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Amateur Surgeon 4 Walkthrough Levels 61-72

We’re now past the halfway point in our series of Amateur Surgeon 4 walkthroughs, and once we’re done with this one, we shall be hitting the homestretch as we hope to complete all of the game’s levels in the coming days. And as we always do to start things out, we shall first give you an overview of this Adult Swim game for Android and iOS devices. This game, which has been a sizeable hit since its release a few weeks back, is an amateur surgery simulator where you’ve got all sorts of weird instruments, and even weirder patients with unusual medical concerns. And your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to operate on all of these patients, and use your tools the right way and at the right order before time runs out on you.

If it sounds tricky, that’s because it often can be. Some of the patients do take a while to operate on, but there are others where you can get the job done fairly quickly. So let’s not waste any more time, as we present to you our next walkthrough for Amateur Surgeon 4. And since we finished levels 43 to 60 the last time, we shall now be dealing with levels 61 to 72.

Patient #61 – Muta-Bear

Use the tongs to pull out his claws, then staple, cauterize, and apply gel on the cuts. Vacuum out the blood spatters. Lance the boils with the cutter and use the red syringe to suck out the green goo. Staple, cauterize, and gel the cuts. Create an incision. Use the pizza cutter to cut along the orange lines, and pull out the tube fragments from the cuts. Chainsaw the heart to free it, and use the tongs to pull it out. Chainsaw the chip found underneath the heart, and pull it out. Replace the old heart with a new one, and staple the cuts. Cauterize and gel afterwards, then close the incision.

Patient #62 – Drag Nammit

Create the first incision. Suck out the poison with the red syringe, then follow the staple/cauterize/gel healing process on all cuts. Free both lungs with the chainsaw, and remove the pieces. Insert new lungs with the tongs, and cauterize and gel afterwards. Vacuum out the blood. Create a second incision and repeat the process with the liver. Create a third incision, zap out the bugs with the car battery, and repeat everything with the kidney. Create a fourth incision, and do it all again with the heart. Use the cut treatment process on all the incisions at the same time.

Patient #63 – Batshift Crazy

Cut in at the upper left and lower right corners to show the hidden splinters, then use the tongs to pull out all the splinters and teeth. Staple, cauterize, and gel the cuts. Vacuum out the blood. Use the green syringe to suck the poison a couple of times, then make an incision. Use the lighter to wake up the bats, then use the battery thrice on each bat to zap them dead. Remove the bats, teeth, and wood chips with the tongs, and treat all the cuts like you normally would, doing the same on the tooth marks. Close the incision to complete the operation.

Patient #64 – Hisser

Use the car battery to zap the leeches, and once they’re dead, pull them out with the tongs. Use the red syringe to suck the poison out. Heal the cuts as you usually do. Create an incision and do everything all over again. Close the incision. Create a second incision and repeat all of the above procedures, then close it.

Patient #65 – Ringmaster

Cut his skull into four individual pieces, then use the tongs to pull each piece out. Vacuum up the confetti, and use the tongs to remove the streamers. Chainsaw his brain out and remove each individual pieces. Suck out the blood with the vacuum, and use the tongs to place the brain-in-a-bag in. Use the chainsaw to cut the next person’s skull, and use the tongs to remove it. Remove the brain, again using the chainsaw, then the tongs. Insert the new brain, fasten the brain with the lighter and the gel, and vacuum the blood spatters. Place the Nervous Ticks box inside with the tongs. Reattach the skull, and hold in place with the lighter and the gel.

Patient #66 – Ophelia Pain

Use the pizza cutter to lance the boils, and zap the bugs thrice with the battery. Remove the dead bugs with the tongs. Create an incision. Use the lighter to light the base of each furnace slat – that’s four per furnace, just in case you’re wondering. Lance the boils, use the battery to kill the bugs, then the tongs to remove the dead bugs. Create a second incision and do everything from the top. Chainsaw the bad circuit to remove it. Pull the circuit out with the tongs, and place the alarm clock inside, fastening it with the lighter and gel. Close the incision.

Patient #67 – Ringmaster (Part 2)

You’re probably noticing the repeat patients ramping up at this point, and once again, the Ringmaster is back for another date with the knife, er, pizza cutter. But for this one, you will be starting out by treating the cuts using the standard procedures. Create the first incision with the cutter. Once inside, chainsaw the ribs free, and pull each rib (there are three) out with the tongs. Replace the ribs one at a time. Attach them with the lighter and gel, and vacuum any blood spatters that you may see. Cut in again, use the tongs to pull out the nails, then staple, cauterize, and gel. Repeat all on the next screen, but once you’re at his knee, chainsaw it out and use the tongs to remove it. Place the new knee in, and hold in place with the lighter and gel. Complete everything by closing the incision.

Patient #68 – Mileena

Create an incision. Zap the snakes with the car battery, and chainsaw the snakes until you see the word “Nice!” pop up on the screen, three times per snake. Use the tongs to pull out the snake pieces, and use the pizza cutter to cut out the infection until you see gray bubbles. Once you do, vacuum the bubbles and blood. Heal all cuts as usual. Create a second incision. Use the red syringe to suck out the green goo. Take care of the snakes, infection, blood, and cuts like you did in the above procedures. Create a third incision. Zap three snakes dead as usual, but use your chainsaw on two of them, as you won’t be able to kill all three before one of them comes back. Kill that final snake after getting rid of the two others. Remove the claws. Treat the cuts, poison, infection, and blood in the steps illustrated above. Close all three incisions.

Patient #69 – Man Eating Chicken

Create an incision, then make a second one, and cut out all four objects. Back up one of those incisions, remove all four objects with the tongs, then treat all five cuts like you normally would. Vacuum the blood. Create another incision, and remove all the objects and treat the cuts as usual. Create another incision, then remove the chicken drumsticks from inside. Use the pizza cutter to cut in near the top and the bottom of the left opening where you had found the chicken, at the top portion of the large intestine (right below the heartbeat counter) and on the left side of the small intestine. You will then remove four more hidden objects. Treat the cuts and vacuum the blood. Staple, cauterize, and gel once again on all of the incisions.

Patient #70 – The Bearded Dragon Lady

Start by applying gel on all the burns, then create an incision. Free one of the fire tanks with the chainsaw, then remove it with your tongs. Place the new fire tank in, and keep it down with the lighter and gel. Repeat the process with the second fire tank, and vacuum up the blood. Seal the incision and create another one. Remove and replace the necessary object as you had done earlier. Close the incision, open a third one, and keep on repeating the steps from above. Once you’re at her mouth, chainsaw off the old beard, cutting it into three pieces. Remove them, place a new beard on her face, and secure it with the lighter and the gel.

Patient #71 – Elefant Boy

Use the tongs to pull out all the peanuts, then suck up the blood with the vacuum. Staple and cauterize all cuts, add gel on all the cuts and the burn marks. Go to the next screen and make an incision. Remove all of the nuts, including the peanuts and the acorns, and close the incision. You have the choice of using the tongs or the vacuum to remove the smaller peanuts and acorns. Create a second incision and repeat the above procedures. Staple, cauterize, and gel the cuts. Create another two incisions, and repeat the same process once you’ve gone inside.

Patient #72 – The Marvelous Manfredd

Create an incision. Make the ticks fly by using your lighter, then use your car battery to zap them dead. Remove the dead ticks with the tongs, then add gel on the burns. Close the incision, and create a second one, repeating that same process. Create a third incision, do everything we told you above. Staple, cauterize, and gel to heal all of the cuts. Wrap up the operation by closing the last incision.