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Hyper Evolution Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Evolve Faster and Complete All Levels

Mobile games developer SayGames does not seem to be slowing down when it comes to bringing new, fun, and unique casual titles that can cater to people of all ages and preferences. My Little Universe, Johnny Trigger, and Jelly Shift are just some of the apps from the company that we played and enjoyed, each having accumulated downloads by the millions and likewise maintaining largely positive average user review ratings from users on both mobile platforms.

Staying consistent with the general characteristics of practically every title from SayGames, Hyper Evolution is as simple as it gets that even complete beginners in mobile gaming can pick it up and enjoy it to the fullest almost instantly. While it is a casual simulation game by category, which is meant to be played to pass the time, its addictive element can get you hooked into it to play long hours unnoticed.

hyper evolution guide

Hyper Evolution is designed in such a way that even the most inexperienced of beginners can make progress in their adventure regardless of how they play it. The absence of any tutorial session whatsoever is hardly noticeable as anyone would feel easily acquainted with the controls and mechanics of the game.

With only a virtual d-pad for you to use to move about, players are only required to use one hand or even just one finger to Hyper Evolution. Despite its relative ease of controls and progression, we have prepared a few simple tips and strategies for you if you are raring for rapid evolution and completing all available levels.

1. Keep On Moving

Hyper Evolution sets you off on an adventure in an endless world you can never explore from end to end. As you continue to move about devouring almost everything in your path, you take a step closer to reaching a new stage in your evolutionary progression. Almost every bit of movement, especially on the initial levels, will have you consuming creatures smaller than yourself and, for starters, continuously moving and devouring also means continuously growing.

While you will always gorge on almost everything that comes along your path, creatures in Hyper Evolution are basically limitless. Whether you continue to travel north or south, or whichever direction you please, there will always be something to chew on. Early on, you can easily tap and hold on a single direction and you will eventually reach your goal. As you make progress, though, there will be obstacles along the way and even creatures that will prove a threat to your continued evolution.

hyper evolution movement

It can be a little challenging to notice as well that some of the forms or creatures you take control of move slower from an idle position. Like the fish at the first stages of evolution, it takes a bit of time for you to move about and you will notice a faster rate of movement after continuously swimming about.

This means that you will have to start off at a snail’s pace once again with each stop you take and while that is, of course, a trivial setback, maximum efficiency dictates continuous movement. Do not worry of tiring your finger out as there are always plenty of rest periods in your adventure. Following this strategy will make you appreciate waiting times in-between stages as well as ads that play out.

Going on a full stop in Hyper Evolution is not always voluntary as some stages later on will contain various objects that can block or delimit your movement. Once you reach those stages, be sure to avoid colliding with rocks or trees as these will slow you down, though not as much. On the other hand, some stages of evolution like when you take on the role of dinosaurs allow you to break through or trample obstacles along the way, sometimes even providing more food for you to feast on.

2. Follow The Glow

Although every bit of creature or object you ingest contributes to your growth and eventual evolution in your journey, some food types are simply better than others. There will always be a plethora of basic meals moving about, each giving you a point towards reaching the requirement that you need to satisfy to get to the next stage of the evolution.

Surely enough, the target of 20 points or so is so easy to accomplish that you would not bother to even choose what to feed on in the earlier levels. As you take your quest to a higher plane of evolution, though, the numbers expectedly grow larger and larger, make it more taxing to complete the objective, especially when dining on the small fries alone.

Fortunately enough, Hyper Evolution provides plenty of means to boost your progression towards reaching your goal. While racking up evolution points one at a time does not sound bad at all, especially considering that there are creatures closely packed together that you can devour simultaneously, unique creatures and items also abound in every stage, and consuming them earns you 4 or more points each time.

following the glow in hyper evolution

The general rule is that you can consume everything that is smaller than you but as some of these special items can arguably be the same size as you are, you might have some hesitation in even going near them. There is a simple trick you can utilize not just to help you differentiate special items from nomal food but to also detect them a little earlier than usual and that is by looking out for their unique glow.

All special items you can come across with in your adventures are actually highlighted by the glow around them. If you something bigger than your usual meal but has no special glow around it, then you better stray from it, especially if it is moving.

A more advanced strategy to progress in evolving would mean moving from one glowing object to the next on top of being constantly in motion. Just like everything else in Hyper Evolution, special items are practically limitless and you will find at least one per screen while seeing the edges of the glow of your next target.

3. Beware Of Dangers That Lurk Around

Although you are something of a predator yourself, as depicted by your necessary action in pursuit of survival and evolution, you might initially be lead to believe that you are the apex predator in every area you thrive in. While most of the creatures you see are yours to prey on, there is always a bigger predator that you need to be wary of.

hyper evolution predator

In some cases, it becomes almost too obvious like the enormous fishes that you will encounter in the ocean stages. Their size alone can tell you enough to keep away but if you still accidentally bump into one, then you will lose all the evolution points you collected at the start of the stage and start over.

Dangerous creatures do not necessarily have to be bigger you as in the case of the poisonous plants you encounter when you step in land. They have a dark aura as a sign of their toxicity and accidentally chomping on one will have you lose a heart. Lose all your hearts and it is the same as bumping into those giant fishes in the ocean.

hyper evolution dinosaur

Hyper Evolution also has a nice way of warning you about dangers nearby. As you begin your journey as a dinosaur, a danger warning will soon become a part of what to watch out for. You will easily appreciate the feature indicating where the predators are as this is the start of the adventure where those who see you the way you see food start to become aggressive.

In addition to always moving and heading towards anything with a light glow, you also have to steer clear of predators before they come close to where you are or vice versa.

4. Always Look Ahead Of The Path

This strategy has always formed part of every endless runner game we provided strategies for. As you will want to continuously be on the move in Hyper Evolution, applying this concept will boost your efficiency as far as gathering evolution requirements are concerned.

looking ahead in hyper evolution

It is actually much easier in Hyper Evolution to keep your eyes off your character and focus on where you are headed. Not only will you be able to choose faster as to which path to go with, you will also notice and steer away from obstacles and dangers ahead of time.

Regardless of whether you choose to move in a straight path of circle around often to snatch back special items you may have missed, it is still easy to form the habit of keeping your sights on the far end of your screen, particularly the direction where you are headed. In any case, there will never be any instances in your adventure where you would want to maintain your eyes on your character.

collecting coins in hyper evolution

Relative to this, you should also avoid having to look at your progress with regard to how many evolution points you have collected from time to time as doing so will not benefit you in any real way. Actually focusing on where you are headed has its added effect of you not noticing how close or far you are to reaching your goal, ultimately surprising you whenever you complete the needed evolution points to reach the new level.

This strategy is useful as well in bonus stages and extra stages where you need to collect as many coins as you can within a limited period of time. Coins can be used to purchase needed parts for the creatures and you would want to unlock them sooner than later.

5. Unlock The Creatures As Fast As You Can

The main evolution campaign in Hyper Evolution should more than fill your need for its addictive gameplay, especially since you will only be spending a limited time with each creature. Every stage you complete gives you something new to look at and some minor improvements as well but you will ultimately evolve into a different creature once enough genes have been collected at the end of each path.

unlocking a creature in hyper evolution

Unlocking the creatures also unlock extra stages that you can dive into once every 24 hours. The stages very much resemble the bonus stages where you can earn additional coins. Although there are currently only 2 magical creatures to unlock in Hyper Evolution now, we can be sure that more of them are on the way.

You need to collect 3 parts to unlock each magical creature and parts can primarily be obtained from treasure chests that you open at random with keys. Keys can be found in your adventure and the chest unlock feature pops up when you finish the level.

hyper evolution chest mini game

The chest mini game of sorts lets you use your key to choose from among 3 treasure chests for the creature part you need. For us, it would appear that the first 2 chests you unlock will always contain coins, with the second one always holding more coins than the first, and the last one holds the creature part. You need to play an ad boost to obtain extra keys and unlock all 3 treasure chests at this point and we encourage you to do so.

The only alternative to obtaining the creature parts you need is to spend hard-earned gold coins to buy them. Although there are no other uses for coins once you unlock the creatures, it is okay to be prepared for when new creature become available or more uses for coins are implemented in future updates.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

It has already become common knowledge for players to expect video ads or other forms of advertisements to be present in free mobile games. Most especially for casual and hyper-casual games that do not largely or entirely rely on micro transactions, the presence of in-game ads become necessary for the game to ensure that it becomes available for everyone to enjoy completely for free.

Although you are certain to make good progress in your adventure within Hyper Evolution all on your own, the game hosts ad boosts that can propel the rate at which you earn resources. At the end of each stage you complete, you will be presented with an opportunity to nab 3x as many genes to be a lot closer to the needed amount for the next evolution stage. Likewise, bonus stages where you earn coins also sport an ad boost at its end where you can triple the coins you collected as your reward.

hyper evolution ad boost

We already mentioned earlier that you can also play a short video ad to earn extra keys and unlock all 3 chests to obtain parts for the special creatures. Alternatively, at the special creature screen that you can access via the left icon on the screen, you can play an ad to instantly receive 100 gold. Gold can then be used to purchase the missing parts you need to unlock the special creatures. Again, all these boosts are not necessary and you can always opt to ignore all of them.

On the other hand, Hyper Evolution also exhibits video ads at the end of each stage you complete. These video ads may stretch between 30 to 60 seconds but you can always skip them at the 5 second mark. Note that while it cannot be helped that some players may still be annoyed or distracted by the presence of any video ads in games, there is always an alternative mindset to consider all these as points in your adventure where you can take a break to rest your eyes and fingers.

7. You Can Enjoy Hyper Evolution Offline

While we rationalize the need for ads to exist in free mobile games, most especially casual games like Hyper Evolution, we also understand how some players would want to be completely rid of it. While playing online certainly has its own set of obvious perks, internet connectivity is actually not a requirement to play and enjoy Hyper Evolution.

If you simply want to enjoy your adventure without interruptions from video ads, you are very much free to do so. All you need to do is to turn off your device’s Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity as you are playing Hyper Evolution. Doing so will prevent ads that pop up in-between each level.

hyper evolution offline play

Naturally, this comes with a drawback as well as you will not be able to enjoy any of the ad boosts until after you restore your internet connectivity. If you have already amassed enough resources like gold and genes and have unlocked the special creatures and their corresponding stages as well, then you are very much free to play the game offline.

That about sums up all we have for you in our Hyper Evolution guide. We surely hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared have sufficiently endowed you with the necessary tools to maximize your performance in your ad venture and beat every level in the game. If you have spent a lot of time playing Hyper Evolution and came to discover a couple of nifty tricks yourself, we welcome you to share them with us and your fellow readers down in the comments!