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Alphabear Cheats & Strategy Guide: 4 Stunning Tips for Smart Spelling

Alphabear, created by Spry Fox, offers a different twist on your usual word puzzle game. In this immersive iOS and Android game, you’ll get to choose letters on a grid to create words, and when you make use of letters that are right beside each other, bears will show up on your display. Keep on doing this and the bears will get bigger as you score more points. Scoring a certain number of points will get you a bear which you can add to your collection as power-ups in subsequent games – these power-ups, could extend your timer, make certain letters appear more or less frequently, and help you score more points. You can also choose your bears before beginning a game, though we’ll get to that in a bit.

That being said, this is our Alphabear cheats & strategy guide, which should help you progress further in the game and tally a higher score.

1. Think Before Choosing Your Bears

When playing Alphabear, your collection of bears will grow over time, and the difference between these bears is more than just cosmetic. You’ll eventually be able to choose a maximum of three bears when playing a new game, each of which have their own special skills. For example, you may need a bear that extends your timer, and that’s the bear you’ll want to use in levels with time pressure. Other bears may force letters to slow down the timer, and these are the ones you should be using if you need to take your time before making the right move.

In addition, there are some bears that may cause letters to turn up more frequently. You don’t want to use two of these bears in the same game – you may end up with too many of two or more letters, and that’s not going to form a lot of words for you.

2. Don’t Pressure Yourself With The Red Tiles

One of Alphabear’s key mechanics is the countdown with unused tiles. They’ll turn to stone once the countdown is at zero, meaning you wouldn’t be able to use them anymore. In order to avoid this, the best thing to do would be to use as many red tiles as possible, but when it comes to this, you don’t have to use all of them. The ones closest to the center of the board would be the ones you want to focus on, but you don’t have to try to use all of those red tiles; doing so will only distract you from your goals.

3. Mix Up Your Tile Colors When Creating Words

While creating words with red and/or orange tiles saves you from danger, that strategy won’t give you a high score all the time; take note that you’ll earn less points if you play a tile that’s about to turn into stone. With that in mind, it is best to spell with a mix of colored tiles – red, orange, and green usually does the trick.

4. The Bigger The Bears, The Better

We told you earlier about how bears could become larger as you form more words from letters adjacent to each other. The larger your bears are at the end of a game, the more points you’ll earn, and aside from what we said above, you’ll also want to avoid stone tiles to ensure your bear keeps growing.