in every enemy you encounter in the game, it takes some time to discover all of them and perhaps even a little more to perfectly strategize around each one of them. Be sure to exercise patience and take some time to watch new enemies before rushing towards them.

5. Spread Upgrades Across Weapons

To prepare you better for each oncoming challenge in Granny Legend, you are consistently rewarded with gold and gems from clearing levels as well as obtaining treasure chests amongst other means. As you make progress across different levels, you can unlock new weapons to add to your arsenal but merely switching in and out will not be enough to be efficient in combat.

how to upgrade weapon in angry granny

As each new level offers heavier challenges than the previous one, you should always keep your weapons at par with the challenges ahead. Be sure to upgrade your weapons and while prioritizing a single one over the rest may be ideal for similarly-themed games, it is better to spread out upgrading in Granny Legend. The rate by which costs of upgrading as the level of your weapons go higher rises dramatically and at some point, you will be using all you have in your arsenal as some are better suited against some battles than others. In any case, there will be no regret in spending gold on earlier acquired weapons even after you unlock new ones as the cost of upgrading lower level weapons will be a lot cheaper.

6. Spend Your Gems Wisely

Relative to proper usage of limited resources, gems stand as the premium currency in the game and is a lot more challenging to earn than gold. Gems have unique applications such as being able to buy you extra energy, extra gold, multiply rewards at a higher rate, or even hire you a partner if the daily limit attempts have all been consumed. In any case, be sure to consider only extreme necessities before deciding how to spend them.

how to spend gems in angry granny

For one, exchanging them for gold at the shop has its merits but if you are going for it, you might as well go for the most expensive one as that will get you the most out of the deal. If you run out of stamina and am sure that buying an extra amount will help you progress your game, then do so.

7. Grab Treasure Chests And Boosters On Each Level

As you battle through each level in Granny Legend, you will often see pieces of your weapon lying randomly on the ground. Picking them up will make you a little stronger but as some of them might be situated in more dangerous spots, you may not always be able to get to them. With the various drops enemies have in the game, it may sway you from being more mobile than you should as you stand by idly and wait for drops that can either make you stronger or earn you more gold. In any case, you should never put your hero at risk for any of these items. Although for more rewarding ones like treasure chests and boosters, you may want to try a little harder for them.

angry granny treasure chests and boosters

Each level in Granny Legend has a treasure chest and a booster that can drop off enemies you destroy on top of the gold they leave behind. While it may be a challenge in some cases to nab them while enemies abound, try your best to do so as both these drops contribute to boosting your progress.

The booster indicated by the up arrow sign speeds up the spin of your weapons making them deal damage enemies a lot quicker. Treasure chests, on the other hand can earn you gems at the end of the level although you need to watch a short video ad to unlock it. In any case, going for these extra perks within each level should be a routine but do not risk ending your run just to nab either one.

8. Watch Ads For Various Rewards

While video ads have long become a usual component of free games on mobile devices, especially casual games, it is still a wonder for some people while they exist. In a lot of cases, you can read about the general reviews about a game and for the most part, the general reason why players mark a game down is because of the existence of ads. If you are among those people who get turned off easily as soon as you know that video ads exist in an otherwise enjoyable game, then try to understand why ads exists in the first place.

angry granny rewards

Some games who potentially will not be earning profit through selling in-game items rely on these ads to be continuously available for everyone to play for free. To top it all off, not all in-game ads are without worth as some are completely voluntary to watch and throws in additional perks for you to help you progress faster in the game.

In Granny Legend, ads do pop up sometimes in-between stages but beyond that, everything else comes with opportunities to help you out. Sometimes, you can have an opportunity to earn more by watching a short video ad. You can grab additional gems for up to 2 times from the shop daily for watching a short ad as well. Another great boost to have is the partner you can fight with on more challenging dungeons. Although you can only hire them up to five times per day for free, having them around can make any level a lot easier. Most importantly, you can randomly have opportunities to start off from where you perished by watching a video ad.

Keep in mind that Granny Legend does not require internet connectivity to run and you can very much play offline. If those random ads that pop up are turning you off and away from the game, then feel free to jump in without connecting your device to your Wi-Fi or mobile data. Keep in mind, though, that playing offline also strips you off of the potential benefits you can earn by watching those ads.

And that very much sums up all the tips, cheats and strategies we have for Granny Legend. We certainly hope that you learned a lot from our compilation of tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading our guide. If you have discovered some other helpful tips or tricks for Granny Legend that we have not mentioned in this guide, then feel free to share them with us in the comments!


Sunday 24th of November 2019

How do I use other characters in Hero mode? Or how do I upgrade granny for hero mode?

Pie Jon

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

How do you level up your granny? I get how to upgrade weapons but upgrade 1000 coins is all greeted out


Thursday 10th of October 2019

You need to collect cards from the chests. I'm still doing my first upgrade and I need 2 cards, I imagine we'll need more for the next upgrades. Go in the shop and you'll have 2 different chests, Golden Chest and Fortune Chest. You need a key to unlock them. I'm not sure but I think you can get a key when you spin the wheel after fighting the boss. If you have the keys available you can open the chests and start collecting the cards.