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Age of Ishtaria Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Silicon Studio’s Age of Ishtaria is another one in a series of complex mobile role-playing games. In the brief Apple App Store blurb the game is described as the “true battle action RPG.” Besides iOS, the game is also available for fans of the Android mobile platform. Regardless of which platform you use, Age of Ishtaria gives you the chance to deal as much damage against your foes with a combination of moves, may it be computer AI or other players when playing head-to-head. So what’s to do if you want to succeed in this game? Read on as we provide you some Age of Ishtaria tips and a strategy guide.

1. Powering Up Cards

Much like you would in a board game, you can use the same basic strategy in Age of Ishtaria and power up a card by choosing one, then choosing a few other cards to discard. These “sacrifice” cards would then power up the card you had selected earlier. This way, you can give your attacking party a much-needed boost in battle.

2. Sacrifice Common Cards When Following The First Tip

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to discard rare and powerful cards. This is a common-sense tip, but in any case, we shall remind you to sacrifice common cards, and not the rather obscure (yet powerful) ones.

3. About Evolving Your Cards

Aside from powering up your cards by sacrificing others, you can also evolve them – you’ll be doing this by combining two of the same card and transforming them into a rarer variant of such. Before doing this, we suggest enhancing your cards first, which would allow you to achieve even higher base stats when the cards are evolved.

4. Ignore The Game’s Advice About The Automatic Party Selector

Many video games come with some sort of virtual assistant that gives you tips on how to play the game or how to perform certain tasks within the game. In this case, we advise you NOT to listen to the game when it comes to choosing your party. There is an automatic party selector feature which the game will suggest you don’t use, as it won’t give you the strongest lineup possible. On the contrary, the party selector does give you the best party based on the members’ stats, so do make use of this tool unless you’ve got a specific situational combination in mind.

5. Fine-Tuning Your Party

This is where the next tip comes in, as there would be times when the automatic party selector will not give you much multi-attack support. Feel free to fine-tune your lineup with the goal of having a team whose moves are as diverse as possible.

6. Never Pass Up A Raid Boss Fight

These opportunities won’t come along too often, and when they do, they won’t be available for long. As this could earn you some rare summons and Ishtarian Crowns within the game, don’t pass up the chance to take part in these boss fights and other limited-time events.