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Alchemy Stars’ Sands of Time Event: All You Need to Know

Alchemy Stars is bringing players the story of Bethlehem in a way they’ve never heard of before during the mobile RPG’s Sands of Time event. Tencent is bringing on the holiday cheer with lots of in-game giveaways, limited-time events, and brand new Aurorians to celebrate the holidays this month, and here’s what you can expect.

New stages in the Sands of Time

alchemy stars sands of time event

A special mini-game, Lake Mirror Codeword, lets players answer quizzes daily to score in-game goodies. Both the mini-game and the event stages – in particular, the Northland Journey and the Trial of the Aurora stages – will only be available for a limited time, so Navigators have to take part in the festivities before the event ends. “Though time may pass without end, the past and the future will always be in your hands,” says Bethlehem.

Players should clear Main Stage 1-16 in order to unlock these events, which will run until January 10th. Lake Mirror Codeword will begin on January 4th and will last until January 13th. There will also be a limited-time exchange store called Cedar Market which will be open from December 23rd to January 13th.

New 5-star and 6-star Aurorians

alchemy stars sands of time betlehem

Speaking of the Cedar Market, players can obtain the new 5-star Aurorian Lola and her Solamber from the event store exclusively. Navigators who log into the game during the event (and clear the login bonuses every day) will acquire 5-Star Aurorian Robyn, and finally, the new 6-Star Aurorian Bethlehem can be obtained from the Queen of the North recruitment.

Additionally, the new minimum guarantee mechanism now lets players gain the favour of the RNG gods after two consecutive failed attempts. For instance, if you fail to acquire the featured Auriorian twice in a row, the next 6-star Aurorian obtained will be the featured 6-star Aurorian. The guarantee mechanism will then be reset.

New outfits, double XP and more

alchemy stars sands of time novio

During the Sands of Time event, challenging Main Story Stages and Resource stages rewards players with double drops from December 23rd to the 28th. The Special Event Book: Phase 4 offers valuable resources when clearing quests, which includes Nails’ free The Stoic Coachman outfit and Areia’s paid Night to Remember outfit.

If you’re keen on joining in on all the fun, you can download Alchemy Stars on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also have a look at the official Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest developments.