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Level Up Scholarship


We are seeking this year’s Level Up Scholarship’s $2,000 awardee! If you are the go-getter student that we are looking for, read on.

The Level Up Scholarship is a yearly endeavor that we open to everyone taking up undergraduate or postgraduate programs. It doesn’t matter where you are or what course you are taking, if you are interested to join, just send in your applications!

How we select the winner:

– We evaluate your applications mainly through an essay. All essays must be in PDF format, contain at least 800 letters and revolve around the chosen theme. This year’s theme is “Technoculture: A Personal Perspective.” You must write about your experience, consciousness, and views on the culture that arose from the mutual interaction between people and tools and/or technology in your country. We want to see your own beliefs and culture reflected in the essay, and how you envision technoculture evolving in your country in the next years.

– We check if you are indeed enrolled as an undergrad or postgrad student. Make sure you scan your proof of enrollment and send in with your essay. Without this, you will not be qualified for the scholarship.

– We check your personal info. This shall be included in the short bio that you will also submit. We only use this for checking the applicant’s identity. This does not permit us to sell or share any of your submitted personal details.

IMPORTANT: We will only check and evaluate requirements that were submitted to [email protected] with subject “Level Up!” on or before APRIL 1, 2018. We will announce the winner on the same day.

What happens after the winner selection:

– We will get in touch with the winner upon deciding. Depending on the location and preference of the winner, we will send the $2,000 reward as check or via bank transfer to your college/university.

– The winning essay will be posted on Keep in mind that when you send us the essay, you automatically acknowledge our right to post it in our website. is a go-to website for all kinds of Android and iOS mobile gaming enthusiasts’ needs: tips, tricks and guides for all games ranging from puzzles, arcade games and action-oriented games. does not only help gamers, but also achiever students all over the world. With our Level Up Scholarship, you can make one step forward to level up in your school and life.

Level up now!