mlb tap sports baseball 2018 cheats

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 Cheats & Strategies: 10 Advanced Tips for Players at Amateur Level or Higher

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 is here, just like the new Major League Baseball season, and once again, it’s presented to us by Glu Games, the company that’s arguably better known for its long line of celebrity titles (including games endorsed by the Kardashians and Jenners, Nicki Minaj, and other famous people), and the Deer Hunter line of games. This game, however, is all about America’s Pastime, and in here, you can take control of your favorite MLB team, build it up by “drafting” players from other teams, and competing in a treasure trove of game modes as you keep improving your team and upgrading your players. Everyone in this game is a real-life MLB player, with stats that reflect their real-life performance, though just as a heads-up for those who are wondering about this game’s management features, everyone remains the same age no matter how many games your team plays.

We weren’t kidding when we said this game is loaded with different modes, and just to give you an idea of what to expect, we shall be talking more in depth about these modes in most, but not all of the tips. That’s because this is our MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 strategy guide for intermediate to advanced players, which means you should be checking this out if you’re at Amateur player level or higher. Join us as we talk events, modes, and other features that you may not normally use — everything every intermediate player or higher needs to know at this point of playing the game!

1. What Is Season Mode?

Once you reach Novice level in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 18, you will get to unlock Season Mode. Unlike the actual MLB season, which lasts for 162 games, the seasons in here last about 70 percent as long, at only 116 games. This is another good way to earn some rewards to make your team better, though the rewards in here happen to be unique to the mode. Regardless whether you win or lose, you will earn Pennants — naturally, you can expect to receive more if you win (about 20-40 for losses, 40-60 for wins), and if you go all the way to the big game and “win the Finals” (the World Series, that is), you’ll get 5,000 Pennants as your reward. You can also win XP and other rewards for reaching certain milestones in terms of games played, as well as making the playoffs. Pennants are used to strengthen your players, though the effects will play out separately, depending on which team your players are playing for in real life. For example, you’ll need to pay separately to strengthen the real-life Yankees on your team and those who play for the Red Sox.

Another thing to remember in Season Mode — each of your opponents’ stats (individual player stats and team strength) will be based on their real-life counterparts, so looking at the standings as of this writing, you can expect to have your hands full against the Red Sox in the American League, and you can look forward to an easy win most times around against the perpetually mediocre Padres in the National League.

2. What’s In It For You After You’ve Strengthened Your Players?

Look closely at the information for each of your players. You may not notice it right away because the text is so small, but it’s right below the logo of their real-life team. That refers to the number of times (out of 20) you’ve strengthened them with the Pennant upgrades we mentioned above. Once you reach 20 out of 20 for a certain player, you can then rank them up to a new tier with Evolution, or EVO Tokens. You can win these tokens in a number of game modes, such as the Tower Events (more on them later), Season Mode, or in other limited-time events, and you’ll recognize them as pink tokens with the word EVO on them. They may not seem necessary at first, especially if your team is doing quite well, but you’ll find out soon enough that they’re invaluable, as the game ramps up in difficulty and you move up in terms of player level.

3. Practice Your Swing For The Tower Events / Home Run Battles

Tower Events, or Home Run Battles, are limited-time events that take place periodically in MLB Tap Sports Baseball, and the basic idea here is that you’ll need to work your way from level to level and beat the opposing slugger ten times per level by driving in home runs as often and as far as possible. Spraying the ball across the field for what would normally be a base hit wouldn’t cut it — home runs are the only thing that count here, and the game will frequently remind you to work on your timing if you end up with a foul ball or fail to hit at the right time and consequently, with the right amount of power. In other words — your swing needs to be impeccable. When choosing sluggers from a group of 12, which would be assigned to you at random, you want to work your way from the weakest to the strongest, preferably dropping the bottom two in terms of slugging rating.

The Autoplay option is available in Tower Events, in case you’re simply having too much trouble timing your hits properly. There is, however, a catch — you’ll need to pay some cash in order to autoplay your round, and once you get to the final two in a level, you will be charged a small amount of diamonds (starting with 10, then 20) if you want to autoplay the last two rounds in a level. Replaying a round you’ve lost will also cost you diamonds — think 40 diamonds upwards per retry. And if you don’t have any more currency to pay for a do-over, or choose not to pay to continue, you’ll be sent back to square one in that level, regardless how far along you were at the time you lost.

We strongly recommend this mode if you’ve mastered the art of slugging, and have the right timing to send the ball past the outfield wall. Otherwise, you may only make it to the second level, unless you’re willing to keep paying gold for those do-overs.

4. Additional Tips To Win In Tower Events

While your sluggers in the Tower Events won’t look like much at first, you should have no problem winning with them in level 1. It’s at level 2 when you may be concerned that these mediocre sluggers of yours aren’t really bringing it compared to the opposition. Never fear, though, as there’s a separate option within these events that allows you to draft new sluggers. Take note that these players will not go to your regular team, but rather to your rotation of 12 sluggers for the Tower Event. You can also upgrade your existing sluggers, also within the scope of Tower Events, though the XP you will use here is NOT separate from the XP you use to upgrade your regular team’s players. Additionally, there’s a good chance you can easily replace most of the 12 sluggers you started with if you spend 4,000 a pop for a second-round draft pick. You can then upgrade them as you go along, which would hopefully eliminate the need for you to spend gold on a first-round draft pick or better.

Speaking of gold, you may notice how quickly your gold disappears when you’re playing a Tower Event. It gets progressively more expensive to replay a round that you’ve lost, and if you’re thinking of giving your sluggers a pre-round boost, that too will cost you gold. As much as possible, make sure that you’re spending nothing more than cash and XP on your slugger upgrades, because you wouldn’t want to run through all your gold simply because you found the prizes in these events to be to good to resist!

As a bonus tip, if you’re up against a particularly tough opponent in the final round of a level, it will once again be all on you, as you will be required to actually do the slugging.

5. You Can Win Rewards By Spending Gold

Strangely enough, there are Fan Events in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 that actually reward you for spending a ton of gold. So if you spent most, if not all of your premium currency while going through those gauntlets of opponents in the Tower Events, you can at least take solace that there are nice rewards if you end up over-investing your gold in such events. Rewards for Fan Events range from a couple thousands worth of cash, draft picks, and even a few of MLB’s better players if you make it to the third to fifth levels. Sure, nobody likes spending too much premium currency, but at least this could serve as a nice consolation if you’ve got a Fan Event going on!

6. Bring Your ‘A’ Game For The Playoffs

The playoffs we’re referring to here are the ones for the normal games, meaning the ones that have a bearing on your player experience level. (regular PvP games and bonus games). Before you get promoted from one experience level to the next, you’ll need to win a one-game playoff against an actual MLB team lineup for the 2018 season, and the is one time when Autoplay won’t be available to you each time around. In fact, Autoplay is automatically made unavailable whenever the game is close, meaning tied, or if one team is ahead or behind by a run or two. That puts the accountability on you, as you’ll need to do everything we told you in the first guide — check pitcher stats, time your swings properly, use the right players. However, if you’ve got a big lead, or if your opponent is the one pulling away, you’ll be able to use Autoplay to move on to the next inning.

7. You Can Change Your Team Strategy Too

This is sort of a hidden feature, and you might not think about it too much, but you have an option to change your team strategy. Simply go to Team, then Gameday, then tap on the Strategy tab and you can make all the adjustments you wish. Everything is listed as Average by default, but you can make changes at any time you’ve got a live game against a human opponent, and of course, any time you aren’t playing a game. The changes you make in here would solely depend on your desired playing style, although there may be times when you want to shift the infield for strategic purposes, or to walk a batter intentionally — it would all depend on the situation during a live game. Personally, we’re fine with leaving everything as-is 90 percent of the time.

8. Check Out The Other Events In The ‘Compete’ Menu

This guide has been pretty heavy on the events, but that’s not all, as far as MLB Tap Sports Baseball is concerned. By tapping on the Compete button in the Games menu, you can take part in other types of events, including the limited-time Prime Events, which could earn you a ton of gold, a #1 draft pick, and a special Club Event Reward box if you rank first place. Tournaments are pretty easy — this is where you can compete against other human managers in an eight-team tournament, and win a wide variety of possible rewards if you come out on top, such as new players or reward boxes, for instance. We say this is an easy game mode because the game, in general, tries to match you up against teams that have a similar rating as you. Lastly, there’s Walk Off Hero, which is similar to the Tower Events for slugging, where you can put your “Create A Player” to the test (though other players in your team will be available as well) and see if he can win the game by hitting a run. Take note that created players can only be used in this game mode, which can win you talented new players (think four- or five-star players) if you’re able to ace level 5. Otherwise, a ton of XP, cash, and draft picks await you if you’re not able to make it all the way to the fifth and final level!

9. Join A Club Or Create One

We can understand if you’re not really the type who likes communicating with other players from around the world. MLB Tap Sports Baseball can be played solo without any problem, as this is a game where the social element is optional, and not a key part of the game mechanics. But it’s still highly recommended that you join a club in the game, as this will give you exclusive access to the Club Shop, where you can purchase a range of items not available in the ordinary in-game shop, and allow you to take place in special Club Events. In order to maximize your membership, make sure you’re joining an active, and preferably large club, and that you’re always ready to return the favor if someone contributes to your team!

10. Ice Wraps And Energy Drinks – Expensive But Useful

At the start of the game, you’ll still have a couple of Ice Wraps and Energy Drinks for your pitchers, and these two boosts can indeed be quite useful to your pitching rotation. Putting an Ice Wrap on your top pitcher will allow him to start another game for you at 100 percent, while Energy Drinks can revitalize a tired pitcher and raise his energy levels so you can keep him in the game longer. We suggest that you try your very best not to spend any gold on these items — they are quite expensive, with a single Ice Wrap costing $60, and an Energy Drink worth $20.

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