one piece treasure cruise tips

One Piece Treasure Cruise Tips, Cheats & Guide for Advanced Players

It’s been quite a while since we talked about One Piece Treasure Cruise, an iOS-only game from Bandai Namco, but we’re here with more tips for this game. Since the first time we covered it, the game has yet to be released for Android, but as a refresher for those who haven’t heard of it yet, One Piece Treasure Cruise is a title based on the popular anime series One Piece, and it allows you to form your own team of pirates as you “set sail for adventure” and string together combos with the “simple” tap controls. These combos, of course, deal more damage than ordinary attacks, and each of the game’s characters have their own unique abilities.

Now, that we’ve given you a run-through of what to expect from this game, here are more One Piece Treasure Cruise tips and tricks, this time catering to those who may have been playing the game for quite some time.

1. Don’t Go For Perfect Attacks

One mistake many players make is to try to be as perfect as possible – in the game’s context, that’s scoring a “Perfect” attack. You’ll get to do this if you choose an ally after all the action words (e.g. “Bam”) collide with each other. But if the action words are a bit close to each other but not exactly colliding, you can tap on a team member for a “Great” attack. Remember that missed attacks prevent you from chaining together a combo, so it doesn’t hurt to be Great, but not Perfect. The chances of a Perfect attack missing are quite high, and even more advanced players have difficulty getting the timing down pat; a split-second delay could result in the entire chain getting broken.

2. More About Why You Should String Together Great Or Good Attacks

While it’s true that you can kill enemies faster by chaining Perfect attacks for a combo, Great or Good can also do a lot of damage if strung together. It’s best if you focus on stringing Great or Good attacks into a combo before you move on to Perfect; you’ll still have a leg up on your foes in most cases. Or you can string Good-Great-Perfect, which isn’t as hard as Perfect all the way.

3. Avoid Auto Targets

You’ve probably figured this out by now, but if you’re still using auto targets in battle, then we sternly advise you not to. Just like in most other games with such a feature, going auto is a lazy and ineffective shortcut due to the game’s rudimentary AI when using the feature. Look at the number above each enemy’s head – if it ticks down to zero, that means the enemy is set to attack someone from your team. Manually, and we repeat manually, tap on enemies with “1” or “2” above their heads, and don’t auto-target as once again, it’s not that effective.

4. Take Advantage of Special Skills

Once the skill bar underneath your character’s profiled is all filled up, that triggers the “Specials” slot. Your characters will gain a skill point per turn, which means it may be a few rounds before you can use a Special to truly take it to the enemies. Swipe upwards once the skill meter is maxed out, and you’ll be dealing massive damage (or refilling hit points) in no time.

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