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10 Billion Wives Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints for More Love and Tapping Power

Despite its controversial title and controversial premise – it does appear to be a polygamy simulator, if you can call it that – 10 Billion Wives is a fun and addictive Android and iOS game by Japanese company Masukachi. Not mentioning anything about backstories, basics on the game’s mechanics, or special features, the developer just says you have to “get married (to) ten billion wives.” That’s just about impossible, but a look at the photos shows that the game allows you to “get married to as many girls as you like.” We wouldn’t recommend that you do this in real life, but as the expression goes, it’s only a game!

Don’t keep yourself in the “friend zone” for long. If you want to get married to more women in this game, and we must warn you again to “keep it clean” in the real world, we’ve come up with some useful 10 Billion Wives tips, tricks and hints to help you out with that.

1. How To Upgrade Your Wives

Not only do you marry as many women as you could in this game, you can also upgrade your wives. You can do this a level at a time after you’re both married, and as you keep upgrading her, it will cost more to do this; an upgrade adds an extra 1x to her multiplier. You can also purchase various items for your wives. The first item is available right off the bat, the second once after Level 20, the third after Level 100, and the fourth and last one after Level 120.

2. How To Look For Your Achievements

Unlike most other games, you won’t be notified immediately about your achievements. In fact, you have to search for these achievements manually by going to the achievements menu, tapping on them, and getting a 20 percent multiplier for tapping. Unlocking all of the available achievements will give you a special boost.

3. How To Get More Love

Here’s a simple trick you can try if you want to get more love that would then allow you to tap and get great value out of those taps. Go to your device’s settings and adjust them so that your phone or tablet doesn’t lock automatically. Leave your phone out while the game is on, and you’ll continue receiving love as long as the phone/tablet doesn’t lock. This trick is especially useful when you’re saving up for gifts.

4. Take Advantage Of The Wifeplus

It sounds like a weird name indeed, but the Wifeplus could be of great help to you. You can buy this jar at the in-app store, and this jar will end up giving you permanent multipliers. For example, you can get a 45-second tapping boost if you get a temporary 3x tapping multiplier, go to the “Share to Get” menu, and hit on share.

5. Don’t Expect Too Many Tapping Upgrades

Unfortunately, the game hasn’t really added too many tapping upgrades, but the available ones right now can be very helpful to your cause. Don’t forget to go for them if possible, as you’ll need them especially in the later parts of the game.