Covfefe Answers – English Word Quiz Guess the Picture

Yes, they actually went there. It hasn’t been a couple weeks since U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted about the “negative press covfefe,” and there are now multiple games and apps with that gibberish (actually mistyped) word in the title. One of these games is Covfefe – English Word Quiz Guess the Picture from Kitiya Ruanpor, and it’s currently available on the Apple App Store for iOS device owners. Despite the fact that the game gets its name from Trump’s latest Twitter faux pas, it isn’t actually Trump-specific – it’s a casual word/picture association game where you simply need to guess the pictures linked to the word. Sounds easy? That’s because it is – it’s a fun little diversion for young and old gamers alike, or even those who don’t fancy themselves as mobile gamers.

Since we don’t want to get negative press covfefe from you, the reader, it’s about time that we cut to the chase and give you what you came here for – our list of Covfefe Quiz answers and solutions. We’ve diligently answered the first 10 levels of the game, so check our answers any time you may be stuck, or unable to wait for those helpful hints from your friends via social media.

Covfefe Level 1

Bathing. Bouncing. Brushing. Crawling. Crying. Drinking. Eating. Hugging. Jumping. Kicking. Kissing. Playing. Reading. Running. Sitting. Sleeping. Smiling. Standing. Touching. Walking.

Covfefe Level 2

Apple. Banana. Bell. Peppers. Bread. Broccoli. Cake. Candy. Carrot. Celery. Cheese. Cheeseburger. Chocolate. Cookie. Cucumber. Fruits. Grapes. Lemon. Milk. Mushroom. Nuts. Orange. Juice. Orange. Peas. Pie. Pineapple. Pizza. Potatoes. Raisins. Salad. Spinach. Strawberry. Vegetables. Watermelon.

Covfefe Level 3

Bat. Bee. Bird. Cat. Chimpanzee. Cow. Crocodile. Dog. Dolphin. Duck. Elephant. Ferret. Fish. Fox. Giraffe. Gorilla. Grasshopper. Horse. Kangaroo. Koala. Ladybug. Lion. Lizard. Monkey. Mosquito. Orangutan. Rabbit. Rhinoceros. Sheep. Skunk. Snake. Spider. Squirrel. Whale. Zebra.

Covfefe Level 4

Artist. Astronaut. Baker. Chef. Computer. Programmer. Construction. Worker. Detective. Doctor. Electrician. Firefighter. Flight. Attendant. Florist. Janitor. Judge. Mechanic. Musician. Nurse. Painter. Pilot. Plumber. Police. Officer. Postal. Worker. Scientist. Teacher. Truck. Driver. Veterinarian. Waiter.

Covfefe Level 5

Beanie. Blouse. Boots. Boxer. Shorts. Coat. Dress. Flip. Flops. Jacket. Jeans. Overalls. Pants. Sandals. Shirt. Shoes. Shorts. Skirt. Slippers. Sneakers. Socks. Sweater. T-Shirt. Tank. Top. Tie. Underpants. Vest

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