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Guns of Boom Tips, Cheats & Guide: 11 Handy Strategies to Defeat Your Opponents

Guns of Boom is a new first-person shooter from Game Insight, and unlike other FPS games for iOS and Android, this is a game which won’t ultimately bore you with AI opponents who get too predictable for their own good. This is a multiplayer FPS, with “easy and intuitive controls” that should be no problem even for newcomers to learn. There’s an autofire feature/mechanic in the game that allows you to fire away at opponents, just as long as they’re in your crosshairs. You can also play on a team and take on other real players, with rewards improving as you get more active. And there are weapons, weapons, weapons – all in all, there are nearly 50 of them, ranging from assault rifles, sniper rifles, to machine guns and even wimpy little pistols for your emergency weapon. Each weapon has unique stats and abilities, which further adds to the depth of this game.

That’s basically all you need to know about the game, or is it? Of course, you want to know how to succeed in an MMO battlefield where all your enemies are, in fact, other human players and not bots. If you’re familiar with how things work in games like Counter-Strike, you might not need this guide too much, but in any case, we believe everyone can benefit from our Guns of Boom strategy guide, regardless of general FPS experience level, or experience in playing this game.

1. Make Sure You’re Reloading

You might not be able to see it at first, but Guns of Boom makes it easier for you to reload your weapon. There’s a manual reload button found at the bottom of the screen – it’s a small circular button that you can hit whenever you have to. Now if you run out of bullets in the middle of a battle, the game will automatically reload your bullets, but the catch here is that it may take longer than manually doing it yourself. (Sounds strange, but that’s the way it is in the game!) You can also switch over to your pistol when you’re in a pinch, though that could turn the tide of battle, albeit in the enemy’s favor!

2. Additional Tips For Reloading

If you want to maintain that advantage over your opponents, you should wait until you’ve fired a specific number of shots before reloading. Make sure you don’t reload while you’re vulnerable and out in the open, and all the more avoid reloading if your opponents are putting the pressure from you. Reloading is best done in a safe place where you’ve got cover, so try looking for safer ground before you even reload. And if you own a later-model iPhone, say, an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, you can also launch the sights by pressing firmly on your device’s screen. (Later-model iPhones, after all, do come with the 3D Touch feature!) This won’t be easy at first, but it helps to practice this skill whenever you could, as it lets you home in on your opponent while aiming like you normally would.

3. How Do The Sights Work?

We did mention the sights feature above, but why should you care so much about it, especially if you’re not using a sniper rifle? Yes, zooming in is essential if you’ve got a sniper, but if you’re using that stock assault rifle of yours, it might not be clear as to why you need to master activating the sights, like we said. It’s cumbersome enough to begin with, so why bother in the first place?

The simple reason is the ability of sights to give you the edge when you’re up against tougher opponents. You will also need this if you want to rattle off multiple headshots, and you know how headshots kill much faster than body shots do. But don’t activate the sights willy-nilly – you wouldn’t want to use them when you’re running out in the open and need to make evasive maneuvers or need to see things clearly ahead of you, and you don’t want to use them if you’ve got an opponent in hot pursuit. But if you can see a good place to duck and take cover, that’s when you can activate it. Likewise, you can turn sights on if you’re at a safe distance where you know your opponent can’t get you.

4. Avoid Going All-Out Offensive

A common mistake of first-person shooter newbies is to shoot everything in sight. With Guns of Boom’s setup, it’s easy to get tempted by this tendency, especially if you consider the lack of open space in many levels, as well as the auto-aim and auto-fire features. But that, more often than not, is a recipe for disaster. You may get some cheap hits in, but they won’t do much damage in most cases. And if you fire at an opponent that’s running across you from a distance, and trying to run between cover, that won’t work out in your favor either.

What you want to do instead is to focus less on your opponent and focus instead on trying to sneak up behind them so you can take them down in close contact. Sure, you may get fired at a bit, but you’ll usually end up doing far more damage, and get rid of your opponent once all is said and done.

5. Collect Your Opponent’s Weapons

Now that we’re moving into sort-of intermediate territory, let’s move on to what you can do if you see an opponent’s weapons lying on the ground. In the multiplayer world of Guns of Boom, you’ll undoubtedly encounter players who are better and more experienced than you, with better weapons and armor. And if you see them getting killed by another opponent, that’s when you can swoop in and collect their weapons. It pays to be sneaky in these situations, so go grab those guns, even if you’ve only got one clip of ammo in them. That will usually be enough to get you some quick kills before switching back to your other weapon. And if you see a gun that’s just like one that you have, don’t ignore it either, as it just might be a better version of yours. Lastly, make sure you research beforehand and go to the Arsenal to learn about weapons you don’t have; if you know what these guns look like, you’ll have a better chance of quickly spotting them and collecting them.

6. Health Packs Can Be Found In Abundance

Some games tend to be stingy when it comes to health packs. But Guns of Boom gives out those health packs quite generously, so you shouldn’t be shy to use them. But you should also be using your health packs at the best possible time, usually when your health is close to running out. That could help turn the tide in battle, even if you’re dealing with multiple opponents at the same time. Apply health packs whenever you have the chance to take cover, as they won’t take effect in full immediately.

On the other hand, your opponents can also use health packs just like you can. Remember, these are real players, real opponents, and they have the same perks that you do. If you’ve really done a number on an opponent and you see them desperately looking for cover, that means they may be trying to heal somewhere; chase after them and try to take them down, otherwise you may have to start from square one with that enemy.

7. Use Your Grenades When Needed

Thanks to the game’s FPS mechanics, you can run and shoot, hit and run, and kill opponents in short order with your rifles. But that also takes one important weapon out of the equation, and that would be your grenades. The grenades in Guns of Boom, fortunately, are anything but throwaways, pun unintended; they can do serious damage, and they don’t require precise timing or accuracy to throw either. They’re best used at short range or midrange, and are best hurled in situations when you’ve got at least two opponents right in front of you. If they’re in a room, then all the better; toss a grenade in a room where an opponent or two are hiding, and it’s as good as killing them with headshots. Be liberal when lobbing those grenades, as they won’t be in short supply; you can trust us on this one.

8. Buy New Guns If You Can, And Buy Some Armor

Oftentimes, we tend to advise players to stick to what they have, and upgrade the weapons that work for them. After all, why spend extra money on something you’ll have to upgrade from the start, when you’ve got a tried-and-tested weapon that’s well-upgraded and clearly working for you? But in this game, you’ll have to adjust as your level of competition ramps up, and that would mean buying a new gun if you can afford it.

As such, you should still stick to the tried-and-true approach while you’re still saving up some money, but if you’ve earned enough to buy a really capable, effective gun, then go ahead and buy it. It’s going to be worth it in the end.

As a bonus tip, make sure you don’t head off to battle without some chest armor! It won’t cost you much anyway, and it could help you last a little longer per spawn, which could make a world of difference out there in the battlefield.

9. Beginners Should Stay Close To Their Team

If you’re just starting out in the game, then the best thing to do would be to stay as close as possible to your teammates for cover. You may have better gear than the rest of your teammates, but if you work together, you’ll ultimately do better than you would, had you been playing the lone wolf and trying to go about things on your own. Remember, the shooting mechanic in this game is largely automatic, which makes this a great strategy for newbie players. There’s also the opportunity to take a shot at an opponent who picks on your teammates before they pick on you. And lastly, you can help each other out, either by doing most of the damage and letting a teammate finish an opponent off, or by doing the opposite – having them do the dirty work and taking advantage of the easy kill once the opponent’s health has been whittled down.

10. The Flanking Strategy Could Work For More Advanced Players

Once you’ve gained more experience playing Guns of Boom, that’s when you can venture off from time to time, and use that good old fashioned flanker strategy, firing at enemies from the side so you can sneak up on them. That would require you to take a longer path than usual, but it’s going to have you relatively undamaged, while more likely to score multi-kills, which are always a good thing to have in this game. The key thing here is to sneak up on your opponents and play it as smartly as possible, as opposed to close-contact gunfights which leave both you and your opponent worse for the wear.

11. Complete Quests For More Rewards

We’ve finally come to the end of this strategy guide, and our final tip is, quite ironically, one of the simplest. Like many other games of its kind, Guns of Boom has quests, which you can complete in exchange for rewards. These are actually in-game tasks or achievements, such as killing so many enemies or winning so many matches, and once you meet the quest’s requirements, you’ll be rewarded accordingly. Most quests can be completed organically, without the need for a lot of extra effort, but bear in mind that you’re only allowed to take on three active quests simultaneously – you might want to check the requirements so you can possibly work toward completing them faster. As a bonus tip, the easiest quests to complete are the one that requires you to join a clan, and the one which asks you to connect your game to Facebook. Easy-peasy.

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