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Acrobat Star Show Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Impress The Jury

Acrobat Star Show: Show ‘em What You Got! is a simulation game developed by Coco Play. The game follows the great TV show and it even lets you get a taste of how it is to be a part of it. You get the chance to experience the perks of being a contestant in this talent show and having to practice on a daily basis. Then, you go on stage and try to convince everyone you’re worth their vote and you deserve to win!

The game is available for both iOS and Android devices – it’s free to play, but, of course, there are some in-game purchasing options for you which we’ll talk about later in this article. Below you can find our list of Acrobat Star Show cheats, tips and tricks!

Introducing You To The Acrobat Star Show’s World

The Acrobat Star Show is one of the most anticipated hits of mobile real-life simulator games out there, with thousands of fans all around the globe. As you would’ve probably guessed by now, it begins with a brief introduction into the life of a contestant: firstly, you choose your character (you can see in the screenshot that we chose the blue haired one for our journey into this show, but you can change the hair color and the appearance of your character anytime you want).

Then, you practice a bit and learn how to do a couple of moves while in the air and finally, as you land on the ground, you receive a text message which says you’ve been invited to audition for the Acrobat Star Show. From this point on, your adventure is waiting for you; do you have what it takes to master the best moves, amaze the jury with your unique routines and win the contest everyone watches on their TV?

1. Your Wardrobe – Michelle’s Playground

As a new contender, you firstly meet Michele, the Stylist of all competitors. She has the difficult but not impossible task to make you look amazing before your audition begins. You have a little chat with her and then she starts preparing you for your chance to shine on stage like a great star!

Michelle takes you to the place where you can choose your best outfit: you have lots of costumes that you can get for free or by watching an ad, which is not so bad actually. As your ad goes on, you can get a sip of your coffee or think about life and its meanings. You can get yourself a sparkly body with all sorts of tiny little diamonds on it which will obviously help you glow in the show. Also, you can choose from a great variety of skirts, and then match them together in a perfect visual harmony.

If you think you’re ready, you can tap on the button in the right corner of your screen. Don’t be nervous, you’re just auditioning now! Pray for as many stars as the jury is willing to give you.

2. The Audition

Pay attention to the next steps and haunt the yellow signs on your screen – you need to draw them in order for your character to do the acrobatics. After all that hard work you had to put into this contest, you really don’t want to lose it and make a fool of yourself in front of everyone that’s watching the show, right?

To enter the audition, tap on the man that’s wearing a black T-shirt which says “Crew”. He also has a professional headset so it shouldn’t be so hard to find him – he’s just standing there, by the stage, waiting for you. After you perform in front of the jury, they will give you the verdict. If you get 3 out of 4 stars, you can consider yourself a full-time contestant. Congrats! The harder work begins now!

3. Take Some Great Pics And Promote Yourself

Amazing! You managed to conquer the public and the jury. They loved you and you’re in the show! Now, you need to take care of some image issues. In order to get many votes, people have to know you. The public needs to see you active in any way possible: advertises, show posters, social media. For that, Janet, the PR, comes to help you. You can get a Selfie with your fans, or you can get someone to take a photo of you while you’re training, and, if you watch an ad, you can even get a Pic with the judges themselves!

The first choice would mostly satisfy your fans, and after they’d put the pic on their social media accounts too, you’ll get even more people to like you and support your journey, so we warmly recommend it because it would be the best and also the fastest way for promoting your image. You have the possibility of making 3 different pictures and choosing the best one. You can also edit the photo and add stickers to it like a little heart, or flowers, or cute stuff like kitty ears or bunny ears, a rainbow or a cute cup of coffee, a queen’s crown or a high heel shoe. It’s up to you, but keep in mind that the pic should also look professional, even if it is with only your fans. After all, it will travel the whole internet!

4. How To Gather More Stars

Not everyone knows this, but you can gather more stars by surfing through every fashion opportunity you get: try out all the clothes you can, even those that you can access only by watching ads. Try out different Hairstyles too! See if you like how you look with some loose curls, or maybe an up-do would fit you better. Go to the Make-Up table and tap on everything if you have the chance. Why? Because every time you try out something new for your looks, whether it’s a different hairstyle or a cute blue nail paint with glitter all over, you get stars. And you really do need 3 stars to complete every single episode.

5. How To Complete The Episodes

In order to move on and successfully complete every episode, you need to have 3 Big Stars – these allow you to go perform in the contest. Every time you win in the contest, another competitor gets eliminated. Be careful, as we’re sure you don’t want to be amongst those that get eliminated.

With every episode you complete, while promoting to the next one, you also receive something new, such as a new acrobatic move or a brand new and exquisite costume.

A big star is basically the equivalent of one hundred little stars – those which I have told you that you can get pretty easily from tapping anything and everything from your closet or at the Make-Up table. Once you’ve collected the 3 Big Stars, you can go and show your true talent in front of the jury and, of course, win the round! It’s not so difficult to get 4 out of 4 stars, you just have to pay attention to the moves that you’re doing and draw them really good. Choose your moves wisely and use them to get an advantage in front of the other contestants.

6. Your Performance Videos

You can watch your every single performance on your profile screen. It usually appears after every round of contest you attend, and it has 3 tabs. On the first tab, you can see your clips and the comments you got from your fans – review them in order to see exactly what the show’s audience saw and thought while you were performing and also to improve your shows.

The second tab shows you the other contenders: which contestants are still in the game and which ones were eliminated. Also, here you can get a hint on your opponents’ style and how to beat their talents with yours. And the last but not the least, the third tab is the Trophy tab. Here, you can see your achievements.

7. Unlocking The Full Version Gets You Some Extra Stuff

If you decide you love the game, you could buy the full version at any time. This way, you show your great support for the developers – they work really hard to keep everything in place, diminish the number of bugs and glitches throughout the game and they also make sure everything runs smoothly with your gameplay. Oh, and buying the full version of this game will get you some cool privileges, like having access to first aid and healthcare or being able to go to the Makeup Artist, Kim, for a beauty makeover. Also, you unlock all the clothes, nail art, hairstyles and other goodies that you can’t access in the free version – and it’s not even that expensive, so go ahead and make the fans and the jury love you even more with your newly-bought belongings!

This pretty much sums up all the “secret weapons” we discovered throughout our experience with Acrobat Star Show that you can use to pump up your game and successfully win every contest. Don’t forget to watch out for possible mistakes during your previous shows and improve your acrobatic techniques, because the jury won’t give you a second chance!