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aa2 Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Completing More Levels the Right Way

General Adaptive Apps’ aa2 is the sequel to the original aa, and you can now play it on your Android or iOS device. It’s apparently much harder than the original game, with brand-new levels – could “much harder” be what General Adaptive Apps means by “much more refined”? Still, the company rather awkwardly describes its new game as one akin to “Snake on an old brick phone” and a fundamental experience. Talking about gameplay, things are fortunately quite similar on aa2 as they were on aa, but since the balls move at varying speeds, and since the circles tend to misdirect when they turn, we must set your expectations and say this title won’t be a walk in the park.

If that statement daunted you, we apologize – we’re just calling it as we see it. But if you use our collection of aa2 tips and tricks, the game might be simpler than you give it credit for.

1. Read The Objects’ Movements

Upon starting a new level, it would be best if you take some time to watch how all the objects move. You have the luxury to watch all the movements at least once, and watch them in such a way that you remember the pattern. This applies to most levels, as figuring out the pattern will actually have you completing the level more often than not.

2. How To Drop Balls The Right Way (Part 1)

Sometimes, you’ll be asked to drop balls onto multiple sun-like figures instead of one – one of the suns moves slow, while the other moves fast. These levels look particularly hard to pull off, as the one sun-like figure usually moves at an extremely slow pace. The best way to go about these levels is to be patient – really, that’s all it takes, a lot of patience. Simply wait for the slower figure to divert the balls out of the way, then drop the ball into the faster-moving figure.

3. How To Drop Balls The Right Way (Part 2)

There are some levels where you may be required to drop several balls. That sounds quite simple in theory, but the challenge here is having to drop the balls as tightly as you could. The best way to go about this is to tap as fast as you can and drop them quickly. Compare this to the usual technique, which is to let the circle keep on spinning while you try jamming those balls into tight spots.

4. Keep Your Eye On The Outer Circle

Additionally, some stages may have lines of different sizes attaching to the balls you drop. Monitor the outer circle in these levels and drop the balls closer to the sun before the others. Go farther away from the sun as you go along and you should be good in these levels.

5. Play Without Ads

Switch your phone or your tablet to airplane mode or turn off your Wi-Fi or data – you’ll find this to be very helpful if you find the ads distracting. (Let’s face it – a lot of us do!) Granted, you’ll want to give General Adaptive a break and play the game while connected to the Internet – they’ve got to eat like we do. But if you’re trying to push yourself farther than you have gone so far, playing offline can be quite helpful. Or you can always buy the game’s ad-free version as that’s only going to cost a couple dollars.